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Working in the Factor-Y


” ‘All phenomena invariably possess the Ten Factors’ is another way of saying that life as it changes moment by moment never loses the Ten Factors. No one can say ‘I have no nyoze-so (appearance).’ Everyone has a face and figure. He also has nyoze-sho (mind or nature). He cannot exist like a stone. Actually, even a stone has its nyoze-sho. The same is true for nyoze-tai (entity).”

-Daisaku Ikeda “Selected Lectures on the Gosho Vol. 1”

The opening words of this quote are from Miao-Lo. Ikeda’s comment is simply wonderful. For those unfamiliar with the terminology, it’s all really quite simple. The “Ten Factors” are ways in which Life functions in the Universe. All life may be found to express the Ten Factors. Because of this, we (as humans) share these same functions with all other forms of life. We may not be aware of this and our focus might be on how we differ from this or that. And, of course, we will observe such distinctions. But if we wish to work as Shamans in the Universe, it is critical that we understand Miao-Lo’s statement. Our next (and more practical) step will be discovering the Access Points into “Factor Functions” within the Life of any given object we are approaching.

In Marie Corelli’s book The Soul of Lilith, the protagonist, El-Rami, converses with a monk from his Mystery School. The two are engaged in an intense dialogue over the nature of El-Rami’s investigations into the Mysteries of the Universe. An insect enters into the room, disturbing the debate, and the monk speaks:

“This creature flew in as I opened the window…what quaint and charming stories of Flower-land it could tell us if we but understood its language! Of the poppy-palaces and rose-leaf saloons colored through by the kindly sun, of the loves of the lady-birds and the political controversies of the bees! How dare we make a boast of wisdom! This tiny denizen of air baffles us; it knows more than we do.”

El-Rami, however, is eager to impress upon the monk his knowledge of “The Inhabitants of Sirius-Their Laws, Customs and Progress.” All of this obtained second-hand through his medium, the girl Lilith whose body is kept “alive” by means of El-Rami’s “science,” whereby her imprisoned Soul may wander in Realms otherwise inaccessible to him.

The monk is able to immediately access what El-Rami seeks. El-Rami asks him how he cannot be floored by his extraterrestrial reports. The monks replies:

“Of course I am interested. It is impossible not to be interested in everything, even in the development of a grub.”

As the conversation goes on, the Monk postulates the eventual discovery of “The Clue” to Everything.

El-Rami reacts with some vehemence.

“If we are bound to know…then every living creature is bound to know, since every living creature suffers cruelly, in wretched ignorance of the cause of its suffering. To every atom, no matter how infinitely minute, must be given this ‘explanation,’ to dogs and birds as well as men, nay even to flowers must be declared the meaning of the mystery.”

The monk replies simply:

“Unless the flowers know already…which is quite possible.”

The flowers, like the “stone” referred to by Daisaku Ikeda, possess all ten factors. Because this is so, it is possible to commune with ANYTHING if we can discover (or build) a lattice between its factors and ours. It is essential to develop skill in this Lattice-Work as Beings may speak very different languages. To a degree, we might consider Lattice-Work as the establishment of an Esoteric Translation Station.

At SpaceHoodoo HQ, we have a variety of altar spaces. These are also active laboratories where Communion via Lattices takes place. It is truly exciting when such work gives way to new directions on The Path. Most recently, we received communication from a particular Living Stone which revealed Itself as a “Master” in its field. It indicated the manner in which the Numisgnostic Work is to open up into the Mineral Kingdom.

Numisgnosis is an Idiosyncratic Field, to say the least. As we progress with the book SING THIS CORROSION, we also reflect on the fact that this is a text without a genre, a book whose topic has no audience. But it is, never the less, a way of describing a Mandala Access Point (or M.A.P.). Once one has entered the Mandala, everything breaks open. If you can commune with a PENNY, you can commune with ANYTHING. You’ll have learned, directly and through experience, the Physics of Communion.

The Scales fall from the Eyes and the World, as King Crimson says, is your Oyster Soup Kitchen Floor Wax Museum.


None shall be barred


No one is barred from this Work and all that is necessary will appear, as if by magic, should the Numisgnostic apply the same “calling card” to the Building of the Temple as he or she did to the Finding of the Cornerstone. The Rosicrucians of Old placed no financial burden upon those who would join them-or those they would heal. Numisgnosis is the same. You may spend as much as you’d like on the Path-but none shall be excluded for want.

This being said, there are particular items which will be found essential to the Work at this stage-and the magic, by which the Cornerstone was revealed, will open the Way to obtaining all which is necessary to progress.

The First Mission of the Corrosion Corp is followed by Missions 2 and 3 whereby the Numisgnostic will establish a Power Zone to Link In (Lincoln) to the Corrosion Cathedral.

From within this Power Zone, one learns how to Conceal and Carry.

This is Practical Shamanism and will be proven in the most raw and real fields of experience.

-Hoodoo Pilot




The Temple of Space Hoodoo in Minecraft

It was a dark and stormy night. More precisely, it was dark, cold and Space Hoodoo HQ was buried in a blizzard. Power down and internet cut.

What to do?

Build a virtual temple in Minecraft. After all, the laptop still has another two hours left before it goes the way of the hot water heater!

Having been immersed for some time in the world of “Spiritual Gaming,” there is a type of “carry-over” into all gaming exercises. It’s rather akin to applying post-meditational practice. For a period of time, one might endeavor to keep Mindfulness high in an office setting. One’s place of work then changes and the challenges of the “Cubical Labyrinth” shift to a Farmland Forray.

Same Mind, New Projections.

I initially downloaded Minecraft to play with my son. Despite the ease with which every kid in 2nd Grade seems to navigate through this virtual space, I’ve found the learning curve to be a bit challenging.

But it’s all part of the Game…which is to say a Spiritual Engagement with the Game.

My goal was fairly simple. Build up a sacred space to move about and be present within.

This goal was based on understanding that the ingame “Avatar” (the figure or character we identify with and help to move about) is connected to both ourselves from the Game Dimension and to what we might call our “Higher Self” in a more developed Space of Awareness and Function. The Gamespace provides a sort of Connective Field between these two “selves.”

Down the line, a multitude of selves will be linked in communication but to start, we ought simply consider the Avatar as a link between who we are as “players” and who we may YET BECOME through contact with a Being who has BECOME IT.
This is not an automatic process. It requires something of an “agreement” between the Mind and its Field of Projection and Input.

Once this is “agreement” is…well, agreed upon…the virtual space can be worked within to specific effect. If all phenomena reflects a projection of mind upon its funadmental void-nature, then the phenomenal manifestation of ANY gamespace is in the same category as the so-called “external world.” Different “laws” or “rules” apply-but, for our purposes (regarding the gamespace as a field for spiritual exercise), there IS no difference, save for the possibilities we can take advantage of there which may be more difficult in the “organic world.”

In building THE TEMPLE OF SPACE HOODOO, there was attention to detail, simple as it may be. A location was selected and cleared (this functioned as a “cleansing” in the same way we might smudge a home or sprinkle consecrated waters to purify the environment).

