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SPACEBUDDHAA-History & Mission Part One

exemplar 4

In the early 1990’s, Kyle Fite filled a sketchbook with various drawings, studies and notes revolving around comic book and illustration projects. A simple sketch found its way into those pages, entitled “Space Buddha.” It was just a scrawl, a little bit of sci-fi and, truth be told, Kyle didn’t really know much, if anything, about Buddhism. He just liked the idea of some meditation master floating in a space pod.

In 2012, Kyle found this old sketchbook and wrote to a fellow esotericist of a series of letters he had recently sent to an Occult Master:

“The content of those letters addresses Buddhism and my interest in several sections in the Voudon-Gnostic Workbook which deals with Buddhism and the Nemirion Race from the Orion Constellation (which I suggest are related). It’s funny-many many years ago in a sketch book from college, I drew a small image called “Space Buddha” with a seated figure in an egg-shaped pod. At the time, I knew nothing of LAM or Buddhism, really. This is no great drawing but I am finding increasingly that small and seemingly inconsequential things are sometimes more powerfully prescient with greater connectivity than our endeavors to do so consciously.”

Between the drawing and this communication, Kyle would, in fact, take a keen interest in Buddhist Practice, studying and practicing with two different organizations over the years, Tibetan and Japanese.

It would be during the “Japanese Years” that practice would open to a series of telepathic events linking to Aleister Crowley’s Book of the Law. However, Kyle’s previous “Thelemic Self-Identification” was giving way to a new field of experience, indicating an extraterrestrial source of communication. Turning to the works of Kenneth Grant, everything began flowing into the Vortex of LAM. This was followed by 15 months of practicing the LAM SERPENT SADHANA as written by Mr. Michael Staley.

serpent sadhana

“Serpent Sadhana”-Linocut based on experience with Trans-Yuggothian Pyramid (cover artwork for for STARFIRE Vol. 2 No. 3)   

It was also during this general timeframe, that Kyle and several others formulated what might be deemed a “Micro Order” to investigate the ongoing stream of communication and exploration. Short lived, the Order was given it’s name by Kyle who relinquished his own “Motto” to bestow it upon the group. That Name was A-Sh-A and was understood to mean “The Fire which Burns Between Beginnings.”

The striking power of the Double A had already been well-lodged in Kyle’s mind (as with many others) who had read of a certain Secret Order in the works of Crowley.

The fascination with A.’. A.’. grew in lieu with its claims to have existed long before Crowley announced its activity to the World. This is the mystique of History. It was Voltaire who wrote that “History is a Pack of Tricks played by the Dead upon the Living.” Did this particular Occult Order really exist BEFORE Crowley or had he just slapped a bunch of mythic “credentials” on his new gig? This seems to be an old game (“Hello, Fama Fraternitatis!”).


John the Con…Gettin’ It On.

Kyle would buy into many of these games, driven by desire to find the Secret Sanctuary kept clean and safe from this soiled world. Along the way, he would discover a book by a certain “Rosicrucian” who lived and died ere Crowley was born-and in this book was an allusion to secret Order known as…the A.A.”

Research met brick walls and, in the end, it was the Mystique which carried the most power. It wasn’t so much the OBJECT of the Quest but the Inner NEED to set about it.

A.A. lived. We are not speaking of the several groups using this name and carrying Crowley’s work forward. The power of the Letters themselves, which are symbols conveying IDEAS, was of value to adopt as a Magical Name. There was tremendous energy in this and it always evoked the passionate voice of Jaz Coleman as he sung:

“I want to be in a place of beginnings…not endings.”


Jaz Coleman-One ounce of Honest Angst is worth a Pound of Pretend Piety

Kyle would later meet his partner who was, unbeknownst to him, already identifying herself as SPACEBUDDHAA.
All of the above anecdotes are a smattering of the MYRIAD events, people and connections which have colored the Voyage of Hoodoo Pilot (“The Artist formerly known as [insert one of a dozen Magical Names]”).

Knees have been bruised as many times as insight has been gained. The “Spiritual Path” is not a pretty one. After all, it’s a human affair-and people have a marvelous ability to disappoint. However, it was Crowley who observed that a magical diary filled with a record of errors was more valuable than a few furtive moments of “success.” This is Edison with all his light bulb failures. Kyle & Space have been down many dead ends and the maps we want to share are those which cut a Path through the snares. This is no “Word from on High” but rather (as Burroughs wrote) a “Word to the Wise Guy.”

What is happening now involves a double vortex, pouring in and spilling out, calling forth a new Tarot Structure and Sutra. Elements are magnetized, pushed into the Slipstream of Time and set on Fire. Dross and Slag bubble, movement vaporizes folly.

But there is “That Which Remains.” Incandescent Bones of a Form assembling itself in the Fiery Flesh of Time.
SpaceBuddhaa and Hoodoo Pilot were magnetized beyond geographic locale and through karmic fields of tremendous opposition to give birth to the Entity Space Hoodoo.

