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THE PORTAL PENNY: Corrosion Corp Mission One


Numisgnosis is a Path and, as such, one must discover an Access Point whereby to begin. On this particular journey, we will describe a very simple means to locating and entering the Gateway.

The First Task:

Find a Penny.

This is the Price of Entry. It’s the First Task. But-as common an object as the ubiquitous penny might seem-it must be found in a certain way. Perhaps we ought say:

It must find YOU.

There is an old and oft-quoted adage in occult circles which states “When the student is ready, the master appears.” Ere the unveiling of the “master,” all a student can do is get ready, preparing themselves for the encounter. The master may have walked past them on the street a hundred times but they remain ignorant of this. Thus we find, in Masonic Ritual, for example, the emphasis on being “Duly and Truly Prepared” for what is to come. If consciousness is not aware, receptive and adaptable, what the master has to offer will follow after the proverb of “pearls before swine.”

Of course, it is part of the master’s job to help the student increase those qualities listed above. Ergo, our preparedness is not looking toward some ultimate level of attainment but rather a workable state of being whereby good seed may fall into fertile soil.

In this opening phase of Numisgnostic Initiation, we might envision the “master” as described by Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche who, when questioned as to who he regarded as true and living master, replied:

“Situations are my Guru.”

We might thereby imagine the Master with a Million Faces in a Billion Places. The goal is to first begin seeing these Faces, growing into initiatory interaction and ultimately knowing ourselves as one with that we have sought after.

But we are getting ahead of ourselves here. The first thing to do is to locate the Gate into the World, which is to say THE PROCESS, where these-and other-realizations and power-ups may be discovered. The realizations are themselves Initiations and might be viewed along the lines of successive stages of Illumination as detailed in certain Buddhist Schools. Each stage of Illumination has a corresponding Siddhi (or Magical Power). Often, the Siddhi is sought after with little regard for the Illumination to which it corresponds. In my own experience, it is the Illumination which produces power as an effect. One is suddenly aware of new ability but all preconceptions as to how this might look (or be applied) are transformed by the change in consciousness. The manifestation of any Siddhi almost becomes an afterthought.

Both Illumination and the Manifestation of Siddhis WILL result from the practice of Numisgnosis.

Step One:

Find a Penny.

Upon determining to complete this Task, you should KNOW that there is a PARTICULAR PENNY in your geographic locale which is already YOURS. This is NOT to be found in your pocket change or by purchasing a roll of 50 copper coins in a neatly packaged roll from the bank. Your Penny is “Out There” and will appear, according to your attentiveness and intuition, as an object in your physical environment. It shouldn’t take long to locate. You need simply to relax and bear in mind that this coin is seeking YOU even as you are seeking IT. It may appear in a parking lot, a restroom, an aisle at the grocery store. But it WILL appear. And when it does, it marks the MOMENT in which you take the first substantial step into the Numisgnostic World.

This particular coin is what we will call the PORTAL PENNY. As soon as you see it, you will have established contact with another realm. By picking it up and coming into physical contact with it, you step on through the Gate.

As indicated previously, we aren’t looking for a Numismatic “find” but a Numisgnostic Connection. Your Penny may not be worth a farthing to any other Soul on the planet but to YOU it will be invaluable. This small bit of metal contains an infinitude of information as well as the energy signatures attendant thereunto. The moment when you meet each other is a powerful and dynamic Alchemical phase, the Opening of The Operation. The coin’s content is condensed in that moment. All the energy signatures become vivified along the lines of a horoscope, delineating detailed experience into categorical abstractions which represent powerhouses available for new direction. You see, the coin lacks volition and needs you to provide it. YOU have this volition on a deep (and-for most people-subconscious) level. The coin’s karmic code prods and stimulates this volition by resonating with the energy signatures within your Being.

In essence, the finding of your Portal Penny is a Magical Meeting wherein a Partnership is formed.

Now, many people will spot a wayward coin each day and their lives will go on, “business as usual.” What makes YOUR find different is the inward opening to the Event. Before walking off into the World, you, at the very least, entertain the notion of the Portal Penny to such a degree that its discovery will serve as a field for the implementation of the above-described process.

Otherwise, you’ll just be another flash in the pan spotting a flash in the parking lot.

Although I’ve worked with Numisgnosis for some time, I decided to re-implement this Initial Task for myself in conjunction with writing this text. It just so happened that I was in the company of an individual whose name happens to be Penny. While accompanying her to an Optometry appointment, I spotted my coin on the office floor. How perfect and wonderful. In a clinic for the correction and improvement of sight, I found a magical mirror. I couldn’t have orchestrated this if I tried. But it just came through.