Building up the single room Sanctuary was done in the manner of erecting a Shrine, which is to say establishing a Contact Zone. One enters and ascends steps to reach the altarspace in this specific temple. This lifts the self into an awareness that “ordinary thinking” is left behind and a higher dimension has been entered.

In this particular dimensional space, I placed two altars of summoning with books of enchantment side by side. This is because, within this structure, Space Hoodoo is both Kyle & Jedrik as two terminals of the same “battery.”


Twin Tomes of Summoning

The altar faces toward the open door of the Temple. This is to allow the projection of the powers summoned into the larger world outside, what we call “ordinary life.”

That which is “summoned” is what we will call Space Buddhaa, the Buddhaa of the Future.

Previously, I had read several passages in the immaculate Sutra of Hui Neng, the Sixth Patriarch of the Dyanna or Zen School.

Therein, Hui Neng speaks of the Mahaprajnaparamita.

This term is actually quite simple. It means the Great (Maha) Wisdom (Prajna) of Enlightenment (Paramita). As one who preached the “Sudden Path,” Hui Neng sees this Profound State as being within every single person.

In fact, he says there is no other Buddha to be found.

This is why Spacebuddhaa says: “Contact your Inner Self…and say ‘Hi’.”

It’s a basic prescription for the Path.

Hui Neng goes on to say 3 remarkable things.

First he tells us:

“A foolish passing thought makes one an ordinary man, while an enlightened second thought makes one a Buddha.”

He repeats this:

“A passing thought that clings to sense-objects is klesa (defilement), while a second thought that frees one from attachment is Bodhi.”

And then he brings down the hammer:

“The Mahaprajnaparamita is the most exalted, the first and the foremost. It neither stays, nor goes, nor comes. By means of it Buddhas of the past, present and the future generations attain Buddhahood.”


Want Enlightenment? It’s in your HANDS!  

The Buddhas become Buddhas?

How can this be?

Simply, by dissolving the idea that one is not a Buddha and then knowing that “a Buddha” is “THE Buddha.”

The Dyanna School states that klesas are Bodhi. This is one of the “wild Zen teachings” but it can be misapplied. One can realize the True Nature of one’s Being while out on the town, getting drunk, getting laid. But just because one is doing such things doesn’t mean that one is realizing the True Nature of Being.

Hui Neng says that even meditation, entering the “Void” or doing all those wonderful things that give “merit” are fruitless unless one realizes their True Nature.

What does this have to do with Minecraft?

In this case, the structure I was able to build became a means to stay within this state of awareness.

The first realization one needs is that one is actually BECOMING A BUDDHA when aware of that “enlightened second thought.” You don’t think this. You feel it and you KNOW IT.

I had this experience while reading the text. Even as I absorbed Hui Neng’s words, my mind wandered into thoughts of a negative nature. I found myself being drawn into a deep dislike for a particular person. And then I just stopped. Not by strength of mind or some warm and fuzzy regard for the goodness inherent in all beings. No need for a bumper sticker “Namaste.” I just thought “OK, Kyle, whatever. You’re going to keep on disliking this person for a long time. Get back to it later. Listen to what Hui Neng is saying…”


“Fuck Hate. Stay with the Sutra.” -Hui Neng

THIS was detachment. I wasn’t replacing repulsion with attraction. I was just letting it go because I had more important things to be focusing in on at the moment.

I became a Buddha right then and there. But, of course, I DID get back to the “first thought” later. And then I “fell from Grace,” becoming an “ordinary man” with all my klesas and crap.

That is until the “klesas and crap” were hit with the touchstone expressed in the words of Dih Ping Tze as he comments on Hui Leng’s words:

“To use the mind means to let the one mind (i.e. Universal Mind) manifest itself everywhere. When we let our mind dwell on piety or evil, piety or evil manifests itself, but our Essence of Mind (or Primoridal Mind) is thereby obscured. But when our mind dwells on nothing, we realize that all the worlds of the ten quarters are nothing but manifestations of One Mind.”

This simple self-remembering manifests the 10 world model of Buddhism. Each of the ten worlds contain each other. Thus, the “lowest world of Hell” also contains the Buddha World. To shift from world to world can be instantaneous.

It can be…SUDDEN.

My Avatar in Minecraft carries the same Name-Link as it does in Second Life: Hoodoo Pilot.

If both engines are running at the same time, this creates an interesting “Tri-Location” with the 3 of us operating in our respective dimensions. It should be evident that this multiplicity can be vastly extended.

The Minecraft Space, i found, asked the most intentionality on my part. It was critical to not just place an Avatar in a pre-fab space but to actually create the space in the way one would arrange a “Magical Temple.”

Upon completion of the Temple, I walked outside to view it and, instantly, the skies opened and rain began to fall. I was not simply joining with my Avatar as a link to Bodhi…HE was in direct communion with his environment. The rain fell as a cleansing benediction, a magical “housewarming gift” from the One Mind.

I then re-entered the Temple space and heard a hissing sound. Through the windows behind the altar, I could see a massive SPIDER crawling over the sands. For those who have worked with Voudon-Gnosticism, this will be seen as Ti Zaraquin, one of the Arachno-Loa, a Master Mind of Connective Systems on the Inner Plane.

Hook up: Successful.


They said it wasn’t Voudon. I said “You haven’t met this guy!”

At this point, the area was charged up as a functional shrine. I sat in the other room and could see the altarspace with the pages of its twin-books fluttering like butterfly wings. This was the equivalent of chanting, slipping prayer-beads, making prostration. Kyle’s mind flickered between klesas and the “good thought.” But the chant continued in the virtual space, the chant which is one with One Mind (The Buddha), making no distinction between first and second thought.

The computer screen became a Sacred Image, “living legos” becoming the focus of Mind and retained in memory (its evocation ever experienced in “Present Space”). This is the second goal I wished to achieve by building this Temple. To encode it in Mindspace where it would be accessed even after “logging out.”

There is no difference between the Memory and Present Observation. Both evoke the same image into Awareness and the Image, if agreed upon, reflects the Bodhi which is Always in its state of “Thusness.”

It’s Mindcraft.


The Treasure Chest which always opens. Built outside Temple Space Hoodoo.

“May I draw your intention to the fact that only mind is mentioned and not heart in the translation of this sutra. The reason is that the Chinese character meaning heart and mind, is the same. Each time mind essence is referred to it means heart-mind. Keep this in your consciousness as you read the sutra. Learn to think-feel from the depths of your being. Discard sentimentality; feel the real.”

-Joe Miller, Foreward to the 1969 American Version of the Sutra of Hui Leng


block opsA peaceful stroll through nature…

This evening I played BLOCK OPS for Android.

The opening level was very simple, very easy-which suited me just fine as I’m not, by any means, a great touchscreen gamer. I probably took three hits to the head while trying to get my enemy into the crosshairs.

The simplicity of this shooter, however, had me thinking of Wittgenstein.

