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The Skull Beneath The Skin


Following hot on the heels of a recent Facebook post, where I shared a brief article on “Hobo Skull Coins,” I was astounded to be gifted with with one these items, custom made by Quarter Master, no less!

What’s a “Hobo Skull Coin?”

And Who is “Quarter Master?”

All shall be revealed momentarily.

For the moment, I’d like to look at the Theme Itself.

The Skull remains one of the most omnipresent and ubiquitous image-symbols we encounter in human artistry. It grabs us and just won’t let go. From the Horrific to the Beautiful, the Whimsical to the Sublime, we all recognize and relate to Boneface.

If asked what the Skull is expressing in any context, most folks will be quick to say “Death.” Interestingly, it’s our old friends, the Freemasons, who saw in the Skull something more than Mortality.

Yes, it’s true that the Skull is first encountered in Masonic Symbolism as a reminder of our frail and fleeting lives, a means to take measure of the same, looking toward what we might contribute to the Grand Human Experiment ere it’s over.

The Skull, however, has also been regarded as a Symbol of Immortality, “That Which Remains,” even after the flesh has faded. It thus takes it place with another Masonic Symbol of Primary Importance, the Acacia, retaining its green vitality even in the “Death” of Winter.


George Washington, Himself, would appreciate Quarter Master’s manipulation of his visage as America’s first President well understood these Mysteries. The Skull was sometimes called the “Bone Box” among Freemasons. In its mouth was held a Key, never accessed by the Profane but always ready to open the Doors of the Gnosis for those who might enter it with Wisdom and Humility. The Skull, we can now see, expresses Death in Life and Life in Death.

Masonry, at the start, espouses a Teaching on How To Live.

A Brother of the Craft once remarked to me that it was also espousing a Teaching on How To Die.

Now, the Hobo Coin…

I was recently made aware of this collectible coinage via this link:

Quarter Master wasted no time making me one. I was beyond delighted to receive this gift. It is already a beacon for the Life and Death Complex-but alongside this, it radiates the kindness and love of a friend who crafted an artwork with the intention of making another happy.

THIS is the Masonic Ideal and the Awareness which rises when one is stationed between the Black and White Pillars.

Quarter Master may be found via her Facebook site and she takes custom orders for her unique brand of coin-based jewelry. Prices are beyond reasonable and we recommend her work highly.

As my Numisgnostic bloggery continues, we will look more closely into why Copper is, metaphysically, a significant metal in this Work. For those who may be unaware of the fact, our modern era Quarters are almost wholly made of…Copper. Yes, we call them “Silver” but they are, alchemically speaking, in the same “Family” as the Little Lincolns.

We’ve already begun binding Quarter Punches to Lincoln Cents in our Talismanic Flips.

If one is interested in a hand-crafted Quarter Master Ring, please contact her via this Facebook link:

Yes, these items make wonderful gifts and are a unique and fun item to wear. For those who will be working through exercises on the Numisgnostic Path, these rings will also serve as magical objects of resonant power, ready-made to connect into the Corrosion Cathedral (which is to say, your Numisgnostic Altarspace).

The Skull Beneath The Skin is your End…and Beginning. Both are Present NOW if you’ll but feel your Face and enter your Space.

In Numisgnosis,

Hoodoo Pilot


THE PORTAL PENNY: Corrosion Corp Mission One


Numisgnosis is a Path and, as such, one must discover an Access Point whereby to begin. On this particular journey, we will describe a very simple means to locating and entering the Gateway.

The First Task:

Find a Penny.

This is the Price of Entry. It’s the First Task. But-as common an object as the ubiquitous penny might seem-it must be found in a certain way. Perhaps we ought say:

It must find YOU.

There is an old and oft-quoted adage in occult circles which states “When the student is ready, the master appears.” Ere the unveiling of the “master,” all a student can do is get ready, preparing themselves for the encounter. The master may have walked past them on the street a hundred times but they remain ignorant of this. Thus we find, in Masonic Ritual, for example, the emphasis on being “Duly and Truly Prepared” for what is to come. If consciousness is not aware, receptive and adaptable, what the master has to offer will follow after the proverb of “pearls before swine.”

Of course, it is part of the master’s job to help the student increase those qualities listed above. Ergo, our preparedness is not looking toward some ultimate level of attainment but rather a workable state of being whereby good seed may fall into fertile soil.

In this opening phase of Numisgnostic Initiation, we might envision the “master” as described by Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche who, when questioned as to who he regarded as true and living master, replied:

“Situations are my Guru.”