We should never “force a find” nor impose expectation on the experience. If we yearn for “bells and whistles,” we may miss a whispering from that Still Small Voice Within.

Once discovered, the coin is to be regarded as a sacred object and handled accordingly. It will ultimately be placed into a coin flip but if one is without this, it should be wrapped in a clean piece of cloth and kept safe until one’s Numisgnostic Altar is constructed. If intuition dictates, this Penny may be carried on one’s person in a safe and secure fashion.

Such acquisition automatically enters and enrolls one in the Corrosion Corp. Further directives will follow…




For some time now, the content of the forthcoming book SING THE CORROSION has been developed in bits and pieces alongside continuous Numisgnostic experiment and practice. Rather than wait until some final offering is assembled in its entirety, we’ve decided to blog the book via as a type of exercise.

The idea is simple: write and release one entry per day. This blends up the vision of a complete and coherent text with the unpredictable nature of a journal or logbook, scrawled out on the go and driven down unforeseen by-ways.

The inspiration behind Corrosion was never to write a “definitive” book but to generate something akin to how Burroughs described Naked Lunch when he observed that most novels were written from the standpoint that all the main characters were dead. Past tense. By contrast, he described Naked Lunch as a book which is HAPPENING, in the NOW, right where WE are.

To be truly magical in nature, a book needs to link into the unique and unfolding experiences of the reader, meeting them where they are and providing feedback as the landscape of consciousness continues to change. The reader is an adventurer and the book is a companion on the path, one which can offer fresh guidance, from familiar passages, as new territory is entered and challenges confronted.

Numisgnosis is a Type of Sub-Path, adaptable to any number of scenarios according to the wit, intuition and ingenium of the Numisgnostic. It’s a type of Shamanism or Hoodoo. The focus in Numisgnosis is not, however, on “Mastery” but momentum. And it is accessible to anyone who is willing to jump in.

The price of admission?

A single penny-and then the Game begins.



THE GOLDEN GATE-2000 D Lincoln Cent/Magical Mirror (“YOUR Penny [via Corrosion Corp Mission One] is…’Pre-Loaded’ with a unique configuration of very precise and specific energies, a living structure which is awaiting contact with the unique configurations within-and composing-YOURSELF. When it is discovered, all the forces combine and a new configuration is formed containing the necessary elements to poke a hole into Reality’s Fabric, serving as a ‘Middle Ground’ between yourself and the Zone now functioning as your launch pad into the New World of Numisgnosis”-from “Sing This Corrosion Ch.1).

The Core of Corrosion

The Agents of Corrosion (i.e. the Copper Carrying Coterie of the Corrosion Corp) are linked via this Group to the Motherboard and Mainframe which is known as the Cult of Phred.

What IS the Cult of Phred-and how could anyone take such a name seriously when there are so many high fallutin’ Latin, French and Enochian Words to use)?

The Cultus (as we were wont to call it) began as a joke made decades ago by a high schooler I never met. The joke was caught in a psychic net by the First Agent. This would be developed to a degree and then passed onto myself when, under auspicious circumstances, I met the First Agent in Rockford, Illinois c. 1997.

As the Second Agent, I took the Cabalistic Cues surrounding this occasion and sent the Yellow Tennis Ball with Smiley Face back across the Court of Last Resort.

The Score?

Love Under Will.

We would go on to discover the Haunted Photocopier and the Cryptic Crossword, receive Communications from the Ghost of William Burroughs and begin mapping the Psychosphere of the American Midwest from one Dunkin Donuts to another. Later on we would locate a tentacled monstrosity occupying the skies above Vienna.


“I’d have spoken to others but these guys were the only ones online at the time…”

The result of all these impossible to believe, yet wholly true, adventures was a Manifesto on the Elixir Vitae which begins with the growth of a single sentient coffee bean in Africa.


All four elements evoke the Triple Tongued Flame in this photo taken at Space Buddhaa HQ in Kootenay Bay, B.C 

If this sounds more Doom Patrol than Golden Dawn, it was…and is.

The First Agent died in 2002.

I had received an audio-missive from him where he stated with clarity and sobriety:

“Life is a Game.

“But it’s a very Serious Game…”


Some messages will come through no matter what….

Now, I recall when I first became enamored with William Blake. I was a teenager and devoured his works with an obsessive rapacity. I quickly learned, through biographical accounts, of his Brother, Robert, with whom William claimed to be in Spirit-Contact. It would be Robert who helped William develop his unique method of printmaking from beyond the grave.