I’ll explain:

With a background in “Spiritual Gaming,” I, along with many others who regard Gamespace as a rich field for personal growth, development and help for others, automatically began relating to BLOCK OPS in these terms. Each foe on the battlefield could be “read” in a number of ways. If we see them as obstacles in our life, a run through the game is akin to riding with Ganesh and knocking down walls. If a more meditative stance can be held, each target is a score increasing a desired quality in the area of Personal Power, a prayer bead being slipped along a string. One could even move through this Gamespace on behalf of another person, shooting down (or building up) aspects of their lives as needed.


This semi-automatic Vajra is gonna pop a cap in the ass of your assumptions 

This approach to gaming is certainly not my “invention.” I worked for a long time in the Prosperity Path video games known as “Orbs” for a variety of purposes. These games constitute a type of “practice” which is guided by the “theory” behind how and why they work.

Simplified down to the bone, we have the technology of sympathetic magic at work here. We have before us an image and this image is linked to something not immediately connected to it in a direct cause and effect relationship. Take the image of a Voodoo Doll, for example. It’s just a figurine. But it gets “named” and “dressed up” in such a way to be associated with a person you wish to help or harm. So our little mannequin gets christened Tom, Dick or Harry (or Mr. Thomas Richard Harry) and you drive a nail through its chest. The goal is to give Mr. Harry a heart attack (or maybe just a bad case of heartburn-because as vindictive as you are, you’re not homicidal).


Tom would soon be needing some Pepto

There is a difference between just wishing a rock would fall on Harry’s head and taking this sort of action to actively magnetize an event. But there HAS to be a link whereby such action in the “ritual room” can replicate itself in Harry’s life, yes?

This is where the “theory” end of things empowers action toward a desired end.

First, there must be an “agreement” between the Magician and his Method. And here’s where, playing BLOCK OPS, I recalled the words of Wittgenstein:

“Whether a proposition can turn out true or false after all depends on what I make count as determinants for that proposition.”

Utilizing video games and virtual environments as magical tools and spaces requires an adjustment of determinants whereby the proposition that this is a workable method can be acted upon with effect.


Ludwig Wittgenstein designed and built this house the first time he played Minecraft  

A magician working in the field of Radionics recently commented that machines and procedures do not have to be overly complicated. The whole idea of a “magical machine” is to serve as a “labor saving device.” But some folks simply can’t accept this. As this magician noted, they NEED a lot of complexity to feel like they are actually doing something. In this case, elaborate ritual becomes a tool to give the thinking self enough “stuff to do,” allowing the intuitive self to operate outside this mental block.

However, the more the intuitve self engages with manipulating forces and forms outside of “standard” cause and effect scenarios, the more that personal technique will be sharpened toward establishing transmissive links.

If it were really this easy, one might ask, then we should be able to find a treasure chest in some Xbox game and expect our check to be in the mail. In my experience, it can actually work like this at the beginning. I’ve seen it with Spiritual Gaming and I’ve seen it in ritual and religion. For example, the Nichiren Buddhists extol the chant Nam Myoho Renge Kyo. It’s the answer to everything. Many in this sect will encourage members to “chant for stuff” (a new job, getting laid, whatever…see the movie “The Last Detail” with Jack Nicholson for a wonderful depiction of this). I was personally told that one should never chant for Enlightenment (Buddha say WHAT???). The logic was that the chant is ITSELF total Enlightenment. Don’t waste time trying to attain what’s right there. Improve your “Life Condition” (however you are thus inclined).


Buddowsky determines Determinants

So, with the genie out of the bottle, newbies go in for their “heart’s desires.” And suddenly STUFF HAPPENS! Bing badda boom. If this isn’t encouragement to keep going, I don’t know what IS!

I was once faced with a severe financial difficulty and utilized a video game to change up the situation. Miracles ensued overnight. I actually had the fleeting thought that I was ready to quit the day job and just keep the udders on the cash cow flowing.

The udders dried up pretty fast.


Because the dynamics of the situation changed. The mindset which forged the initial link wasn’t sufficient to keep that particular line of communication endlessly open. It’s like taking out a loan that saves your life…but the bank stops doling out the cash at a certain point.

It WORKED-but to keep it working requires a “leveling up” into the next phase of operation.


All Grunts lead us to a BOSS

Genies grant 3 wishes. How about wishing the Genie to tell you of his ORIGINS? Reverse engineer the machine and find out how it works!

Now here come the Siddhis, the magical powers spoken of in Buddhist Sutras. Each Siddhi is linked to a new stage of awareness, what we can call Gnosis (direct knowing) of a larger arena of consciousness. And this is something of a safeguard against the abuse of magical powers. It’s not foolproof as there remain plenty of magi higher up on the food chain who will eat you up and shit you out. But there does seem to be a natural link between unfolding states of consciousness and the powers attributed to them. Certain states of consciousness eradicate what might be regarded as the goals and needs of “black magic.” It’s hard to maintain a selfish agenda when one’s sense of self is dissolving.

With this in mind, it is, in my opinion, ideal to transfer outward gestures of Sadhana (spiritual practice) into the realms of image through virtual reality. This involves a questioning of the nature of “knowing” (and the quote above from Wittgenstein is taken from his notes “On Certainty,” something we tend to readily assume we possess but seldom examine).

WHAT, precisely, are our “determinants” for “knowing?”

And HOW might these change?

For some, this is a scary step. It requires going beyond the “tried and true” assumptions which have kept our physical bodies alive since we first learned that “the stove is hot.” The stove doesn’t exist. But going with this notion, we might conclude that the wall against which it is set doesn’t exist, either. So we try to walk through it and break our (equally non-existent) nose.

All elements of this experience say “You dumb ass, the wall exists and you’re an idiot for trying to be the kid with the spoon in The Matrix!”

Some determinants are hard to shake. So you accept them and they give rise to a proposition (“There’s a fucking WALL THERE!”).


Highly regarded Philosophy Professor scorns Solipsism before Freshman Class 

But this may very well be a case of the proverbial Cart and Horse.

Just because you “know” doesn’t mean such “knowledge” reveals anything true about the situation. The wall against which you just bloodied your face has already moved through space with the revolution of the globe and won’t return to that location for another solar year. And even THEN, the space, itself, will have changed. The event has already passed into non-existence and cannot be demonstrated in and of itself. You remember it-but your remembering is a function of consciousness which can only occur in the present. It is only labeled “in the past.” No one else can remember it FOR YOU. If a “witness” was present, they can only evoke their OWN recollection. An agreement upon the “Objectivity” of the event rests in mutually shared associations communicated through language. But it remains an “agreement,” not a demonstration of objective reality.


“I’m going crazy-but I can’t be SURE that I am…and it’s driving me CRAZY!”

This descent into epistemology is not meant to be a circuitous game, good for intellectual parlance over two pots of coffee. It is a key to working Gamespace as a Shaman. By regarding sense impressions as ultimately (or immediately) insubstantial (and yet somehow experienced), we come into a space whereby virtual objects may be related to as what we can call “actual objects.” This entry into liminal space begins when we can start to understand “actual objects” as “virtual objects,” when we can enter into a contemplative zone and examine how we perceive, categorize, “know” and relate. We are doing more than just looking at how the “gears of the mind” work. We are getting at the Source from which those gears manifest and into which they dissolve.