We might thereby imagine the Master with a Million Faces in a Billion Places. The goal is to first begin seeing these Faces, growing into initiatory interaction and ultimately knowing ourselves as one with that we have sought after.

But we are getting ahead of ourselves here. The first thing to do is to locate the Gate into the World, which is to say THE PROCESS, where these-and other-realizations and power-ups may be discovered. The realizations are themselves Initiations and might be viewed along the lines of successive stages of Illumination as detailed in certain Buddhist Schools. Each stage of Illumination has a corresponding Siddhi (or Magical Power). Often, the Siddhi is sought after with little regard for the Illumination to which it corresponds. In my own experience, it is the Illumination which produces power as an effect. One is suddenly aware of new ability but all preconceptions as to how this might look (or be applied) are transformed by the change in consciousness. The manifestation of any Siddhi almost becomes an afterthought.

Both Illumination and the Manifestation of Siddhis WILL result from the practice of Numisgnosis.

Step One:

Find a Penny.

Upon determining to complete this Task, you should KNOW that there is a PARTICULAR PENNY in your geographic locale which is already YOURS. This is NOT to be found in your pocket change or by purchasing a roll of 50 copper coins in a neatly packaged roll from the bank. Your Penny is “Out There” and will appear, according to your attentiveness and intuition, as an object in your physical environment. It shouldn’t take long to locate. You need simply to relax and bear in mind that this coin is seeking YOU even as you are seeking IT. It may appear in a parking lot, a restroom, an aisle at the grocery store. But it WILL appear. And when it does, it marks the MOMENT in which you take the first substantial step into the Numisgnostic World.

This particular coin is what we will call the PORTAL PENNY. As soon as you see it, you will have established contact with another realm. By picking it up and coming into physical contact with it, you step on through the Gate.

As indicated previously, we aren’t looking for a Numismatic “find” but a Numisgnostic Connection. Your Penny may not be worth a farthing to any other Soul on the planet but to YOU it will be invaluable. This small bit of metal contains an infinitude of information as well as the energy signatures attendant thereunto. The moment when you meet each other is a powerful and dynamic Alchemical phase, the Opening of The Operation. The coin’s content is condensed in that moment. All the energy signatures become vivified along the lines of a horoscope, delineating detailed experience into categorical abstractions which represent powerhouses available for new direction. You see, the coin lacks volition and needs you to provide it. YOU have this volition on a deep (and-for most people-subconscious) level. The coin’s karmic code prods and stimulates this volition by resonating with the energy signatures within your Being.

In essence, the finding of your Portal Penny is a Magical Meeting wherein a Partnership is formed.

Now, many people will spot a wayward coin each day and their lives will go on, “business as usual.” What makes YOUR find different is the inward opening to the Event. Before walking off into the World, you, at the very least, entertain the notion of the Portal Penny to such a degree that its discovery will serve as a field for the implementation of the above-described process.

Otherwise, you’ll just be another flash in the pan spotting a flash in the parking lot.

Although I’ve worked with Numisgnosis for some time, I decided to re-implement this Initial Task for myself in conjunction with writing this text. It just so happened that I was in the company of an individual whose name happens to be Penny. While accompanying her to an Optometry appointment, I spotted my coin on the office floor. How perfect and wonderful. In a clinic for the correction and improvement of sight, I found a magical mirror. I couldn’t have orchestrated this if I tried. But it just came through.

We should never “force a find” nor impose expectation on the experience. If we yearn for “bells and whistles,” we may miss a whispering from that Still Small Voice Within.

Once discovered, the coin is to be regarded as a sacred object and handled accordingly. It will ultimately be placed into a coin flip but if one is without this, it should be wrapped in a clean piece of cloth and kept safe until one’s Numisgnostic Altar is constructed. If intuition dictates, this Penny may be carried on one’s person in a safe and secure fashion.

Such acquisition automatically enters and enrolls one in the Corrosion Corp. Further directives will follow…

SEVEN FEET UNDER: The Heart of Fire beneath the Tongue of Silence



The Heart of Fire beneath the Tongue of Silence

Kyle Fite

The Lord of Illusion is the The Lord of Life.

The Lord of Reality is The Lord of Death.

In Truth, these Two are the Same Lord

And Never Divided.

The Magician is etymologically a Manipulator of Maya, one who is not subject to the Laws of an Illusory Universe but rather a Master of them. He is the Millstone and not the Grain. As such, he operates on the periphery of average human experience while shifting the same with aid of an arte incomprehensible to the materialistic mind. It is a romantic picture and one which is easily misunderstood if these factors of Illusion and Power are viewed through the limited lens of Life. Without equally entering an awareness of Death, the Magician can have no contact with the Reality empowering his creative usage of Illusion. To simply conceive of this “Otherworld” is not enough. One must link it to Life through the vehicle of one’s Experiential Entity. This link is the result of a Deep Initiation and one which will forever transmute the Vehicle through which it is accomplished.

