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“We might approach the Tarot…with a pressing concern. It could a “mundane” worry. And this is quite allright. Michael Bertiaux’s HOARD OF GOLD lessons, for example, remind us that when we are occupied with such mundane worries, our energy and attention flows in that direction. We are thus disadvantaged with regards to our deeper purpose, to become a True Resident of the Spirit World we are now only contacting.

“It would be a crippling approach, however, if we were to postpone Initiation until we had handled our earthly struggles. Vudu has never divorced itself from the flesh and blood world we inhabit. There is no need to divide the so called “Profane” from the Sublime and Spiritual. If we enter each Query with a view toward our unfolding Spiritual Vision, we can “hijack” the situation and feed its energy into our own Soul-Growth.”

-from the Metamorphic Tarot of the Spirits 


This Tarot has been a long time coming. Especially for those who pre-ordered in 2015. It originated as the “Lucky Hoodoo Tarot” in Wisconsin, 2014. The sketches and half done paintings were transported to British Columbia where work on them continued. At one point, the images were soaked in the waters of Kootenay Bay and cut into with blades to add texture. The Hoodoo Pilot Bardo Tarot and Bardo Bear Storytime Tarot were generated but the Metamorphic Tarot remained unfinished. It returned to Wisconsin in a snowstorm, endured a Season of Sweat and is now FINISHED.

The deck and accompanying book with tipped on color plate will be sent out to those who have ordered it by the end of the week. The deepest appreciation is sent to those who have patiently waited for their cards to arrive.

The METAMORPHIC TAROT gave birth to the Space Buddhaa Angelic Contact Tarot which is in process. This deck will have no pre-order and will only be offered after completion.

We hope those who receive the METAMORPHIC TAROT enjoy it and find in its gallery of images a Doorway into the Vuduverse.





We enter Time at the Spiral Gate.

As inquiries and requests for The HOODOO PILOT BARDO TAROT have continued to come rolling in to Space Hoodoo HQ, I have decided to rewrite the original booklet which accompanied the first run of the deck. Initially, I offered a short introduction to the Tarot, followed by a series of comments and quips on each one of these idiosyncratic cards. I use the term “idiosyncratic” because the symbols and images employed in creating this deck were quite eclectic and personal. In my own treating of the Tarot Keys, I have depicted an extremely diverse array of themes. We find in this Magical Gallery an Egyptian Priestess, the Nordic God Odin, an old school crystal radio and a tower built from coffee cups.


It’s a bit of a mix.

For myself, this mix comes together without any problem. This is because the Tarot is really a “skeleton” upon which we cultivate a “new skin” whereby it may walk, talk and serve as a Traveling Companion on our personal path through this world (and others).

This is one of the primary uses of the Tarot, to open what we call M.A.P.s (or Mandala Access Points). As a whole, the Tarot offers a depiction of reality in its many facets, fitting the diversified components into a harmonious unified structure. For those who have worked with the Tarot in conjunction with the Qabalistic Tree of Life, this is apparent. The Tree lays out a schematic of our World from the mundane realm of bodily life and sense impressions (Malkuth, the “Kingdom”) to the heights of transcendental and supernal glory (Kether, the “Crown”). Any card drawn can be located on this map and help us to orient our inner compass thereby.


However, each card also connects into our life condition as a type of “perfection in potentia.” The symbolic framework of each image is related to in a very personal way as we discern its connection to whatever we happen to be dealing with and what we may BECOME by means of that process.

Thus the interplay between the Personal and Universal, Individual and Cosmic, is an absolutely vital aspect of making the Tarot “work” in ANY fashion.


Wittgenstien once remarked that the whole purpose of Philosophy is to discover connections. Hence, Philosophy wasn’t something reserved for those who would read endless volumes of heady books and argue with others over the correct way to assess life, the universe and everything. To be a Philosopher meant being engaged with an active examination of life itself. It doesn’t matter whether your views might later be overturned. That’s the whole POINT. To keep pushing in deeper, to keep swimming out into the stars with change and transmutation expressing a dynamic process of development.
After writing the book meant to put all Philosophical questions to rest forever, Wittgenstein was challenged by a friend who, making a simple “naughty gesture,” poked a hole through his airtight approach. All wrapped up and good to go? Not anymore. And so he went back to work, endlessly attacking the new problem, discovering new connections, questioning more than postulating.


In fact, I find this to be one of the most powerful things about Wittgenstein’s philosophy. He presents more questions than answers. Where some present a point of view meant to seat people in a room where they can spend the rest of their lives, Wittgenstein was picking the locks on doors leading into unexplored vistas.

For some, being a Philosopher means erecting a castle. For Ludwig Wittgenstein, it meant GETTING ON THE TRAIN.
Think of the Tarot like THIS. You are a Philosopher and the Tarot is your Train. And you’re going to ride with interesting passengers.