This Source we call Space Buddhaa. It is both Transcendent and Immanent. In 2015 we will be publishing the Space Buddhaa Sutra which will be a supportive text for the LAMAL Tarot. This text is a conglomerate fusion of impressions from T’ien T’ai Buddhism, Kenneth Grant’s Mystic Extraterrestrialism, Zen Reactivity, Christic Vudu and Mediumistic Magic. Any complexity of form or system is brought back to several simple tenets whereby the Sutra is intended to engender offspring.

LAM is the LAMA, the Guru Within, the Silence which subsumes “Determinants of Restriction” in a Da’athian Double Vortex. It’s not so esoteric. It’s just a bit outside the typical way humans live and die. Upon accepting the dissolution of form into space, we may feel more inclined to do as the band TOOL admonishes:

Push the Envelope…
…watch it BEND.

This is Hyperdimensional Origami. The Space Buddhaa Sutra is not a “received text” nor is it a “grimoire” or “new revelation.”  It is form of Bushido for the Ronin doubling as a Monk without a Monastery, a visionary voyage intended to create as much as it destroys. A breath in. A breath out.

And the Awareness of the Fire silently burning between.

-Hoodoo Pilot



Who IS Bardo Bear?

I first encountered this Entity (and yes, I regard Bardo Bear as an ENTITY as opposed to a “character”) through the medium of the Prosperity Path Virtual Meditation Games, known to frequent players (or, perhaps better put, PRAY-ers) as “Orbs.”

Along the path one runs through a carefully constructed Bardoscape, designed to address a variety of human concerns, there is a chamber in which one encounters a lone Teddy Bear. Touching this game-object, a voice is heard, offering one of the simplest and most effective ways to lift another’s spirit:

Hugs to YOU.

It’s sweet and fun and, experiencing this in-game “pick-up” with regularity, an inner flame of basic goodwill and happiness is stirred and stoked. After all, one doesn’t typically receive a hug without giving it back at that same time.


As an enthusiast of the Prosperity Path method of gaming (which is really a magical practice), I would end up, like many others, moving from the experience of running my first Orb to collecting the “library.” Anyone who does this begins to notice that many of these game-spaces resemble each other. There is a basic map layout which is filled with a lot of the same items, scenery and so forth.

However, as each Orb is designed to address a different dilemma, we find some tweaking of the common design in our sundry runs.

One such variation really stuck out for me.

As I entered the chamber where my plush and cotton-stuffed friend would normally be waiting, I found in his place a rippling pillar of FIRE.

This Flame offered the same hug…and I knew both IT and our Teddy Bear Friend were one and the same.


The name “Bardo Bear” came to me from the get-go. It was how he introduced himself to me. There is “secret” back-story which belongs with E.J. Gold, the gamemaster who spearheaded this series of moving meditations. We will find that Teddy’s name, in the Orbs, is actually “Gladly, the Cross-Eyed Bear” and the origins of his inclusion in the idiosyncratic symbol set encountered in these virtual spaces lies with the designer. Regardless, the image of the cuddly companion who has shared a pillow with thousands of sleeping boys and girls hearkens from the realm of archetypes as much as it makes reference to an object familiar from prevalence in modern culture. B-Bear carries as much weight and meaning as suns and serpents, matrons and mountains.

Teddy is a type of totem, an animal form partaking of anthropomorphic associations. This is very much like the shape-shifting shaman who invokes any number of animal forms to enhance personal power and ability. Our bear also appears in child-guise, embodying uncorrupted innocence and play. It should be no surprise, then, that we find in this form an image of warmth, love, protection and power.

These qualities all connect to their primordial origin which is the Super-Sanity of Spirit.


One of the oldest symbols for the Divine Presence is FIRE. We can find many examples throughout human and religious history-and the symbol persists to this day. From this Ultimate Source of Life & Light radiates the Wisdom wherein we might know our True Nature as temporarily incarnate in flesh and yet abiding in Spirit. This awareness obliterates so many human reactive tendencies based on fear, itself rising rising from ignorance of the unknown coupled with self-preservation instincts hardwired into the temporal body-mind. When Gnosis floods consciousness, fear is dispelled as the True Nature of both Body and Spirit is known, opening the gates to a very childlike approach to the situation of incarnate life. By childlike, we don’t mean naive or inexperienced. Rather, there is the ability to sidestep all the encrustations of a so-called “adult world” in which the majority of human beings operate through systems built from ignorance of Spiritual Reality and default to mechanisms fed from fear.

Yes, Teddy Bears are for Children. But “Unless ye become as little children, ye shall not see the Kingdom of God.”

Of course, they crucified the guy who said that. After all, he was a huge threat to the established way of doing things. Plenty of people would be put out of business if his message ever caught on. And that prospect was certainly reacted against with FEAR.

There is actually a Fear of Fearlessness.

Two thousand years of “Christianity” doesn’t really count as a failed track run for the Way of the Living Christ when that name-swiping religion, with all its socio-political maneuvers and saturation in psychological illness, has essentially hijacked the message, distorting (or flat out ignoring) it through a myriad of convoluted and warring theologies driven by the very tendencies the Man from Nazareth attempted to show a way through.


Thus we have in Bardo Bear a type of revolutionary figure. But there is no organized agenda here. The peaceful power delivered through this fuzzy form is acceptable when kept quaint and quiet, immobile on bedcovers and relegated to an age which will, as a matter of course, be compelled to shove its eternal energies into a photo album of onesie-wearing days gone by.

I began actively working our Buddy through a series of artified coin-flips in which his smiling and playful persona was portrayed around any given US Lincoln cent. But soon, he wanted new ways to manifest, new outfits and roles to play. I drew and painted him as both Guru and Chela, a gun-toting bandito and a fighter from the future wearing Evil Eddie’s get-up from Iron Maiden’s “Caught Somewhere In Time.”


Bardo Bear was becoming more than a theme for me. He was becoming a transmitter, the means through which a particular Bodhisattva was wishing to manifest into Spacetime.

With this Influx from the “Beyond Within,” Space Hoodoo HQ has begun the work of establishing the Teddy Temple, a B-Bear Power Zone operating with its own unique “Phuzzy Physics” to empower a variety of Objects intended to carry and extend the influence of this Bodhisattva into Spacetime. This Work utilizes a type of Living Flowchart upon which its Temple Equipment is arranged and this will be further described in a later post.

The basic gist is that an Intelligent Energy Matrix (resembling a Cosmic Fire) infuses a crystaline structure within the Body of our Central Bear. From this Contact Point, replicating lines of force are directed by means of an Invocatory Process into a series of coin flips which are just as important as the coins they carry. The two go hand in hand to make the machine functional and active BUT the art is more than just a color we’ve chosen to paint the car. The specific design and its elements provide an “anatomy” for the radionic coin to operate in the owner’s sphere of experience. It is very similar to manner in which Voudon Veves work. There is a big difference between printing out “Erzulie’s Symbol” from any number of websites and actually working with-and through-that structure-or map-as a magical mirror into the Vuduverse where authentic communion may occur.