Life and Death are often polarized via an inherited Aristotelian Logic. Either a thing is “Alive” or a thing is “Dead.” It cannot be both. As Life is understood as possessing certain qualities (such as activity, awareness, growth and so forth), Death is defined by the opposite characteristics. This creates a problem in that Death is being viewed from the standpoint-and logic- of Life. One can only presume that these imagined qualities (or anti-qualities) have some sort of reality. In other words, one is applying a simple formula based on assumption, the same being born of very restricted experiential capabilities. An example would be the acceptance that “grass is green.” It is how it appears to you-and how it seems to appear to everyone else. The type of perceiving/categorizing faculty at work here has also been known as crucial to one’s simple survival in the material realm. Through various symbolic signals, one takes courses of action which benefit the player in the human game. Logic, experience and hard-wired biological impulse all conspire to justify the conclusion “Grass is green.”

As we learn more of the natural world, however, we soon discover that there is no inherent or absolute “color” in the phenomena we observe as grass. We then accept the experience in context of concepts which are simply extensions of the initial logic, experience and impulse. The means by which we determined that “grass is green” are the means which determine that “grass is NOT green.” Regardless of viewpoint, the “is/is not” dichotomy prevails, the Aristotelian Law of Non-Contradiction.  And this extends into our understanding of all phenomena , including what it means to be alive or dead.

From this dualistic perceptive habit, we make assumption and react to it. Whether one embraces the idea of an afterlife or infinite oblivion, one is left to interface with reality through the tools of engagement at ones disposal.

We observe many purporting to know this or that about death and what awaits the human entity who has succumbed to biological terminus. Even if we hold specific religious views on the matter, we are inclined to discount the similar views of others which do not fit our theological framework (again, the Law of Non-Contradiction is clung to). Thus, the Christian is suspicious of the Muslim account of the afterlife, even while both profess certainty of the same.

The question, then, is WHAT can we TRULY know of Death while Living? And HOW do we even begin to explore this realm which seems to be entered only by the sacrifice of the self which seeks it?

Our model for this process is that of Esoteric Freemasonry which carries through its Rite a condensation of Initiatic Teaching from far older cultures. The symbols and “working tools” gathered along the way all serve to support the great climax of the ceremony: the Death and Resurrection of Hiram Abiff, Master Builder and Heir of the Magical Metallurgist, Tubal Cain.


There are times in this human life when we may find ourselves desirous of death. Folding to frustration, weariness or despair, we conceive of comfort in the covering of our casket with a cold clod, the silence of the grave hushing some unbearable assault upon our psyche. Whether this closing of the curtain opens to a calming cloudscape past pearled gates or simply signifies the closure of consciousness with cessation of brain-waves, we expect a “break.”

This hope is well played by opportunists from every religious angle. Introducing the idea of Hell (or at least tough transitions best avoided) keeps the Ultimate Sabbath from being a Workweek Guarantee. Conditions must be fulfilled in the eyes of one’s “Employer” unless one wants to keep “working through the weekend” at a hated job.

Control thereby gains a sales pitch as it sells Spiritual Insurance.

“If you want your respite, do THIS (read: PAY UP-in coinage, obedience, societal support). Otherwise…” (Father Pharisee whistles and shakes his head).

This isn’t religion. It’s a ploy.

No human being holds the Keys to your Beyond. The game is old and, if we ascribe to anything approximating Crowley’s Aeon of Horus, the game is DONE.

Death is not a shadow looming over our mortal lives. It is an element twisted and fused into a Life of which we are part.

Likewise is this Life wrapped into every fibre of Death. This gives rise to the Death Fetishists who obsess-through the portals of their organic lives-over transcendental ecstasies found through the extremities of sundry “sorcerous artes,” duly dressed in gothic garb, necromantic ornament and alterations in the experience of the bio-machine. On one hand, this is a natural inclination at a certain stage of awakening. On the other, it is a retardation of a process which must not be halted half-way.

Life and Death are not themselves Absolutes. They are two faces of one coin. We do not pit Light against Darkness. These two reveal each other, opening a means to grasp-if in part-the Reality which gives rise to both.


I do not desire Stasis. Heaven’s Harp and Atheistic Anesthesia both raise suspicion in my soul. What might be an alternative to such views?

I am reminded of Resurrected Lazarus in the once controversial and now-forgotten film, The Last Temptation of Christ. Before he meets an assassin’s blade, his killers had to ask what it was like on the other side.