With this thought in mind, we relaunch the HOODOO PILOT BARDO TAROT. I wished to write more extensively on each card, describing what it’s loaded with, why its content was important to me and why I fit it into the Tarot Structure as I did. It’s my feeling that in doing so, this deck will serve as more than a “variation on a theme.” It can indicate considerations which forge the connections of which Wittgenstein wrote. The idea is not to turn up images which have been mastered by the intellect but to open gates whereby the Mind & Heart, known as one thing, can look with new eyes at M.A.P. location, fueling up for movement.

Just as THE Tarot is a Living Organic Verity, given expression in endless symbols, so it is that Mandalas depict RELATIONSHIPS which are always in motion and never static. This requires motion, Thelemic “GO-ING,” if you will (no pun intended), a coming into a direct knowing of the Balance and Symmetry therein shown.


Part Portable Gallery, Magical Autobiography and Divination System, we offer this deck for $55 + post. If interested in purchasing this pack, please contact us at kylefite@yahoo.com. Each deck is made to order, cut by hand and will be shipped with its accompanying book.

We will continue to post Tarot updates on this blog and also at www.spacebuddhaa.com


“Ultimately, being lost in the Labyrinth is the same thing as being on the Royal Road…the real purpose of any Tarot is not to poke at and predict a possible future but to present a Form-Vehicle whereby we function as Co-Creators with the Cosmic Mind, fashioning from Illusion a Work of Amazing Artistry.”

-Kyle Fite, The Hoodoo Pilot Bardo Tarot (original booklet)


block opsA peaceful stroll through nature…

This evening I played BLOCK OPS for Android.

The opening level was very simple, very easy-which suited me just fine as I’m not, by any means, a great touchscreen gamer. I probably took three hits to the head while trying to get my enemy into the crosshairs.

The simplicity of this shooter, however, had me thinking of Wittgenstein.

I’ll explain:

With a background in “Spiritual Gaming,” I, along with many others who regard Gamespace as a rich field for personal growth, development and help for others, automatically began relating to BLOCK OPS in these terms. Each foe on the battlefield could be “read” in a number of ways. If we see them as obstacles in our life, a run through the game is akin to riding with Ganesh and knocking down walls. If a more meditative stance can be held, each target is a score increasing a desired quality in the area of Personal Power, a prayer bead being slipped along a string. One could even move through this Gamespace on behalf of another person, shooting down (or building up) aspects of their lives as needed.


This semi-automatic Vajra is gonna pop a cap in the ass of your assumptions 

This approach to gaming is certainly not my “invention.” I worked for a long time in the Prosperity Path video games known as “Orbs” for a variety of purposes. These games constitute a type of “practice” which is guided by the “theory” behind how and why they work.

Simplified down to the bone, we have the technology of sympathetic magic at work here. We have before us an image and this image is linked to something not immediately connected to it in a direct cause and effect relationship. Take the image of a Voodoo Doll, for example. It’s just a figurine. But it gets “named” and “dressed up” in such a way to be associated with a person you wish to help or harm. So our little mannequin gets christened Tom, Dick or Harry (or Mr. Thomas Richard Harry) and you drive a nail through its chest. The goal is to give Mr. Harry a heart attack (or maybe just a bad case of heartburn-because as vindictive as you are, you’re not homicidal).


Tom would soon be needing some Pepto

There is a difference between just wishing a rock would fall on Harry’s head and taking this sort of action to actively magnetize an event. But there HAS to be a link whereby such action in the “ritual room” can replicate itself in Harry’s life, yes?

This is where the “theory” end of things empowers action toward a desired end.

First, there must be an “agreement” between the Magician and his Method. And here’s where, playing BLOCK OPS, I recalled the words of Wittgenstein:

“Whether a proposition can turn out true or false after all depends on what I make count as determinants for that proposition.”

Utilizing video games and virtual environments as magical tools and spaces requires an adjustment of determinants whereby the proposition that this is a workable method can be acted upon with effect.


Ludwig Wittgenstein designed and built this house the first time he played Minecraft  

A magician working in the field of Radionics recently commented that machines and procedures do not have to be overly complicated. The whole idea of a “magical machine” is to serve as a “labor saving device.” But some folks simply can’t accept this. As this magician noted, they NEED a lot of complexity to feel like they are actually doing something. In this case, elaborate ritual becomes a tool to give the thinking self enough “stuff to do,” allowing the intuitive self to operate outside this mental block.

However, the more the intuitve self engages with manipulating forces and forms outside of “standard” cause and effect scenarios, the more that personal technique will be sharpened toward establishing transmissive links.