If this sounds like some half-baked psuedo-science, that’s fine. What we are really talking about is a ritual operation wherein raw energies are linked to intelligent form, the result being a type of thumb-drive to get a particular program onto the computer of your consciousness. It’s safe, virus free and will result in the opening of other files and programs you may not have even known were available on your machine.

On the simplest level, we are creating the new series of fun-flips from all previous experiments in coinological art and magic as a series of charms which are intended to be extremely affordable, highly effective and available to ALL. From serious situations to stuffing a stocking, B-Bear is preparing to launch his Legion of Love.

In conjunction with this Temple, we will be creating and releasing the BARDO BEAR ADVENTURE TAROT, Consecrated Coins and the first issue of Bardo Bear Comix as well as fully painted canvases, prints and further written material. This all goes “live” ere the Sun slips out of Scorpio. Come Centaur-Time, B-Bear Items and a variety of other projects will be available via the revamped Spacebuddhaa Website. For now, any inquiries may be directed to




“Dear Lucy, You don’t need to worry about going to Hell. You’re actually already THERE. Love, Clive.”

In his wonderful little novel, The Great Divorce, C.S. Lewis described a very different vision of Heaven than that glibly gobbled up by most. Instead of a wispy wonderland where ethereal beings drift in and out of some floating field of clouds lit with laser light show, new arrivals find themselves confronted with such solidity of Spiritscape as to be dangerous, if not lethal, to their fragile forms, ghostlike in comparison to the ultra-reality of the Higher Realms.

There is a tree hung with marvelous fruits of gold. One newcomer, with an eye for opportunity, decides to get some of these items imported to the Hell Zone where they’d certainly fetch a nice price. Problem is: he can lift nary a one from the ground. They may as well have been cast in iron and held fast by the most powerful supermagnet in the universe.

Too real for those hands, made of misty Maya, to clutch.

The narrator of the tale, a certain fellow with a fondness for furs and fauns, can’t even cross a small stream in this new territory. The waters catch and carry his airy body as if it were a dry and wind-tossed leaf being knocked down a conveyor belt.

Unlike many mainline Christian views on the matter, Lewis’ treatment of Damnation is not one in which adherence to correct dogma determines one’s eternal state of affairs. Regardless of belief or perspective, no one hanging about in Hell is forced stay a moment longer than they choose.

In fact, there is actually a magic bus making daily rounds from the Center of Hell to the Pearly Gates. You just need to get on and take a trip.

magic bus

“Fare is FREE…and they actually pay YOU if you ride on the TOP!”

This open door policy, however, isn’t quite as simple as it initially appears. One might be inclined to think Hell’s shopping strips would have closed up long ago if the customers didn’t have to stick around.

The thing is:


Here we find incredible insight from Lewis in this book. In fact, I think he’s a bit in league with the Tibetans who regard all impressions rising up in the Bardo States between lives as projections of the mind.

We don’t all drum up Dante when making this trek. Lucifer lunching on Judas is more likely to appear as a billboard pushing McDonald’s latest dollar menu.

Now, I believe the traditional theories on Hell hold if we can regard them away from the Thou Shalt Knots.

In essence, the human being is born into a shitstorm.

Prior to popping the mucous plug between Mommy’s belly-pod and that sad farewell to your Pal Placenta, you’ve been infected with this disease called ORIGINAL SIN, the nature of which Phil Dick described, in a private correspondence, as “Being Fucked Up.” Potential at first and typically well-realized in the twinkling of an eye.

An entropy timer on the upper right hand of your computer monitor begins to run and you’ve got just a few short years to beat the disease before you wind up at a certain bus stop.

Sounds about right to me.


Game Loading…

This death run is BIG BUSINESS. When the economy takes a nosedive, there are certain stores which will never need to scrawl a sad sayonara with sharpie on cardboard to hang in the window. Gas stations, grocery stores and “gentlemen’s clubs” will just adjust their prices and the same crowd keeps rolling in.

The necessities of life, right? Forget the bric-a-brac. Target what someone cannot live without and sort the plan to ensure they get it from YOU.

Theologies break out on the planet like an insect-swarm. Half of the time you don’t even get the option of purchasing a can of Raid. Your parental custodian units are more than happy to see their little bundle of joy fed upon by their preferred parasite of choice. They’ll likely even earn rewards for future purchases.

Ever ask someone what their religious views are and they tell you how they were RAISED?

The program is still functional, held onto in the attic of the mind, “just in case.”


Wiring Schematic of Religious Indoctrination 

The situation (so swiftly siphoned by those in the know) is rooted in the flowering of consciousness and its tendency toward self-awareness. If you don’t transplant that weed-and fast-we could be looking at a full blown existential crisis leading to strange political views, private mysticism and other assorted perspective points which threaten tight and highly protected levels of societal control. You could be seriously cutting into someone else’s profit margin if your NEW DISEASE starts to spread in the pig pen. The lunch meat in waiting may just decide that farm life doesn’t suit them anymore.

Most pen-pigs, however, are well bred to stick with the Devil They Know. Some rabble-rouser could tear up the fence and, like dutiful doggies, any inadvertent wander-fest will find them wagging their little tails all the way home, even as Charleton Heston is screaming from the wayside: “Soylent Green…is PUPPIES!”


“That’s fucked UP, Man…” 

Case in point:

Little Lucy pushed through petticoats and saw Satan sauntering about with her Father’s face. Demon Daddy, unhappy with the report card, showed her the way to a lifelong career in conformity, the perimeter of which defined an extraterrestrial exoskeleton wherein her heavy heaving heart would be washed down with a glass of chianti, bottled on her birthday.

A small group of Junior Bodhisattvas calling themselves the “Shunyata Supersquad” happened to be on Christmas Break from H.U. (that’s “Heaven’s University”-no connection with Eckankar) and took her on as a personal case. They were in like Flynn and busted through the beastly bones in a 93 second long display of killer CGI effects with KMFDM’s “ANARCHY” as backing track. The editing room cut this straight into a heartwarming dialogue wherein Lucy was spoken to of her Father & Mother Who Art In Heaven. The camera lingered on the back of the bus as it lifted off the ground, sailed off to the Empyrean and snowflakes shimmered into a fabulous foreground fade-out.


College Kids bored on Holiday

Lucy was back with her bags that night.

After all, it was Christmas Eve and she needed to tell Daddy about her promotion at work. He wasn’t too pleased with how her life had turned out and he certainly wouldn’t have been impressed if she missed hot ham and tedious tabletalk to gaze at a bunch of golden apples.

Meanwhile, the Parasite from Pluto had rebuilt itself and was stuffed into a stocking, camouflaged as an innocuous item meant to provide pleasure while downloading critical updates to the Guilt File on Lucy’s Heartdrive.

It all looked like another dull round, as Blake would say. And it was. Lovecraftian Horrors continued their pernicious partnership with E.T. parasites who bred in the brain just as flies leave their squirming young in flesh gone gray. All to the tune of Bing Bloody Crosby.