He replies that it was really no different than it is HERE.

This was NOT the answer they were expecting-and it made the knife-plunge all the more easy.

We cannot accept the placid heaven of the eternally obedient sheep nor the simple snuff out of those who can see no further than their material experience. But we also hunger for something beyond what we KNOW. Sometimes we are motivated by a desire to quell fear or uncertainty. But even when this has been put aside, there is an energetic drive, a curiosity and need, which propels us onwards.

As long as we remain in light, we are magnetized towards the darkness. This darkness, however, does not conclude the matter. Rather, it is driven back towards the light.

We are going into the Night to return to Dawn. It is through this exchange that we can become more than we are. The Thesis of Hegel leads us to Antithesis-and this propels our hungry soul towards Synthesis, the New Thesis, the Next Rung on the Ladder ascending to Distant Stars.


There was a day in my life when I felt my heart seize up in my chest. I literally fell down upon the stairs and truly believed: This is IT! The END! BIO SHUTDOWN!

As sweat gushed from my face, my step-daughter appeared. I told her I thought I was dying and get ready to call 911. She looked at me and said I was being dramatic and faking. She walked away.

I felt utterly alone in that moment. I was going to DIE and there was no help.

My body then began to FREEZE. I was shaking with hypothermia. I couldn’t move save for shivering.

And then…the ice began to turn to FIRE. I was cooking from the inside out. I can’t describe the pain. It was as if I was being microwaved. I’d later read of these two elemental passages in the Tibetan Book of the Dead.

It was in that moment that I felt my heart cry out:

Not here! Not NOW!

I was hanging on some World Tree and gushing anything but glamour. I wasn’t thinking of “Death Mysteries” or Runes…I was giving every atom of my Being to holding onto this human life where I was yet needed. How would my little son go on without his Dad? What of those who depend upon and need me? What of all I have yet to learn, to know, to enter? I felt something of what Jack Parsons expressed with his final words:

“I’m not DONE yet…”

I don’t feel that I WILLED myself back to life. Rather, I was given an Opportunity. I was touched by the Hand of Grace and Vitality. About to evaporate, I slid back into my Urthlife.

But I DID see something on the Other Side of that Gate, something I wish to SHARE.

We humans are joined through our mortality. It is to this reality I speak, the strange paradox of temporal life active within eternal space. I know many who peruse these words will never know me aside from these few words printed on paper. Divested of skin, bones buried in some unmarked grave, I extend my hand from another realm to speak to the yet living. What I offer are symbols and suggestions which may serve idea and imagination as these rise through human consciousness to reach beyond it.


The Brother of Osiris truly became such only after he had sliced his sibling into pieces, placing each at a precise location within the Great River, the Nile.  Fourteen were the parts, one for each Day-and Night-linking Sabbaths (or SUN-Days).  Often treated as treachery, the Work of Set was an Initiatory Action. On one hand we find a parallel to the bloody betrayals of the Three Ruffians in Masonic Lore, those uninitiated ones who slashed the Master Builder into his Grave. On the other, we have the Brothers of the Lodge behind these figures, bringing the Candidate to the “Rubbish of the Temple” where the Mystery of the Resurrection can be given expression.

Students of Esoteric Masonry will know that the Villains, pernicious as they may seem, embody the Mystery of the Lost Word, a Mystery which will only be given to the “Raised Master Mason” in Symbolic (or “Substitute”) Form. The Slayers and the Slayed are One Thing, divided for “Love’s Sake” and united through that same Power. Each Killer will suffer the Fate of Hiram, thus uniting with him through Karma. Hiram’s rebirth (from three auspicious wounds) will likewise serve as the Redemption of the Ruffians.

Note that each one of these murderers’ name begins with a “J” (or “Yod”). Qabalistically, this letter has the numeric value of “5.” 5 times 3 is 15, the number of the Devil Card in the Tarot (Set-or Satan). We find here that Osiris will rise from Death as the Redeemer of Set. If we wish to compare mythologies, we see that Jesus is the Redeemer of Satan (an idea we encounter in the Mythos of William Blake). This Redemption is more than a simple act of forgiveness-it is an Alchemical Process, the energetic exchanges of which are merely typified in Masonic ceremony.

The most sincere and spirit-driven aspirant enters the Temple in Search of LIGHT. To TRULY come into this Gnosis, the “Darkness” must be clarified. The most effective of initiatory rites will strip away all that keeps this Darkness beneath the skin. It has been written that Osiris is a “Black God” and this must be realized in the total consciousness of the candidate before the Grave can be entered-and departed from!