If it were really this easy, one might ask, then we should be able to find a treasure chest in some Xbox game and expect our check to be in the mail. In my experience, it can actually work like this at the beginning. I’ve seen it with Spiritual Gaming and I’ve seen it in ritual and religion. For example, the Nichiren Buddhists extol the chant Nam Myoho Renge Kyo. It’s the answer to everything. Many in this sect will encourage members to “chant for stuff” (a new job, getting laid, whatever…see the movie “The Last Detail” with Jack Nicholson for a wonderful depiction of this). I was personally told that one should never chant for Enlightenment (Buddha say WHAT???). The logic was that the chant is ITSELF total Enlightenment. Don’t waste time trying to attain what’s right there. Improve your “Life Condition” (however you are thus inclined).


Buddowsky determines Determinants

So, with the genie out of the bottle, newbies go in for their “heart’s desires.” And suddenly STUFF HAPPENS! Bing badda boom. If this isn’t encouragement to keep going, I don’t know what IS!

I was once faced with a severe financial difficulty and utilized a video game to change up the situation. Miracles ensued overnight. I actually had the fleeting thought that I was ready to quit the day job and just keep the udders on the cash cow flowing.

The udders dried up pretty fast.


Because the dynamics of the situation changed. The mindset which forged the initial link wasn’t sufficient to keep that particular line of communication endlessly open. It’s like taking out a loan that saves your life…but the bank stops doling out the cash at a certain point.

It WORKED-but to keep it working requires a “leveling up” into the next phase of operation.


All Grunts lead us to a BOSS

Genies grant 3 wishes. How about wishing the Genie to tell you of his ORIGINS? Reverse engineer the machine and find out how it works!

Now here come the Siddhis, the magical powers spoken of in Buddhist Sutras. Each Siddhi is linked to a new stage of awareness, what we can call Gnosis (direct knowing) of a larger arena of consciousness. And this is something of a safeguard against the abuse of magical powers. It’s not foolproof as there remain plenty of magi higher up on the food chain who will eat you up and shit you out. But there does seem to be a natural link between unfolding states of consciousness and the powers attributed to them. Certain states of consciousness eradicate what might be regarded as the goals and needs of “black magic.” It’s hard to maintain a selfish agenda when one’s sense of self is dissolving.

With this in mind, it is, in my opinion, ideal to transfer outward gestures of Sadhana (spiritual practice) into the realms of image through virtual reality. This involves a questioning of the nature of “knowing” (and the quote above from Wittgenstein is taken from his notes “On Certainty,” something we tend to readily assume we possess but seldom examine).

WHAT, precisely, are our “determinants” for “knowing?”

And HOW might these change?

For some, this is a scary step. It requires going beyond the “tried and true” assumptions which have kept our physical bodies alive since we first learned that “the stove is hot.” The stove doesn’t exist. But going with this notion, we might conclude that the wall against which it is set doesn’t exist, either. So we try to walk through it and break our (equally non-existent) nose.

All elements of this experience say “You dumb ass, the wall exists and you’re an idiot for trying to be the kid with the spoon in The Matrix!”

Some determinants are hard to shake. So you accept them and they give rise to a proposition (“There’s a fucking WALL THERE!”).


Highly regarded Philosophy Professor scorns Solipsism before Freshman Class 

But this may very well be a case of the proverbial Cart and Horse.

Just because you “know” doesn’t mean such “knowledge” reveals anything true about the situation. The wall against which you just bloodied your face has already moved through space with the revolution of the globe and won’t return to that location for another solar year. And even THEN, the space, itself, will have changed. The event has already passed into non-existence and cannot be demonstrated in and of itself. You remember it-but your remembering is a function of consciousness which can only occur in the present. It is only labeled “in the past.” No one else can remember it FOR YOU. If a “witness” was present, they can only evoke their OWN recollection. An agreement upon the “Objectivity” of the event rests in mutually shared associations communicated through language. But it remains an “agreement,” not a demonstration of objective reality.


“I’m going crazy-but I can’t be SURE that I am…and it’s driving me CRAZY!”

This descent into epistemology is not meant to be a circuitous game, good for intellectual parlance over two pots of coffee. It is a key to working Gamespace as a Shaman. By regarding sense impressions as ultimately (or immediately) insubstantial (and yet somehow experienced), we come into a space whereby virtual objects may be related to as what we can call “actual objects.” This entry into liminal space begins when we can start to understand “actual objects” as “virtual objects,” when we can enter into a contemplative zone and examine how we perceive, categorize, “know” and relate. We are doing more than just looking at how the “gears of the mind” work. We are getting at the Source from which those gears manifest and into which they dissolve.


This Source we call Space Buddhaa. It is both Transcendent and Immanent. In 2015 we will be publishing the Space Buddhaa Sutra which will be a supportive text for the LAMAL Tarot. This text is a conglomerate fusion of impressions from T’ien T’ai Buddhism, Kenneth Grant’s Mystic Extraterrestrialism, Zen Reactivity, Christic Vudu and Mediumistic Magic. Any complexity of form or system is brought back to several simple tenets whereby the Sutra is intended to engender offspring.