“I’m dreaming of a White Witch…”

The Good News (read: “Gospel” if you like Jesus, “Glad Word” if you like Horus) is that the bus always runs on time-and the Supersquad isn’t slacking with their studies this semester. All 5 of them are maintaining straight A’s in “Skillful Means Level Two” (albeit with a few bamboo stripes that will probably leave scars).

At the campus commons, they’re planning their Spring Break (and Lucy’s Break OUT).

In truth, they ARE Lucy and they aren’t going to rest until the beatles are broken and she’s back in the sky, dancing to the Diamond Sutra.



Encounter with a Friendly Guide in the Bardos

I was recently asked about the Nature of “Spiritual Gaming.” It’s a term used frequently by those on the Prosperity Path spearheaded by Game Master, E.J. Gold. In such context, we often think in terms of video games-and specifically the unique series of games created by Gold and Co. which are meant to serve as virtual meditations.

Mr. Gold has, in fact, written a book on this subject and it’s content has a heavy focus on the video gaming environment as a spiritual arena. However, prior to the development of this technology, the regard for gaming as something more than amusement stretches back through history, from culture to culture. The underlying principles remain the same (even as these are developed and pushed by the Game Mages of the Modern Era).

The term itself is very simple-but one which is difficult to give comprehensive description to. Is Checkers a “Spiritual Game?” Well, it COULD BE! Or it could be a time-killer, a way to whittle away at the boredom of a somnambulistic life winding its way toward the grave.


Highly Advanced Souls With Shamanic Spirit-Board 

What’s the difference?

Well, Spiritual Gaming is the infusion of a Spiritual Approach to a given game environment.

When we think of the word “Meditation” we might imagine a room packed with cross-legged folks sitting all nice and placid on their special butt-cushions (which, in my experience, never seem to help much…the biggest distraction in my own meditations, as such, is the constantly intruding thought that my ass is numb, I can’t feel my left foot and this lack of decent circulation cannot possibly be healthy).


Having lost all sensation in his posterior, Frank was unable to stop meditating and stand up. He died unenlightened.

But Meditation in the traditional sense blends into what Chogyam Trungpa calls Post-Meditation. This is where the butt-cushion is swapped for the seat of your car and silence of the Sanctum gives way to a near sideswipe on the Interstate.

What happens is that the awareness worked with in the sitting practice spontaneously bubbles up to take on the new situation. Your heart starts pounding, your mind immediately thinks “You Bastard! Learn how to DRIVE!” And then you find yourself surprised to suddenly be identifying your habitual reaction as an experience of the same raw and tumbling “thought-stuff” which would drift in and out of the Temple as you gently let it go and returned to a calm focus on breath.

In this sense, the potential accident is no different from the grocery list which popped into your head while you were being a good little Buddha sitting Zazen. It is also a form of meditation. It’s what meditation DOES in your daily life-and what it brings as a transformative element to society and the world at large. Meditators tend to become Beacons.

Now, imagine your typical game. Whether it’s Volleyball on the sand or Go-Fish at the kitchen table with your preschooler, every game is designed to set up a type of conundrum, an ongoing series of problems which need to be addressed. There is competition, even if it’s YOU being pittted against the Game Itself (such as when I’ve played Sudoku or Scrabble against the computer). Were it not so, we’d be bored out of our minds. Imagine a game of Pac-Man, for example, where all you do is eat an energizer pellet, chomp a ghost and complete the level.

Who would want to play THAT?


“Eat, Mate & Die”-The most boring video game ever created.

No, it’s the desire to enter a problem area and work through it which gives rise to every game. We actively seek out and enter certain fields of STRESS so that we may contend with it, stretch it into something else. There is the immediate joy of winning a game for the first time. And this may grow into a deep appreciation of the total experience even when we “lose.” Many times, during certain card games, my getting trounced has been responded to with laughter and admiration for my opponent’s luck and skill.

Play Pokemon with a child and you’ll get this. Kids shuffling up and laying down their “Pocket Monsters” are NOT running through another round of Candy Land. You can clearly see that little mind, having learned from the last game, coming back with new cards, new strategies and the most attentive level of interest. If gaming is analogous to the Art of War, I’d just as soon consult with a committee of 2nd Graders on how to decimate the invading army.

The thing about gaming is that it is an environment into which we CHOOSE to Enter & Exit. If it’s a worthwhile game, we will find ourselves as “frequent flyers” toward that destination, like the person who spends a lifetime leveling up in Chess or GO.

Gamespace begins to really change as we experience it from an unfolding mystical vantage point. This is a theme I really tried to give expression to in the forthcoming book: ORBIT-An Introduction to the Principles & Practice of Quantum Gaming on the Prosperity Path.

A statement we hear repeated in connection with the Prosperity Path Games (called “Orbs) is:

The image of the object is the thing itself.

As simply as that sounds, it is one of the most valuable keys the Spiritual Gamer will find. In fact, it takes us all the way back to lines etched into cave walls, a primitive projection from an uncertain scenario into the universe of the successful hunt.


“Sorry, Running Creatures. A Man’s gotta eat…and you’re no match for my MAGIC!”  

What happens in a Prosperity Video Game is very much akin to Hoodoo. One can ask how grabbing a healing object in virtual space can effect one’s stomach ulcers just as one may inquire into how pounding four nails into the corners of your living room can keep your landlord from evicting you.

Most needful in such workings is the “Magical Link,” the hook-up between dimensions. E.J. Gold made the critical statement that what is happening in his Orbs-or Second Life Virtual Ashram-is REAL. It is REALLY HAPPENING just YOU are REALLY HAPPENING. If it’s all a limited and transient phenomena…well, so are YOU and so am I.

There is a natural tendency to jump into neatly categorized ideas of what is REAL or UNREAL based on Difference and Preference.

For example, my Avatar, in a video-gaming environment, cannot do certain things I can. Defaulting to the habitual notion that my grossly limited human experience is adequate to assess whatever Reality is, I may prefer its scope (or lack) of options as a baseline guide to what is substantial and “real.” A point of view threatening the certainty of the familiar can then be safely contained and controlled within its perimeter (even if that point of view is the very thing which may liberate us from the dull round of life, suffering and death).

The fact that humans think of themselves as top of the food chain makes harvesting them so much easier. And, trust, there is a large marketplace, both physical and spiritual, for the human hot dog.

hot dog

Typical North American Funeral Ceremony with Open Casket

What is happening in the Gamespace is real. But its reality is within the context of its own unique universe. Our two “worlds” often connect in the same way that we read about events happening in a foreign country we have never visited. It is absolutely within the realm of possibility to enter into a dynamic interchange with the events of said country but this requires the establishment of certain linkage points.

Same with the Gamespace and our current level of human experience in Spacetime. It’s a simple matter of understanding the Laws underpinning both worlds and targeting the places where those Laws can communicate and work together.

I don’t need to run off on a Prosperity Path kick or drift into occult teachings here. It’s well documented that things like prayer, laughter and, yes, video games have had remarkable healing effect on the sick.