Upon the first utterance of this strange word at the climax of the Masonic Rite, the Newly-Raised Master Mason tends to be struck by one association: the familiar word BONE.

It’s enough.

There are many commentaries on this odd word which is often interpreted as meaning “The Builder is Dead!” But this hardly expresses the fact that the Builder has, in fact, RISEN.

Masonic Scholar Albert Mackey makes the observation that the correct word is composed of not 3 but 4 syllables. Bear in mind that the Lodgeroom (itself a Living Symbol) has three officers but FOUR WALLS, the North being that “Place of Darkness.” It is this Darkness which must fuse with a Triune Life ere the two may become one.

Within Masonry’s eclectic heritage of diverse cultures, we may see “Maha” as that prefix indicating the “Great” or ”Supreme.”  The “Great Bone” is the Skull, a symbol commonly connected  to Masonic Ritual. This symbol, however, holds more meaning than most people (and even Masons) will consider. At the beginning of one’s Masonic voyage, the skull is a symbol of mortality, the Mason being earnestly encouraged to contemplate it as a symbol of all things coming to pass. At the end of the Rite, it is seen as “that which remains,” the permanent portion of fleshlife. It joins with the Acacia-or Evergreen-as a symbol of continuance. There are both moral and metaphysical implications here.

In the end, the 3 Degrees of Masonry are sewn together through a 4th Power. Rebirth is not as the return of Lazarus to the Land of the Living. It is entry into a Different Dimension, the powers of which will be carried into one’s temporal life.


There are no ghastly skeletons to haunt us. We carry one inside our own flesh.

I look in the mirror and fix my hair (what’s left of it). I catch those lines cut into my face by time and turn to see which side really IS “best.” I smile at myself and wonder if I still have “the charm.” And the mirror starts going all Dorian Grey…

I can see it, the “Skull Beneath The Skin.” I could put an incision into my face and then pull it off- but there’s no need. What lies beneath the muscle and meat is right there, peering out from the pores. My own personal Grim Reaper. I clack teeth and pull my lips back. There’s his mouth. My tongue dissolves with my larynx. Do I wish they’d have stayed? Without the windpipe and lungs, they’re pretty worthless-and I no longer have either.

I beat out a cry for help on my xylophone ribcage. Morse code begins to take on a congo beat. Talkin’ Effluvia Blues No. 33. Someone grabs my hand and my fingers slide right off.

My face falls off the chin and lands in the bathroom sink, clogging the drain. No way I’m going to work today. I’d call an ambulance but my jawbone just hit the floor. I reach down, thinking “Samson could kick some ass with this thing” when everything just crashes onto the tile like a child’s building blocks.



Hiram help me, I’m drag-queening my way down the Via Dolorosa.

I’m hexagrammed in The Tomb, gelatinized and 100% FUBAR.

Then here comes THE LION! It starts as a gurgle in the sink, sizzling my rumpled grimace. The whole thing blows to pieces and water is spraying everywhere. But FIRE is putting it out as steam hisses and paint begins to blister from the walls! Between FUCK YOU and MARRY ME, some God grabs my wrist and hauls me up from Hell.


Winking and Blinking, I’m but a beaked-babe crushed into a noetic nest. Even after I’ve taken flight andmade my first kill, I have no idea that creatures on the Terran Plane will set up temples to venerate me.

They confuse Noesis for Gnosis!

Soon I will have no care for their “Because.” I destroy their Gods and they grasp at my wings to set me up in the Place of their Void.

I have no Mystic Maxim to give. My neck lengthens and I become the Vulture, hungry for carrion.

Here is the deal, raw and real:

If you can read these words, you are in the Urthzone. This essay is directed only at the Urthbound. It is a message sent from a distant Planetary System (you’ll find out soon enough which one).

Please know: this document will self-destruct in…

…what does it matter?

The Supernova of your Sunshine is inevitable and, ergo, imminent. This is an important point: the Inevitable is Imminent. So much of your Human Culture is based upon Denial of this FACT.

The equation “Inevitability = Imminence” disconnects your flesh from bone. What woman with drooping tits will choose kneecaps vs. promise of perk? What letter-jacket will pick the whimpering worm over the homecoming cockstand?

Breast-tape and hair-dye for men. A whole generation turns go-carts from the headstone on the track. Drugs, lotions and potions. We are embalming ourselves in denial!

But we feel some deep anger, some holy hatred, some monstrous love. We turn it around and drive against the flight-fleet. We drive straight into the Mouth of our own Mortality!

Silver coins spray from our palms and we are crucified one way or another.

Wounded by the Gar given to Odin, we PLUMMET.