As a young and inexperienced teen-primate seeking to “become himself,” I sought to be like Blake. I guess the 80’s rock stars just didn’t cut it as role-models. My classmates sported the look and sputtered out the (non) values. Meanwhile, I carried around a volume of essays by Harold Bloom and felt that I was nearing Escape Velocity.


“My Name is Harold Bloom…and I’m a Role Model for Teenagers. Now put down the Potter and go read some Milton. ” 

Time is folding inward.

The Past is throwing up its Gems as a tidal wave crushes the beach. The Future is showering down Stars which set fire to the Urth.

Corrosion implies two things:

Dissolution and Growth.

As alluded to in our last blog, the Numisgnostic doesn’t “grade coins” as does the Numismatic. The most wretched and worn of discs may very well serve as the Cornerstone for a Church Not Made With Hands.

Copper is the Conductor-not the THING ITSELF.


A Magical Mirror in Action 

In this sense, Numisgnosis connects to Spagyrics.

Hell, your HUMAN BODY connects to Spagyrics. It is an ongoing process where growth and decay rely upon each other. As a Branch of Alchemy, we bear influence on the automatic process of Growth/Decay to give it a new direction in accordance with particular spiritual aims.

Those who align with the Corrosion Corp do so in conjunction with the Cult of Phred (C.o.P.) and, thus, become “Coppers.”
This makes of the Initiate a Magical Mirror, a Conductor (implying both Mediumship and active participation in directing movement-and, thus, consequence/effect-on the train track gridwork of experience).


This Question cost the First Agent his Mortal Life. It wasn’t pretty. In fact, it sucked Donkey Balls. Total Fucking Hell.

I helped pull the necktie from his dead throat.

“A Serious Game,” indeed.

These days I’m in Communion with Agent One. It’s a Time Jump from imagining how Robert Blake communicated with his Brother to being in the same sort of direct communication with Agent One.

In essence, The Corrosion Corp takes advantage of the Growth/Decay process on multiple planes of experience to wake up the Sleeping Soul-Self and then rescue it from the Whirlpool into which it has been born.


The Corrosion Corp wants YOU!


Forthcoming is the Handbook for Numisgnostic Shamanix: SING THIS CORROSION. This will be a volume of suggested sequential adventures into the World of Guerrilla Coin Collecting.

Numisgnosis is just that: Numis meaning “Coin” and Gnosis meaning “Knowing” (as in Direct Knowing of a Spiritual Verity).

Numismatics pertains to the field of Coin Collecting but does not, in and of itself, imply any sort of “Spirituality.” Coins are recognized as valuable based on consensus agreement. An untarnished mint error might command great respect for its monetary worth in the market. The Numisgnostic, however, will find in the most “worthless” bit of battered metal the Stone rejected by the Builders.

The First Mission of the Corrosion Corp is finding one’s Entry Point. This is an relatively simply yet not altogether easy task. One finds a Penny which serves as a Gateway whereby the “Universe Next Door” is accessed. This act cannot be artificially construed. One performs an act of Mindshift ere the Power Object appears. These two movements are intrinsically linked.


Years ago I was in a phase where my work with the Tarot was “hot.” I’d lay out the cards and draw up the information with considerable and consistent incision. That statement isn’t meant to be boastful. It was simply that I was at it and in it around the clock. My skill level was high. I’d lie if I said it is the same today. “Use it or lose it” might be the operative expression.

Regardless…from the center of that cyclone, I decided to ask the cards, to beseech Thoth Himself, for an Oracle…a card for the rest of my human life. I was well aware that I could (in terms of probability) draw a really “shitty” card. The thing about this particular draw was that there were no take-backs, no “best two out of three.” It felt like asking God when and how I’d die.

One shot, one answer and one card drawn.

I went in.


What card did I draw?

It doesn’t matter. At least not to YOU. It was MY Oracle and it shot its energy through my Bodymind in that moment. It has been with me ever since. Sometimes I live in its Presence and other times I forget the event ever happened (only to be reminded months or even years later).

I don’t recommend this sort of draw to anyone. There are no take-backs.

The Penny one locates via Numisgnosis is similar to that Tarot card. Once you step through (and this comes with the Coin Contact), there is no going back. You will touch the coin in one dimension and let go of it in another.

Just like that.


Most people I know have no interest in making such a shift. Yes, they’d like things to be different. They’d prefer a painless life over a meaningful one.

“Sure, get me into the Alt-Dimension where I’m enjoying the privileges of the Rich and Famous.”

The Coin Shift doesn’t exactly do this.