LAM is the LAMA, the Guru Within, the Silence which subsumes “Determinants of Restriction” in a Da’athian Double Vortex. It’s not so esoteric. It’s just a bit outside the typical way humans live and die. Upon accepting the dissolution of form into space, we may feel more inclined to do as the band TOOL admonishes:

Push the Envelope…
…watch it BEND.

This is Hyperdimensional Origami. The Space Buddhaa Sutra is not a “received text” nor is it a “grimoire” or “new revelation.”  It is form of Bushido for the Ronin doubling as a Monk without a Monastery, a visionary voyage intended to create as much as it destroys. A breath in. A breath out.

And the Awareness of the Fire silently burning between.

-Hoodoo Pilot

SPACEBUDDHAA-History & Mission Part One

exemplar 4

In the early 1990’s, Kyle Fite filled a sketchbook with various drawings, studies and notes revolving around comic book and illustration projects. A simple sketch found its way into those pages, entitled “Space Buddha.” It was just a scrawl, a little bit of sci-fi and, truth be told, Kyle didn’t really know much, if anything, about Buddhism. He just liked the idea of some meditation master floating in a space pod.

In 2012, Kyle found this old sketchbook and wrote to a fellow esotericist of a series of letters he had recently sent to an Occult Master:

“The content of those letters addresses Buddhism and my interest in several sections in the Voudon-Gnostic Workbook which deals with Buddhism and the Nemirion Race from the Orion Constellation (which I suggest are related). It’s funny-many many years ago in a sketch book from college, I drew a small image called “Space Buddha” with a seated figure in an egg-shaped pod. At the time, I knew nothing of LAM or Buddhism, really. This is no great drawing but I am finding increasingly that small and seemingly inconsequential things are sometimes more powerfully prescient with greater connectivity than our endeavors to do so consciously.”

Between the drawing and this communication, Kyle would, in fact, take a keen interest in Buddhist Practice, studying and practicing with two different organizations over the years, Tibetan and Japanese.

It would be during the “Japanese Years” that practice would open to a series of telepathic events linking to Aleister Crowley’s Book of the Law. However, Kyle’s previous “Thelemic Self-Identification” was giving way to a new field of experience, indicating an extraterrestrial source of communication. Turning to the works of Kenneth Grant, everything began flowing into the Vortex of LAM. This was followed by 15 months of practicing the LAM SERPENT SADHANA as written by Mr. Michael Staley.

serpent sadhana

“Serpent Sadhana”-Linocut based on experience with Trans-Yuggothian Pyramid (cover artwork for for STARFIRE Vol. 2 No. 3)   

It was also during this general timeframe, that Kyle and several others formulated what might be deemed a “Micro Order” to investigate the ongoing stream of communication and exploration. Short lived, the Order was given it’s name by Kyle who relinquished his own “Motto” to bestow it upon the group. That Name was A-Sh-A and was understood to mean “The Fire which Burns Between Beginnings.”

The striking power of the Double A had already been well-lodged in Kyle’s mind (as with many others) who had read of a certain Secret Order in the works of Crowley.

The fascination with A.’. A.’. grew in lieu with its claims to have existed long before Crowley announced its activity to the World. This is the mystique of History. It was Voltaire who wrote that “History is a Pack of Tricks played by the Dead upon the Living.” Did this particular Occult Order really exist BEFORE Crowley or had he just slapped a bunch of mythic “credentials” on his new gig? This seems to be an old game (“Hello, Fama Fraternitatis!”).


John the Con…Gettin’ It On.

Kyle would buy into many of these games, driven by desire to find the Secret Sanctuary kept clean and safe from this soiled world. Along the way, he would discover a book by a certain “Rosicrucian” who lived and died ere Crowley was born-and in this book was an allusion to secret Order known as…the A.A.”

Research met brick walls and, in the end, it was the Mystique which carried the most power. It wasn’t so much the OBJECT of the Quest but the Inner NEED to set about it.

A.A. lived. We are not speaking of the several groups using this name and carrying Crowley’s work forward. The power of the Letters themselves, which are symbols conveying IDEAS, was of value to adopt as a Magical Name. There was tremendous energy in this and it always evoked the passionate voice of Jaz Coleman as he sung:

“I want to be in a place of beginnings…not endings.”


Jaz Coleman-One ounce of Honest Angst is worth a Pound of Pretend Piety

Kyle would later meet his partner who was, unbeknownst to him, already identifying herself as SPACEBUDDHAA.
All of the above anecdotes are a smattering of the MYRIAD events, people and connections which have colored the Voyage of Hoodoo Pilot (“The Artist formerly known as [insert one of a dozen Magical Names]”).