We leapt to get into the womb of the mother and we leap again to enter the womb of Space!

Some call this demise.

We call it “Leveling Up.”

molten sea

The Master Builder, Hiram Abiff, oversaw the building of King Solomon’s Temple. The plans for this edifice were given directly to Solomon by God Almighty and Hiram was the Hired Technician. There was, however, an element which Hiram brought to the table, an addition not part of Solomon’s vision. This was a work called THE MOLTEN SEA.

The Molten Sea was a manifestation of the Genius of Tubal-Cain, of Hephaestus. Within the Temple of Solomon, this would serve as a communion between Cain and Abel. Darkness and Light would be joined via the great Pillars of Boaz and Jachin. The Shekinah known as the High Priestess would, at last, become ISIS UNVEILED.

This never came to pass. Treachery in the Temple resulted in Water being added, prematurely, to the Molten Sea. This disrupted the alchemical process and caused a chemical combustion. This betrayal has been played out time and again through history. Just as genius is about to place the capstone on the Royal Arch, the Traitor appears. From John Wilkes Booth to those who set up Jack Parsons, we find the Molten Sea defied. They are afraid of the inevitable.

But we know the Inevitable is the IMMINENT, even as both serve what we seek: IMMANENCE!


There are some who would decry Christ Crucified. These are ignorant for Christ is Crucified Daily. The Transubstantiation of the Catholic Mass is merely a MIRROR reflecting the Reality.

When Jesus died, the Temple Veil was rent in twain!

When the Molten Sea was sabotaged, the EARTH Itself was torn asunder and Hiram Abiff entered the loins of the Great Mother.

Hiram plummeted through the Nine Strata of Earth to reach the Source of his personal vision, the flaming Planetary Core! It was within this Temple of FIRE that he received the TRUE WORD of the MASTER MASON. Ascending through the same nine strata, we find the Master Builder emerging.

These nine strata are a numeric variant on the primordial SEVEN GATES . Plunging through 7 and emerging from 7, the Master Mason is exposed to FOURTEEN POINTS.

Ergo, Hiram comes forth dazzling in the Gnosis of Osiris assembled!

Let us remember, the phallus of Osiris was not found. Isis fashioned a new phallus from clay and it was from this member that she conceived the child Horus.

14 parts + 1 (Phallus)= 15, (again) the number of the Devil Card of the Tarot, Capricorn, PAN, the ALL.

15=1+5=6, the Holy Hexagram, Man and God joined via the Masonic Square and Compasses (Terrestrial and Celestial Measurement).

This is not symbolic abstractions. These are symbols reflecting YOUR LIFE.

The fleshly phallus of Osiris was the means of physical generation and sexual ecstasy. When Isis created the new phallus, she fashioned a means of spiritual generation and Gnosis.


I have taken men down to their deaths. I was wearing a black suit and hard shoes, poised on red carpet and present in the Master Mason Ceremony. I drew my hand across the human breast and cut the heart. I wanted the death to be felt as real, complete. When the body was severed from soul, we could then bring the soul into its own space. This is emphatically NOT a dualistic action. The soul, truly awakened, may reincarnate into its own flesh, at last one with it!

The Fleshface will hold to the human skull as Deathgate symbol. The Skullsoul will wear a different icon about its crumbling clavicles. Organic and Prismatic, this Jewel cannot be ossified in Time. It is the Jewel  of the Master in the East. It is the Vehicle of the Rising Fire.

We bring the Candidate into Death that Death may lunge forward into Life from its Spiritual Synthesis!

If this doesn’t happen, we will report, as did Lazarus, that everything just continued on. The Hells and Heavens we have conceived have all been known on earth. There is no secret invention of an imaginary devil waiting to outdo what we have done to one another. We move from the ice and fire of the stairs where I began to melt into the Tibetan Bardos. Here Karmas do not function in the Kindergarten way we imagine. We undergo the “walk.” Qlipoth don’t gratify Lovecraftian leanings. We come face to face with shame and regret even as we find our prime components exposed. At any second, we’re about to be sucked down the hall of Yellow Light. The murderer relives his father brushing aside a drawing in crayon and retreats to the womb.

House, Sun and Family are destined to be drawn again.


OTOA PUBLIC PAPER: The Mistake of the Meonistes   

“Meon” is a word often connected with the work of OTOA-LCN through the writings of Michael Paul Bertiaux. It is a realm (if we can call it that) which has been described as an “icy nothingness.” But truly, the Meon is no more “icy” than it is “fiery.” These words (in fact, ALL WORDS) derive from an experience which is Non-Meonic. They are simply deemed as useful in a Wittgensteinian “pointing” at something which operates outside the linguistic level of consciousness. Even these words are “false” for they imply that the Meon is a thing (i.e. something which exists). Language is tricky like that. Even if we say the Meon does not exist and is not in any way a thing, we have made it such by simply NAMING IT.

