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Coinological Contagion


40 Years of Karma.

The coin pictured here is a 1974 D Lincoln Cent. I recently exchanged a one dollar bill at my local gas station for two rolls of Pennies (which ALWAYS baffles the clerk) and cracked both of them this afternoon. I suspect the Karmas connected to these two rolls must have some underlying themes. Almost ALL of the 100 Pennies were severely worn and damaged. We’re talking housefires, floods, gunfights and explosions. But THIS particular coin was the most damaged of them all.

40 years from the time of its minting, it has been traveling the Country from pocket to pocket, puddle to puddle and God knows what else.

40 Years of movement and it ends up in my hands. From a Numismatic standpoint, this is the epitome of worthlessness. No value whatsoever. However, this singular coin was the “hidden treasure” in my search.


Because of its Karma.

Sure, I have a 10X magnification loupe and my trusty book by Ken Potter to sort through my acquisitions- but this always comes second to my spiritual interest in the coin. When I sort a roll, I first go through the pile and look for the coin which “glows” and says there is something here to be worked with. EVERY coin carries Karma but certain copper discs seem possessed of a much higher concentration of energy. So I set aside those with that greater degree of intensity.

Now, a word about the Karmas of Coins:

There is, in occult thought, what is called the “Law of Contagion.” This antiquated term simply means that when two things have come into contact, they somehow remain in contact, even at a distance, until that bond is consciously and effectively broken. There are a lot of items on the magical marketplace these days which have been “prayed over, “consecrated” and somehow impressed with intentionality. These are offered as special objects, “charged” with the impress thus named. However, EVERY object is already loaded with “unintentional intentionality.” Go through someone’s silverware drawer and you’ll find the “Law of Contagion” at work in every knife, fork and spoon. It’s as if we move in a Universe rippling with connections beyond our comprehension. Yes, most of us are not so psychically sensitive that we get flashbacks every time we touch the toilet handle in a public restroom. We’d go insane if we psychometrized every object in our daily life. Furthermore, this would require great effort, even for the skilled. You see, as Karmas pile into an object, they can create a type of mass which overrides a specific Karmic tendency during our neutral interaction. What remains is a bundle of energy. This can be pictured as a sphere of condensed force drawn out through thousands of lines to thousands of contact points (and these points may be envisioned as the same). It’s along the same lines as the thinking which says all matter on earth gets reduced to its basic elements and traverses the globe. We’ve breathed in particles that once belonged to the bodies of the Notorious and Noble.


Obviously, the atomic substance of Hitler making passage through my nasal cavities doesn’t make me any more “evil” than the speck of Mother Teresa in the mucous membranes of my left eye makes me “good.” The Butterfly Effect reveals that the world is just one big Butterfly. While a flutter in Asia causes a typhoon, my eyelash does the same thing. And then there are everyone ELSE’S eyelashes!!! Maybe the wingflap DIDN’T cause a tornado-but drove Justin Bieber to egg a house! Trust me, I tried to stop this by blinking rapidly for 30 seconds but to no avail. Too many other blinks in favor of delinquency.

Getting back on track, Cause and Effect are thus seen to be very complex and one impress on an object gets all meshed with so many millions of others. It’s impossible to sort through it all.

That is, unless one Intention takes “ownership” of the energies present, feeding upon-and directing-them.

Every roll of coins I get has its share of horror stories. We live in a nasty, violent world. These Pennies, which my son and I can sort through and place in our collection books, have been witness to things we don’t even want to think about.

What’s in a Roll?

Murder, rape, accident, argument, duplicity, terror and abuse. All the awful things to which a Penny in a drawer bears silent witness.

Of course, the same Penny finds its way into pockets and purses where humans have been kind, compassionate, giving, making creative breakthroughs, cultivating life and beauty.

ALL of this gets connected to the Penny via the Law of Contagion.

What I experience are varying degrees of energy in the coins. Some “bundle” all of this more effectively than others. It doesn’t matter to me if the Karmas are “good” or “bad” because the copper of the Lincoln Cent somehow abstracts them into BASE ENERGY. I think this is due to the ongoing overload of Karma into the coin. I have several rolls of uncirculated Lincolns and I believe these can be used to leave a more definite Karmic directive due to their limited contact with Karmas.

If Karmas become somewhat undifferentiated in their maddening multiplicity, how do we utilize a coin magically (which is to say, quoting Crowley, to “cause change to occur in conformity with Will”)?

First, the energy present needs to be tightened. It is already bundled and we squeeze this together until it becomes a pure packet of power. From this point, we operate on the coin. This can be done in a number of ways. For myself, I prefer the artflip. I get it into a flip and create a miniature painting on the surface of this protective device. This creates a new form for the energy in the coin (which is radioactive) to emit itself.

I credit my son with the creation of the first artflip. I was just learning about Coinology and was showing him how to staple a Penny into a flip and how to label it properly.

He then came back with a flipped coin labeled with…a drawing of Mario Brothers!

This very cute and fun approach turned into something much more. I began my own Flipart. Some of these “early works” were done with ballpoint pen. I played around with what I could turn a Penny (or circle) into. Sherlock Holmes, Chthulu and Others all became subjects for visual irony. But as I continued, I found I could work the surface of the Flip in better ways. I began to develop a more elaborate process of drawing in pencil, pen, adding watercolor, adding acrylic, cutting into the paint with needles and razors, painting over the texture and so on until the image “clicked” into life. I began to look for Coins which “glowed” and began painting over the plastic window with sigils, symbols and runes, thus “marking” the Coin while leaving it untouched.


This has also been a means to offer both art and magic at a very nominal cost to those who want it. In my own case, the art and magic are one thing. So I am not “selling services” with a flip. I am offering my artwork. But I want this to be MORE than just a fun or novel image. It is an object which may be easily placed on one’s person and carried throughout the day.

I am NOT a Coinological Master. But I AM a Coinology Shaman. Whether I am good or bad at my job (and Shamanism IS a “job”) is up to others to determine. For myself, I can say I remain fascinated with what I would have previously thought to be the world’s most dull hobby. I am always a “Learner” and in the joy of being a “Noob” to what there is to know about coins. And I am always in the “Laboratory,” experimenting and manipulating the energies present. It is a joy to send an Artflip off into the mail, to squeeze that coin’s adventures into a center which might radiate outward into someone else’s life as a source of power and change (no pun intended).

In the meantime, I have a “hot coin” on my hands. Not sure how it will be directed but it WANTS to find its form. FOUR Decades need to be honored-and passed on.