Knees have been bruised as many times as insight has been gained. The “Spiritual Path” is not a pretty one. After all, it’s a human affair-and people have a marvelous ability to disappoint. However, it was Crowley who observed that a magical diary filled with a record of errors was more valuable than a few furtive moments of “success.” This is Edison with all his light bulb failures. Kyle & Space have been down many dead ends and the maps we want to share are those which cut a Path through the snares. This is no “Word from on High” but rather (as Burroughs wrote) a “Word to the Wise Guy.”

What is happening now involves a double vortex, pouring in and spilling out, calling forth a new Tarot Structure and Sutra. Elements are magnetized, pushed into the Slipstream of Time and set on Fire. Dross and Slag bubble, movement vaporizes folly.

But there is “That Which Remains.” Incandescent Bones of a Form assembling itself in the Fiery Flesh of Time.
SpaceBuddhaa and Hoodoo Pilot were magnetized beyond geographic locale and through karmic fields of tremendous opposition to give birth to the Entity Space Hoodoo.

The Mission Statement of Space Hoodoo is very simple. Ala the Masonic Rite, the Inner Tekton has “long been in darkness and now seeks to be brought to LIGHT.” We are producing material meant to serve this purpose. There is an underlying picture or map upon which the Eternal Hunger of the Being in Time seeks Home. This Being in Time comes crippled into the World, readily sucked into the Tractor Beams projected by those who have understood Spiritual Need in the same way that the Kraft Corporation understands hunger.

It’s been said that one should never try to “wise up the marks.” It is also true that not all “marks” remain so. There is an inward hunger for Truth beyond all stop-points and we believe this Fire Between Beginnings is a Singular Flame burning in the Core of all Consciousness.


DHARMAKARA ENTERS THE LIGHT OF WORLD FREEDOM KING (Birth of Amida Butsu)-graphite on paper, 8 ½” by 11” (private collection)

On this evening, December 26th, 2014, Space Hoodoo dropped three consecrated Crystals into the middle of Kooteny Lake, British Columbia. This was-and is-a Magical Act, meant to serve as a vital Beacon System for the forth-going Work wherein we wish to serve as a Co-Creative Support System for Tektonia Emergent.

Just as there exists an interconnected crystalline network of energy and communication within the vicinity of our HQ, we have been working around the clock to assemble our material, ranging from writing to artwork to magical objects for use in contacting spaces beyond those ascertained by the senses, each offering connection to a vision wherein the Human and Cosmic may know themselves as One Thing. From this vision we will continue our history and it’s projection forward into all Timezones.


“Buddha Smokes The Myo Pipe”-which holds much more than the Opium of the People


SPACE HOODOO COMIX # 2 is now available.


For those who missed the first issue, it’s probably useless to do a re-cap but we can certainly try:

Little Hoodoo, whose origins are unclear, explains the meaning of Life, the Universe and Everything on the first page. After this small matter is duly dealt with, his good pal, Little Space, challenges his succinct summary of Ontological Truth and makes him Toast. Little Hoodoo trips balls, blames the organic butter and ends up at The Mountains of Friggin’ Madness where he meets the author of the comic, Kyle Fite, who isn’t really there but occupying a Memory Chamber from a Future Time Zone. Little Hoodoo doesn’t quite grasp how he, too, can be in the Memory Chamber until Kyle explains that, as author of the comic, he has written Little Hoodoo into this Zone for an urgent purpose, revealing that Little Hoodoo is really his Higher Self in Past Form. Kyle needed Little Hoodoo to make contact with his Future Self to save them both from the Space Crabs who had already destroyed Kyle. This was all based on the logic that if Kyle was killed, his Higher Self would have no Lower Self to exist in relation to and, thus, Little Hoodoo, having no Future, could have no Past and would also cease to exist.

We then meet the “Girl with the Tramp Stamp,” to whom Little Space is past-tense Higher Self. She and Kyle meet in the Nexus Zone of Sam’s Samsaric Swill-Box, the Pub in Hell. Kyle proposes Marriage and an Alliance against “The Aliens.” She accepts.


However, Eileen, the “Gossip at Ground Zero,” contacts her Boss who is the former Guru of LAM, the extraterrestrial who contacted Aleister Crowley in 1918. Lam uses his contact with Crowley to find a worthy Chela in Kenneth Grant but Kenneth makes the error of publishing Lam’s extradimensional location in the book Outside the Circles of Time. By the time this info is routed to Eileen’s Boss, it is the year 2233 and the Alien Crabs have just been sent back in time to 2014 to kill Kyle before he can meet the Girl with the Tramp Stamp. This is somehow related to the vendetta against the rebel Chela known as LAM and so the Boss, without recourse to his Crustacean Assassination Team, decides to handle the Hook-Up in Hell himself. Meanwhile, Kyle is eviscerated but the Crabs cannot find his heart which has been hidden in a canopic jar and brought to Little Space in the Time Zone where the story started.