At this point, we may well be thinking of our friend, Lao Tzu with his “Tao that cannot be named.” Wittgenstein said that “Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent.” As Esoteric Engineers, however, we do not feel that the present limits of our technologies (including language) need be settled for. Wittgenstein also spoke of climbing a ladder only to throw it away when we had transcended its reach. Jacob’s Ladder witnessed angelic beings (Loa) both ascending and descending. If language is the ladder, we feel we might do better than ditching it-or crashing down the stairs and breaking a neck.

Language is an expression of Maya, Illusion, the World of Duality. But the Magician is, by definition, a Master of Maya. We do not seek some one way street to a Nirvanic White-Out. There is a glorious pouring back and forth of the Waters in the Aquarian Tarot Card called The Star. This Water is the result of Fire and Ice colliding at the Crossroads where Eternity and Temporality meet. This is not meant to be a poetic statement but a technical observation. Eternity can only be such through this interface. Otherwise, it falls from itself into the occlusion of linguistic limits. To speak of the Eternal, the Infinite, the Void is to act as Blake’s Urizen and encompass the illimitable. This must always bind us within a circle and keep us from that which we have sought to know.

We know many students of this work have desired to know the Meon, for it is suggested as a verity “Beyond.” The Inner Fire longs for its Home and rages against all cages. “The Meon,” therefore, appears as a Bull’s Eye to we might Hat Trick. It is not THIS so it must be THAT.

But the MEON is neither THIS nor THAT.

Ice is a symbol of stasis contrasted with the wild growth of the warm seasons. But we know that ice is active, vital and alive. We call the Meon “Icy” and yet it is on the other side of Ice. It is on the other side of FIRE.

The MEON is partner to the Pleroma. Pleroma is the FULLNESS and MEON is the EMPTINESS.

In our teachings, we draw a distinct line between the “Meontologists” and the “Meonistes.”  The Meon isn’t “evil” but the Path of the Meonistes IS. These are those who would sacrifice Pleroma for Meon. Pleroma exists by means of the Meon and Meon has its Reality (we cannot say “Being”) via Pleroma. But the Meonistes are polarized into a Darkness which defies both Pleroma and the Love of Pleroma-Meon.

In essence, if you think “entering the Meon” is taking some daydream headtrip into an Astral Antarctica, you have missed the boat. 

In Hebrew, Meon means DWELLING.  It is the SPACE (UNSPACE) in which MANIFESTATION can MOVE.

Please consider the relation between the Gnostic Meon and the Buddhist “Luminous Void.”

Are these the same thing?

Now, consider the difference between “Bodhisattva” and “Buddha.” “Buddha,” as such, has entered Nirvana. The “Bodhisattva,” on the other hand, has rejected Nirvana and bound himself to Spacetime until ALL BEINGS achieve LIBERTY (Enlightenment).

Is the Bodhisattva a Buddha?

We propose this:

The Meonistes are seeking Buddhahood through Desire for Nirvana. Despite their efforts, they can never enter but fall into one of the Bardo Zones, again and again. At best, they are Asura.

The Meontologist is ever relating Meon to Manifestation and thereby unveiling the Mystery that the Pleroma was never broken. The FULLNESS could never be anything other than itself.

Now, is the Meon a Power?

We may say that it is but it can only be power as it eliminates the entropy of temporality by exposing temporality’s True Nature as being the Void (Meon) Itself.

How is this exposed?

We operate in linguistic-temporality. Therefore, we start in this zone. If the True Nature of the Temporal Universe is the Void, the True Nature of the Void is the Temporal Universe.

The Void of Meon is met by the Pleroma. These two (which are totalities unto themselves) emanate and return to the Apex of what we will call REALITY.

Below this triad are SEVEN RAYS. 

Those who would feign extinguish the DWELLERS in favor the DWELLING are those who have inherited the Spirit of the Pharisees and Sadducees, those who would extol the Sabbath above the Man for whom it was created. Man is ultimately meant to realize the Endless Sun-Day within his own Heart, relating the Day-Night Revolutions of the Globe to the Endless Effulgence.  Earth and Sun are Living Symbols, Icons of Nature. We seek to unite Symbol with Verity in Gnosis and Love.


TUBAL CAIN is the Lord of the South. He is Ogun, bloody and brilliant as burnished bronze blazes in the sunlight! His Light streams into the North where no candle burns. The GOD OF THE NORTH, SAMEDHI, is entwined with Tubal Cain in a symbiosis.