The Mission Statement of Space Hoodoo is very simple. Ala the Masonic Rite, the Inner Tekton has “long been in darkness and now seeks to be brought to LIGHT.” We are producing material meant to serve this purpose. There is an underlying picture or map upon which the Eternal Hunger of the Being in Time seeks Home. This Being in Time comes crippled into the World, readily sucked into the Tractor Beams projected by those who have understood Spiritual Need in the same way that the Kraft Corporation understands hunger.

It’s been said that one should never try to “wise up the marks.” It is also true that not all “marks” remain so. There is an inward hunger for Truth beyond all stop-points and we believe this Fire Between Beginnings is a Singular Flame burning in the Core of all Consciousness.


DHARMAKARA ENTERS THE LIGHT OF WORLD FREEDOM KING (Birth of Amida Butsu)-graphite on paper, 8 ½” by 11” (private collection)

On this evening, December 26th, 2014, Space Hoodoo dropped three consecrated Crystals into the middle of Kooteny Lake, British Columbia. This was-and is-a Magical Act, meant to serve as a vital Beacon System for the forth-going Work wherein we wish to serve as a Co-Creative Support System for Tektonia Emergent.

Just as there exists an interconnected crystalline network of energy and communication within the vicinity of our HQ, we have been working around the clock to assemble our material, ranging from writing to artwork to magical objects for use in contacting spaces beyond those ascertained by the senses, each offering connection to a vision wherein the Human and Cosmic may know themselves as One Thing. From this vision we will continue our history and it’s projection forward into all Timezones.


“Buddha Smokes The Myo Pipe”-which holds much more than the Opium of the People


SPACE HOODOO COMIX # 2 is now available.


For those who missed the first issue, it’s probably useless to do a re-cap but we can certainly try:

Little Hoodoo, whose origins are unclear, explains the meaning of Life, the Universe and Everything on the first page. After this small matter is duly dealt with, his good pal, Little Space, challenges his succinct summary of Ontological Truth and makes him Toast. Little Hoodoo trips balls, blames the organic butter and ends up at The Mountains of Friggin’ Madness where he meets the author of the comic, Kyle Fite, who isn’t really there but occupying a Memory Chamber from a Future Time Zone. Little Hoodoo doesn’t quite grasp how he, too, can be in the Memory Chamber until Kyle explains that, as author of the comic, he has written Little Hoodoo into this Zone for an urgent purpose, revealing that Little Hoodoo is really his Higher Self in Past Form. Kyle needed Little Hoodoo to make contact with his Future Self to save them both from the Space Crabs who had already destroyed Kyle. This was all based on the logic that if Kyle was killed, his Higher Self would have no Lower Self to exist in relation to and, thus, Little Hoodoo, having no Future, could have no Past and would also cease to exist.

We then meet the “Girl with the Tramp Stamp,” to whom Little Space is past-tense Higher Self. She and Kyle meet in the Nexus Zone of Sam’s Samsaric Swill-Box, the Pub in Hell. Kyle proposes Marriage and an Alliance against “The Aliens.” She accepts.


However, Eileen, the “Gossip at Ground Zero,” contacts her Boss who is the former Guru of LAM, the extraterrestrial who contacted Aleister Crowley in 1918. Lam uses his contact with Crowley to find a worthy Chela in Kenneth Grant but Kenneth makes the error of publishing Lam’s extradimensional location in the book Outside the Circles of Time. By the time this info is routed to Eileen’s Boss, it is the year 2233 and the Alien Crabs have just been sent back in time to 2014 to kill Kyle before he can meet the Girl with the Tramp Stamp. This is somehow related to the vendetta against the rebel Chela known as LAM and so the Boss, without recourse to his Crustacean Assassination Team, decides to handle the Hook-Up in Hell himself. Meanwhile, Kyle is eviscerated but the Crabs cannot find his heart which has been hidden in a canopic jar and brought to Little Space in the Time Zone where the story started.


Or so it seems.



SPACE HOODOO # 2 continues our saga. In a nutshell, everything is fucked and it can only get worse before it gets better. That is, if it can get better AT ALL! But no matter how low we go, there remains some hope in hell.

There’s technology:




And Libations:


Our cast of characters may not like being stuck in this issue:


But there’s always a way out of difficult situations.

Even if that means getting into worse ones.

SPACE HOODOO COMIX # 2 (“I WALKED WITH A ZOMBI”) guest-stars the Real Bardo Bear and the Fake Andrew W.K.

As with the previous issue, SH Comix #2 is printed in black and white with hand-signed color cover and two signed tipped in color plates along with Hoodoo Pilot affirmation card. Second issue with color prints being offered for $15 + post.

Contact us at kylefite@yahoo.com to get your copy.