Or so it seems.



SPACE HOODOO # 2 continues our saga. In a nutshell, everything is fucked and it can only get worse before it gets better. That is, if it can get better AT ALL! But no matter how low we go, there remains some hope in hell.

There’s technology:




And Libations:


Our cast of characters may not like being stuck in this issue:


But there’s always a way out of difficult situations.

Even if that means getting into worse ones.

SPACE HOODOO COMIX # 2 (“I WALKED WITH A ZOMBI”) guest-stars the Real Bardo Bear and the Fake Andrew W.K.

As with the previous issue, SH Comix #2 is printed in black and white with hand-signed color cover and two signed tipped in color plates along with Hoodoo Pilot affirmation card. Second issue with color prints being offered for $15 + post.

Contact us at kylefite@yahoo.com to get your copy.

It’s not HARD to send a CARD!


Selection of Greeting Cards hot off the press at Space Hoodoo HQ

After a recent flurry of painting, we’ve finally got the first set of greeting cards ready to ship from Space Hoodoo HQ!

Before offering the images with my next blog, I really want to say a few words about the importance of the greeting card as a means of communication in our modern era.

Quite simply, to send someone a handwritten letter (or even a few paragraphs inside a greeting card) is-IMO-far superior to any “pm” on Facebook, email, text or other electronic communication. In our present culture, addiction to the “instant” has grown to such a degree that many of us can overlook the MAGIC which is imparted through the written word and passed through the postal service. And there is now an entire generation which has no idea what correspondence via mail is even ABOUT. I knew a teenager who not only had to ask what her zip code was but had to ask where the stamp goes!

I began writing letters as child. It was a very simple thing. I’d receive birthday cards or gifts in the mail from relatives and my Mom always insisted that I write a thank you letter in return.


“What should I say?”

I was given some guidance as to how to write a little letter. How to acknowledge what was sent, to share what was happening at school or home, ask a few questions (even if it was simply “How are you doing?”). I’d draw a little picture at the bottom of the paper and pop it into the mail.

The result of asking my Grandfather what was going on with HIM was ANOTHER letter sent back to me. Soon we were writing back and forth and he became my first “pen-pal.” And getting a LETTER in the mail was as exciting as receiving a gift.

Really, ALL letters are gifts.

They are wrapped up (sealed in an envelope whose mysterious content is hidden and must be opened) and decorated with a ribbon and bow (hand-written address, stamp, cancellation).


The REAL Santa Claus makes his rounds! 

Inside, there is a present: the experience of the words. There is an energy and personality conveyed through our handwriting which can never be matched by the non-descript font of a text. And, furthermore, there is a natural gravitation to much more intentional content. If I send a letter, I am well aware that it could take 2-12 days to reach its recipient. Is what I have to say “still good” after that timeframe? It HAS to be! Otherwise, it may as well be tapped out with two thumbs on a smartphone before it goes bad in the fridge.

This is the origin of the Love Letter…received two weeks later from a foreign country and meant to truly touch the heart of the beloved.

Philip Dick put down much of his Spiritual Vision in letters to friends. And at the end, he would sign “Love, Dick.” A treasure trove of wisdom, thought provocation, amusement, emotion and finally that personal connection which says: I am sharing this all with you as my FRIEND.


Phil had a LOT to say! 

William Burroughs LIVED for the mail. In Tangier, he wrote constantly to his friends while alienated (and yet creatively driven). In one such missive, he was BEGGING for reply, declaring the letters he received to be a lifeline. He NEEDED them.

But a letter doesn’t need to be some earth-shaking event. It can be a simple means of touching another with something more personal and lasting than another set of sentences shot into the sea of superinformation for ADD consumers.

bill x-man

Even Bill Burroughs knew the Power of the CARD!   

Nichiren Daishonin, the Buddhist Sage, was well know for writing THANK YOU LETTERS to his sundry disciples. Some of these letters are very short but one gets the distinct impression that whenever he was gifted with ANYTHING, however humble an offering as it may have been, he dipped into the sumi ink and sent a grateful letter, with words of blessing, in return.


“Dear Dave, Thanks for the card with the funny dog cartoon. Love, Nichiren.”  

An example of this Spirit is found here. I had sent a gift to the Magical Genius, Kenneth Grant. He sent this simple postcard in reply:

ken grant

Mr. Grant was an elderly man when he penned these few words and we did not have a “personal” relationship. And yet he took a moment to express gratitude. Myself, I was thrilled and delighted when I checked the mail and found this item in my postbox!