The Masonic Lodgeroom and its Rite are as a positive form which calls up the negative space around it. This space allows for Shekinah to descend upon the altar and bestow the Light which is watchword to all Masons. In this Gnosis, we find the Sacred Geometry of Freemasonry to move beyond the Terrestrial Mind. The Square joins with the Compasses that the EYE may OPEN!

Tubal Cain is Hephaestus, lame god, crutched Legbha, Lord of Crossroads, Saturn, the Secret Lover of Venus, Erzulie, Shakti. He is Builder, TEKTON, MASON!

Hiram Abiff rises from the Molten Sea in this Glory. He is Lord of the 9th Arch, the 7th Ray and he is your Spiritual Father. He is OSIRIS RISEN and Osiris rises through the Child, Horus, the Sun-Son. Here the Skull of Death becomes the Crystal of Continuance!


I do not look at Death as a Romance. I have stood by hospital beds and watched blips on a screen turn into flatlines. I have carried the bodies of people I loved (and love) in bags and caskets. I have sent every last ounce of my love to those I have lost. It is the Way of All Flesh and I am not done walking this Path. The Mysteries of Osiris are Mysteries of Consciousness on the Mystic Way. They do not set us apart from our fellow creatures but bring us closer. The more we can enter the Place of Darkness, the better we are suited as Vehicles for the Light.

When I was a teen, I was baptized in the Baptist Church. I was held beneath the waters and in the name of Father, Son and Holy Ghost, I was brought back into life. As I rapaciously raged on through my spiritual studies, I would reject-and then re-embrace-Christianity. A key moment was when I understood that Time was as meaningless as Color. The Grass is Green-and it is NOT. The “is-ness” of the Green is within our consciousness. This is where it has its reality. My Baptism has an “is-ness” within my consciousness. It has no objective or absolute reality. WHERE IS IT? HOW CAN I SHOW IT? I cannot. I can only recall it, which is to relive it, to evoke it and to be empowered by it! In this reliving, the NOW of this MOMENT is infused with a LIVING SYMBOLIC FORM through which I come up from the water. I re-enter Timespace. This is a paradox. Per our previously discussed formula, the inevitability of my death means it has already occurred. I am dead. But through the vehicle of Baptism, of Masonic “Raising,” of ANY form expressing this principle, we, literally, come back from the grave.

In Voodoo, we have the Mystery of the Zombi. This is a being brought back from the dead and controlled by the mind of another. In our Esoteric Voodoo, the Higher Mind is Ti Bon Ange, the Angelic connection to God-Life which animates and drives our waking self. All of our occult knowledge and magical ability is meant to empower this process. We will rise again and again into this seemingly consistent lifewave. We will rise again into other lives.

And these will rise into US.


There are some who have tagged the Formula of the Dying and Rising God as a Piscean Phenomenon, no longer applicable to the “New Aeon.” I reject this Zeitgeist mentality. Crowley influenced the Magical World with his Aeonics. This was a variant on Fundamentalist Dispensationalism. Whence rose this outlook? It was a natural response to the Canonization of Scripture. Such diversity had to be reconciled and this was done by identifying revelatory conditions dominating various “Ages.” As we learn of the political underhandedness behind the codification of the Holy Bible, we see a blatant power play eclipsing prophetic power. Rejecting this agenda (and those who have made use of it for two millennia), we are not subject to conceiving the world in terms of divided Aeons. Rather we see ELEMENTS to be worked with, entered into and united through New Alchemies!

Osiris links us to Isis and Horus! Like Odin, oath-bound to Loki, Set is welcome (with confusion and chagrin) in the Temple!

Our entry into this world is meant to dig deeper than the grave. Our consciousness is designed to reach beyond the limits of logic. It may be silenced in the process. Remember, one of the consequences of falling from Masonic Fidelity is the tearing out of the tongue and its placement in the “rough sands of the sea.” There is profound symbolism in this! Karmic Retributions are a means whereby we “learn the hard way.” Eventually, we shut up that we may HEAR THE FIRE. This Fire is the WORD. It’s ascent into our Urthlife gathers about its core Vehicles of Transmission.

The Book of the Law tells its Prophet to “Unite by thine art so that all disappear.” We will add that this dissolution is a SOLVE wherein our COAGULA may be a True Rebirth. Resurrection is not a vain hope held in a superstitious heart. It is the DESTINY OF DEATH ITSELF!


Originally published in the Compendium “Sabbatica” (Nephilim Press, Edgar Kerval, Editor)