Arthur Clarke was right when he observed that the magic of the past becomes the science of the future. And what we are speaking of with regards to Spiritual Gaming is a type of physics.

Returning to our opening words, it remains tricky to peg this with a concise definition. This is because there is a myriad of operations to be performed in regard to the laws of physics-just as there are such diverse “goals,” if you will, in activity on any Spiritual Path.

Just as we meditate, we also work with Mantras. One simple statement of intent is the dedication of our actions to the benefit of all beings everywhere. Get that in your solar plexus and then play some Pokemon. Each card is connected to an energy pattern with its field of possibilities. Whether you or your opponent win, there is 30 minutes of action on the board. The game itself is a spontaneous dance, a studio jam, an evocation of those powers we call Bodhisattvas. If you’re going down, learn the Buzz Lightyear and “Fall With Style.” Your bounce off the ball might just be what is most needed.

There isn’t one cut and dry result, either. So much can happen within one turn of the game. You and your opponent learning different lessons, empowering and blessing each other, transferring Gameplay into Lifeplay wherein your Bulbasaur’s evolution into Ivysaur functions in the same manner your post-meditative posterior does in relation to that near miss on the overpass. Watch Ivysaur, linked via Hoodoo to your own state of awareness, evolve into Venusaur as you take a new stance in a typical situation, letting go of habit to allow something wholly new and good to enter in.

We’re not in Pallet Town anymore, Ash. But our Electric Mouse is a much better companion than that yapping dog chasing after the girl in a blue dress.


Bodhisattva in Training with Spirit Guide & Companion


double wand

Wand of Double Power

The HOODOO PILOT BARDO TAROT is now being offered for purchase.

This deck is comprised of 78 Cards, each measuring 1 3/4″ by 4″.

To produce this deck, we do much more than simply send some scans off to a printer. We literally need to take the original art on a BOAT and then travel by foot on a Pilgrimage. We eventually arrive at the Art Store where our friend, Nathan, assists in reproducing the Tarot Sheets, tweaking the color and getting them just right. These sheets are then brought back to SpaceHoodoo Outpost True North where each sheet is hand-cut into 8 cards. As the backs of these cards are blank, we hand sign and sigilize each one in gold metallic ink.

The deck is then packaged with its booklet. This is more than your average U.S. Games guide to what the Two of Cups means according to Mr. Waite. The HP BARDO TAROT is a very idiosyncratic interpretation of the Supersystem underpinning the Tarot as a Path. Thus every card has been renamed and should be “read” as a unique engagement within the Mandala of Universal Laws from which Tarot, as an inspired expression, has risen.



This particular set of images, as the title suggests, deals with the Bardos-or “In Between States,” articulated to the Western Mind by the arrival-and popularity-of Tibetan Buddhism and its now well-known “Book of the Dead.”

The “Tibetan Book of the Dead” is a misleading title and is more accurately translated as THE BOOK OF LIBERATION THROUGH UNDERSTANDING IN THE BARDOS.

These “In Between States” are much more than Process Zones experienced after bodily death. The Tibetans knew this well and identified a Bardo between Life and Death, the space in which you now read these words.

You won’t necessarily be alerted to your Bardo Passage by the presence of bronze-cast Buddhas spied through smokey incense or 3-eyed Mahakala spewing flames in your general direction. The Mild & Wrathful Deities (which are projections of our own mind content) are met in traffic, at the grocery store, in the office.

In fact, chances are that most people wouldn’t be able to discern whether they’re “alive” or “dead.”

There are a lot of Super Wal-Marts in the Realm of Hungry Ghosts-and plenty of internet hotspots in Hell.

Karma Burn

Karma Burn

Therefore the Bardos are a continuous area of concern and self remembering. You don’t need to wait until your heart attack before waking up, looking about and coming back into the Now where all the “shocking ambushes” are ready to be transformed into Vehicles of Liberation.

The HOODOO PILOT BARDO TAROT offers a series of symbols intended to intuitively target the potential pregnant in any given chamber of the In Between States.

Each deck and chapbook (which will be handwritten not typed) is offered at $50 USD + post. You can contact us via Facebook or at for purchase-and we’ll send one of these pocket galleries, along with its commentary, your way.



-Space Hoodoo

In through the Out Door


This blog is in response to a recent discussion on the Facebook Prosperity Path Forum regarding the Astral Trainer Orb.

My friend, Joel Love, had a question concerning the Opening of a Mysterious Door, the location of which seemed to be elusive.

Let’s look at this:

Runners of this truly beautiful and highly effective Orb will encounter an Altar in the Invocation Chamber, prior to the actual “Training Session.”  If approached and touched, a message is given indicating that “A Door Has Opened Elsewhere.”

Of course, there is, as with every Orb, an “Exit Point” where the Runner will be redirected to the website. This mode of ending a Run is both important and powerful as it links the Run to the Collective Powerhouse of Prosperity Path as a whole. It’s an amazing “Kicker!”

There ARE, however, OTHER ways to exit the Orb and this is not limited to simply hitting your Escape Button.

Many of the Orbs have a start point, a “Landing Pad,” if you will, which is designated as the “Spiral.”

We want to address this here.

The “Spiral” may be regarded a type of Birth Canal.

When entering the point before reincarnation, the copulating couple serving the purpose will not be viewed from the Bardos as some bad homemade sex tape. What is experienced is the color, vibration and magnetic pull of the Womb Gate opening. There may be seen a swirling. This is one manifestation of the “Spiral” as we reenter Organic Life-and this is the one we wish to focus on here.

When an Orb has been successfully run, you may trace your path BACKWARDS, like Theseus winding Ariadne’s Thread, and return to the Spiral. At this juncture, you might wish to allow your Avatar to pause as you attend to action in your Prime Dimensional Reality, readying yourself for the Influx of the Run. This may include working with an Altar Space in your Home, Offering Prayer, a Deep Statement of Intent, Surrender, Chanting and so forth. One may also choose to select certain inventory items for dropping at the Spiral. Burn some virtual Chenrezig Tibetan Incense as offering to the Buddha Nature, give Blessings to All Beings in the Einsteinian Universe and then HEAD OUT (unless you’re breech-then await C-section).

After performing these and/or any other actions you find appropriate and effective, you utilize the escape key to exit the Orb from the Spiral, allowing your Avatar, who is now bristling with all HUD scores, to be “born again” into your Being.

E.J. Gold recently spoke of the Heart as a Yoni. It is through THIS Womb Gate that we wish our Avatar to find its Entry Point into our PDR.

It was once suggested that I never be allowed to Beta-test any of the Orbs in development as I tend to interpret everything, even glitches, as significant messages and indicators. Never the less, we DO continue to find curious aspects of our many Runs-and these evoke the sort of inquiry Joel raised.

My thought on this is manifold.

Sometimes it takes a while to figure out things in Orb Space-and what seems like a problem is actually a situation with which you are to grapple (no pun intended). A classic example is that of a newbie trying to figure out how to use a “Number 5 Spell.”

If one is really hung up on a “problem” with one of the Orbs, there IS the forum wherein to start up a dialogue and ask questions. And yes, there HAVE BEEN glitches found and corrected from time to time.