Another simple-yet wonderful-thing which can be done with letters and cards is the enclosure. A newspaper article, a delightful image from a magazine, some little object which makes you think of someone. I have even PRINTED OUT articles from the web to MAIL to people. This stops the flow of overwhelming info and gives pause to deeply consider what is written. A fascinating science article, a human interest story which made you think of someone in the same situation.

A lot of folks have expressed to me that they aren’t good at writing letters. Same folks who communicate non-stop with their devices daily. There are a few little ways to get over the hump of not following through with the desire or good intention of sending a letter:

1) Pre-address the envelope. You may not even know WHAT you wish to say to someone-but you know they’ll really enjoy finding your letter in the mailbox. Once the envelope is addressed and stamped, you only have to stuff something into it and the job is DONE!

2) The Greeting Card: This establishes what is called, in art, a “limited palette.” With a typical card, you have two small sides to write on. There is no burdensome commitment to write page after page. The Greeting Card is small enough to handle a very simple communication and, for the voluminous writer, it presents a unique challenge in condensing thoughts.

3) Body Format: This is the structure of the letter. It begins with the recipient’s name and ends with your own. There is the opening greeting (“How have you been? I was thinking about you the other day and wanted to share a funny thought with you…”) and the closing (“Allright, this is all for now. I hope you and S are doing well and surviving the cold up North. M sends her love and, of course, so do I! Take care and have a great one! Love, D”).

After the opening, you can simply communicate the “main body” of your letter. In our example, this would be the “funny thought”:

“So I ran into this lady at the supermarket and she was wearing the same shirt you used to have in high school. I actually struck up a small conversation with her and she said the SAME THING you used to about it…the design reminded her of an angel! Isn’t that weird? Maybe there’s some message coming through….from the Angels!” (insert a hand-drawn smiley face).

From this, you can squeeze in a little info and also some personal affection: “I’ve been back to the doctor for my condition. He says it’s not getting any better but I feel pretty good most days. I did have some blurriness of vision last week and almost drove the car into the mailbox. That wouldn’t have been too impressive to M. Anyway, I always keep in mind how you handled X and never let it get your spirits down. You really inspired me during that time and I miss having you around, especially these days.”

At this point, your Greeting Card is likely filled! And off it goes.


Rick Lane got cool mail in 1940.

I know lots of people who still send cards to family and friends every Christmas but couldn’t do so at any other time of the year if their life depended on it. When we’re talking about the greeting card here, we’re not discussing the obligatory but the VOLUNTARY. Nothing says I don’t give a shit about you like those annual newsletters you get from some distant Aunt in December. Unless, of course, you really CARE about the fact that your second-cousin is still working at the factory and expecting his 10th child.

There was a very interesting video I recently saw called “What Facebook is doing to your Brain.” The essence of the presentation was that, in this age where we are connected to more people with instantaneous speed of communication, we are experiencing a breakdown of personal contact. Furthermore, the average human being can only maintain so many intimate relationships in his or her life. Can you imagine trying to keep up with 1,000 correspondents via MAIL?

Writing letters naturally weeds out those who are superficial contacts. Try two months of writing by mail and you’ll get some insight into who is really important to you.

And, finally, letters LAST. A decent Greeting Card is not some dumb-ass generic sentiment you found at the grocery store while picking up a bottle of ketchup. You want to buy cards that are unique and express something of your SPIRIT-or acknowledge that of the recipient. I sold one of my Little Dancing Skeleton cards to an older woman this morning who thought her son would enjoy it because she knew he liked the band KORN.


Another customer purchased my B-Bear Sun card because her daughter was going through tough times and she always used to sing her “You are my sunshine…”


The simple paper package now becomes a Blessing Machine, a means to literally SEND LOVE.

This was, perhaps, easier in by-gone days when phones were still plugged into walls, long-distance calls had to be budgeted for and the mail was used for more than paying the few bills still sent by paper. People used to write more. We’re not just talking about the “Men of Letters.” It was an everyday part of how we stayed in touch.

The internet has not improved on this.

No, I’m not suggesting that online communications are “bad.” I’m using the medium to convey these thoughts right now!

What I AM saying is that there is a different and much more powerful way to touch people, to give them a part of YOURSELF.

Example: a friend of mine knew I was collecting pennies and using them in art and metaphysics. She lived in the SAME TOWN as me and yet taped them all into a card, wrote a kind message and sent them in the mail. I am STILL touched by this thoughtfulness and kindness.

YOU can do the same thing! And it doesn’t have to be a one time deal. Brew up a pot of coffee and sit down once a week to knock off 3 or 4 cards to those you love. You can also do this with your kids. God knows the internet isn’t going to provide encouragement in this department!