Never the less, what we call “Cosmic Coincidence Control” (or CCC) will often be at the ready to make USE of whatever situation is to hand. Be open to this. The rationalizing Beta Brain wants neat and tidy solutions to all problems. The deeper intuitive states can turn problems into opportunities.

With Joel’s question, we discovered a likelihood that the Altar’s “Door Opening Function” was a carryover from a different Orb which made use of the sameitem. However, by considering this function in context of Astral Trainer, we have been able to look at a unique way of actively using the “Spiral Space” as more than just part of the furniture.

As the band Tool admonishes us on our Starry Flight:

“Spiral OUT!

Keep GOING!”


-Hoodoo Pilot



Of the 6 Buddhist Realms, the one I find most insidious is that of the Asuras or Jealous Gods. I’ve done plenty of time in Hell. It can be a real nightmare trip-and it can last a LONG time. The Hungry Ghost World? Everyone slips in and out of that, especially when living in urban society. It offers temporary escape from pain with a stiff drink, a new toy or media diversion. As long as we are operating within our biological machines, we deal with the continuous presence of our animal nature, now back of our baseline human habits. The Bodhisattva Realm is when we are at our best. But the Asura Realm is where the most subtle and sly traps have been laid.

Chogyam Trungpa describes this world as running on perpetual intrigue and one-upmanship. Back stabbing ambition is the name of the game here. It would seem to be pretty obvious that such things are not conjunct with a spiritual life but here’s the clincher: in the Asura Realm, these tendencies are mixed into a partial enlightenment, hiding very deeply within the individual’s present level of experience and understanding. Compassion itself can blend with deceit. In this Realm, the enlightenment one brings may even become as deceiving as it is liberating.

When one enters into a Gnostic Space, consciousness is exposed to a larger experience. This may be so new to the mind (regardless of its level of development) that it seems as if the mountaintop has been reached. For example one may have performed a series of exercises which result in breaking through an aspect of linear consciousness or going beyond the normal bounds of previous emotional compartmentalization. Vision opens and one begins to acquire new knowledge of formally hidden realms. This can give rise to a feeling of superiority over the “herd.” If one is involved in certain occult schools with demarcations of grade attainment, one may feel as if they are located at a particular place on the “map.” Others are below, others above and there remains ambition to get to the highest and best state of Being, Non-Being or Whatever. The reference point of others involved in the same pursuits (or NOT) is actually very important to the person in this realm-because the others help define them.


Hence there MUST be Masters and there must be those below. The Asura may even feel they have BECOME a Master and still they require all of those below to define their Mastery. They require the system with its language, concepts and reference points. The Asura becomes very clever and if it is suggested that they are behaving in the way described here, they will simply adjust their approach so as to keep the ambition and intrigue going.

This world looks like a grand mystic temple which is filled with amazing booby traps and oubliettes.


I know-because I’ve BEEN ONE and have spent a lot time there. In my quest for the Highest, I’ve wandered from one Mystery School to another, discovering the promotional papers (“Get Your Philosopher’s Stone HERE!”) whitewash the all too human tendencies which underpin the group. Well, what did we expect? All these Schools are human collectives! Isn’t it ironic that the Golden Dawn’s motto was “To Become More Than Human”-and yet they split up into discord and schism because of human issues?


Furthermore, this Realm begins to assimilate all the others. Attainment may bestow Status which is a COMMODITY. “The Great Zarton, Master of the Mystic Arts” carries clout which replaces the day job with seminars, book sales and blow jobs…

Of course, we all keep getting magnetized back into Hell. Even the “Great Zarton” will experience some sorrow and hurt. His wife miscarries. His Grandma dies. Or maybe it’s just his pet turtle, Terry. He may simply have his pride wounded. All of this will be interpreted by the Asura Mind as his “Great Trials,” his “Terrible Struggle.” Anything to keep the game going.

And it’s a disgusting game disguised as a fashion show.

Trust, I’ve walked the runway.

In the end, the powers acquired and insights gained will simply be seen as analogous to the developmental state of a frog…as compared to a rock.

Overhead the Eagle soars.

So, what got me out of the game?

I’m not saying I’m out. No one can be involved with the modern occult community and not meet these energies-or get sucked into them. In fact, it’s not just the “occult.” It’s ANY spiritual pursuit and the people involved.

However, the more I get to know people (beyond mutual interests as a baseline for being labeled “Frater” or “Soror”), the more I see that the most intelligent, artful, knowledgeable and representative people carry wounds. The more we make “progress” into realms of illumination, the more such wounds may seem shameful.

“Surely a GREAT TEACHER would not go home to nurse a neurotic wound!”

We like our vision of how things should be to conform to neat and tidy standards.

It’s easier to get out of Hell (which is not to say it’s easy at all). But the pain of Hell motivates one to at least climb into the Ghost World and self-medicate (or poison). It’s easier to escape the Human World because consciousness is growing and becoming more aware. We are suddenly like a dog, tipping its head and raising an ear, wondering if there might be something MORE. But the Asura Realm masquerades as the Bodhisattva Realm. It purports to hold ALL Enlightenment.

I know of ONE person who seems to naturally resist this realm. The positions bestowed to this individual can be stripped away and yet she continues on without need of the accolades. Put her in the dungeon and she just walks through the wall. Set her on a cushion and she is gone with the breeze.


This, too, is a Teaching, requiring no words.

The best remedy for this I have come across is Group Work in the Prosperity Virtual Ashram. More than the Orbs, more than Avatarial Action, to be working as a Group in the PVA dissolves all Asura Radiations.

Gnosticman’s Poet’s Café is one of the most powerful examples of this. This is SO much more than several people utilizing Second Life to share and read poetry at a distance. It becomes a magical ceremony which has no need to conform to any stage-plan. It works-and works so strikingly-because it is 100% open to every level of Being. In fact, it DEPENDS ON THIS!

During the Round-Robins, persona is given over to the Mega-Persona of the Poetic Genius. Lines contributed are as the creation and dissolution of a sacred sand painting. There is a moment when all the tiny colored grains scatter and something infinitely more beautiful is revealed beneath.


I have noticed in the PVA that our Avatars naturally resist Asura Radiation. “We” may succumb but the Avatar does not. I believe this is because the Avatar is a BiT (Bodhisattva in Training). Were we to regard the Avatar as a “full-fledged” Bodhisattva, we would become marks in the Asura Realm. The Training element puts us back in place, right where we belong.

Where is this?


As E.J. Gold would say (and has said) we are LOST. We are lost in such a way that we are not trying to get un-lost. Being lost is not a problem, it’s a place-and this place is where the BiT may freely flow.

The BiT cannot self-identify as such. The very nature of the BiT is Bodhicitta. Bodhicitta is indestructible and will not take human form. It operates THROUGH human form and, more importantly, through human SITUATIONS. It neither comes nor goes. That’s OUR job. Leaves tumbling in an autumn wind, learning to do the Buzz Lightyear and Fall with Finesse.

With gratitude to Gnosticman, Spacebuddhaa and Auntie Matter,