We’ll be posting a blog soon with our own offerings in the realm of Art Cards, each one made by hand with a tipped on and hand-signed color plate. Each card measures 5″ by 7″ and may be framed as an art piece, also. These will be mailed straight to your home-but hopefully they won’t STAY THERE!

We’ll be posting pics of the first round of cards shortly!

-Hoodoo & Space




The first issue of Space Hoodoo Comix is now available. Starring Little Hoodoo & Little Space, Aleister Crowley, H.P. Lovecraft, Spacebuddhaa Jedrik, Kenneth Grant, LAM, a non-descript Jehovah’s Witness and Kyle Fite (whose guts are duly torn out by Crab-Aliens from the Nameless Nebula).

There’s blood, bones and bodily fluids. And Toast. All packed into 24 pages with full color cover and tipped in color plates.

With the first issue, we’ve “set the scene” and are looking forward to how it will all unfold. Similar to David Lynch’s approach to the creation of his masterwork, Inland Empire, I do not have an extensive “script” that’s been mulled over and now requires arduous crafting into a finalized form. The story and its delivery are one thing. The angle taken has me thinking of what William Burroughs wrote about NAKED LUNCH:

Most books are written as if they’ve HAPPENED. This book is HAPPENING.

And it IS.


I have about as much an idea as to where it’s all going as I do with this “real life.” Sure, I’ve got plans and am on my Path. But the first hour of every day is enough to let us know that the unexpected and unpredictable can and will rear its hydra head without warning. Best to take a stance where we dance with it. Or at least effectively improvise our battle plan.

As an artist, I’ve had the frustrating experience many a time where someone would express repulsion and horror over some “dark image” I had created-and then chuckle at the seeming “whimsy” of another. Yet from my own creative center, the energies may be wholly opposite of what appears at first sight. A gothic image, running with black blood and cryptic sigils, may have been knocked off while I was listening to some upbeat song. On the flip, a cartoony scrawl might connect to levels of hard-earned experience gained with no small amount of suffering and painful rebirth.

I’m contemplating the writing of a commentary to go alongside Space Hoodoo Comix down the line. There is actually a lot of precision behind the seeming nonchalance. For example, the single panel where Rev. Michael Bertiaux gets “a letter from England” is based on a memorable phone call I had made right after Kenneth Grant had died.


There is an off-handed and even parodic treatment of LAM in this first episode. LAM is an easy “target” for jabs, jibes and jokes. It’s my personal opinion that there may well have been some off-color humor in Crowley’s mind when he drew the image that so impressed young Grant. Despite all of this, I experienced a series of events in conjunction with LAM years back which resulted in extensive meditative work, wearing me down into exhaustion and “Breakthrough Breakdown.” To this day, the “Cult of LAM” remains a bristling source of ever-deepening esoteric exploration transmitting both beauty and Gnosis on the edge of human awareness.

So where we see the pissed-off Guru of All Things Daathian sitting on his little zafu-asteroid, it may seem as if I regard the entire theme as a lark. Nothing could be further from the truth.


In comics, we can slash right into the subject. A few lines can effectively form the necessary associative link in a viewer’s mind to communicate data. This data is then put into a context where it takes effect. Even if the reader simply “gets the joke” and laughs, the dynamic evoked has proven remarkably effective.

Magic runs along these lines (no pun intended). It’s ALL communication (which is to say CONTACT). Bring two things together and there is the manifestation of a third thing. Yes, it’s sort of Hegelian. But there is always such chaotic potential when Thesis & Antithesis meet. The resulting Synthesis is not restricted to a single mathematical outcome, prepackaged and predictable. It may, however, be guided in its formation.

And THAT is Shamanic Activity.

I wasn’t thinking of any of these things when I was kid and drawing my own comics in gradeschool. But there is one thing I wish to note as I look back on those days. I created my comics at breakneck speed, writing and drawing as quickly as possible. What I was really doing was calling up the experience of READING the comic even as I was MAKING it!

Fast forward and inclinations remain the same. Whether it’s comics or poetry, essays or fiction, I go toward the place where I can enter into the creative space and work my way out from there. I like the story of Jack Kerouac cranking a ROLL of paper into his typewriter so he didn’t have to be interrupted by the chore of adding new sheets when he’d reach the bottom.

You don’t need any dead weight when chasing the muse. And you want to catch her while she’s ovulating. It’s All in the Egg…so Shake a Leg!

Just cuz Will ain’t cryin’ “Because” doesn’t mean it don’t know what it DOES!


Each issue of Space Hoodoo Comix will end with an “Editorial” with further reflections on these and many other topics.

Issue # 1 (“Wake Up!”) is printed, with all its horror, humiliation and humor, in black and white with hand-signed color cover and two signed tipped in color plates along with Hoodoo Pilot affirmation card. First issue with color prints being offered for $15 + post. Contact us at kylefite@yahoo.com to get your copy.