No, the location of this one particular coin actually drives one deeper into the heart of Personal Karma (which is where most people would give anything NOT TO BE).


There must be an extremely powerful impetus to cross this Gate and this impetus fuels the Mindshift.

One reaches a point in this Incarnate Lifeform’s voyage where Present Time Karmic Trajectory is clearly seen as aiming for the Shithouse. This might be described in Academic parlance as Existential Angst. But something else has happened. There is an Awareness that something more bristles against the membrane of one’s life, so close and yet untouched.

It’s as if a tuning fork is striking a chord in one’s deep core.

There is an overpowering drive to return Home.

The cost of the voyage becomes inconsequential (although in terms of currency, it will be exactly ONE CENT).

Thus it is that one throws the dice and, whatever the outcome, leaps upon those cubes, jumping to the Next Universe lest the opportunity vanish.

Those who make the leap will have become Junior Members of the Corrosion Corp and are transported into the Field of Karmic Kombat, their weapons constructed through Alchemical means, making Cents of Life through the Magic Mirror of a Copper Disc.



split soul


Artflip with 1997 D Lincoln Cent

This coin was selected from a handful of loose change to function as a magical object whereby one might FLIP from one Self-Identification to Another.

There is a basic aspiration in Magical Systems toward contact-and union-with a “Higher Self.” However, this impulse may become crippled if pursued along lines of linear logic (i.e. “I sense-or imagine-a Higher or Better State of Being than in which I seem to presently exist. I am unsatisfactory but if I change enough, I might encounter-might even BECOME-the ‘Better Self’ “).

The problem with this angle is that we are attempting to open to the Higher Being from within our identification with the Lower (which we might call the “Unsatisfactory Being”).

What is needed is a sudden shift of consciousness whereby we can actually let go of the UB “on the spot.”

If we actually do this, even for just a brief moment, we will see the UB from the viewpoint of the Higher Self, which is simply an individualized extension of Perfected Being as a Whole. This creates a scenario of “Re-Entry” into Timespace. All we previously saw within ourselves (the uncomfortableness, the pain, the imagined imperfection, the “itch” to get out) is now seen as the “Playing Field” in a Spiritual Game wherein Gaming is our PASSION. This shift can be envisioned as a Penny flipped from one side to the other and turned upside down. The means to do this will be detailed further in the forthcoming book “SING THIS CORROSION” but the premise is really quite simple. It turns the Profane into the Sacred, Poison into Amrita and Duldrum into a Lovely Adventure. The goal is not to have a “tripped out experience,” reflected upon with a half-baked “Whoa,” but to wash, rinse and repeat until one Soul Shifts at Will into a life resembling Dorothy’s crash down from a black and white Kansas into a Technicolor Mission of Love.

Bardo Bear & The Rustic Chair



Artflip with 1986 D Lincoln Cent

Bardo Bear emerges into Spacetime as a Manifestation of the Flaming Loving Heart of All Being, a Form expressing the Formless and Boundless Bodhicitta inherent in All. He will also play his part in Space Hoodoo Comix as one of the critical figures in a Gnostic War which cannot be won but transmuted.

This particular token was created for my youngest son after several lovely (if tick-laden) hikes at Madison’s Cherokee Marsh where we collected fallen wood, whittled and fashioned walking sticks.

After this, my little guy had a vision. He wanted to build a chair. We’d return to the marsh and gather up more branches, taking them home to cut away the bark with our Swiss Army and Boy Scout pocket knives.

These branches became the material for a CHAIR.

If it were up to ME, I would have dilly-dallied and procrastinated on this project.

Not my son.

HE was hell-bent on making a chair and pursued his vision against any obstacle. As it goes, I’m typing these words while sitting on the very chair he crafted. It’s a simple rustic piece but to me, it’s MAGIC.

It holds the vision of my son and is marked by the first time he’s used a power drill. It was an IDEA in a young man’s head which was suddenly manifest before my eyes as a tangible object.

Now he’s talking about making a COUCH!

All I can do is accept the vision and let it flow.

In the meantime, I continue working on installments for my book on Numisgnosis which is, as the term I coined (no pun intended) implies, the use of coinage as a vehicle for direct contact and knowing of what we can call the Cosmic Mind in its myriad manifestations.

These manifestations entail Spirit Forms with whom we build relationships (those of a darker bent might say “establish traffick”) and Acts of Magic wherein we function as Co-Creators of Reality.
It’s not a book which hides behind elaborate esoterica. As the author, I personally feel it can provide a framework wherein one may enter deep initiatory zones. But this may all be put on the mind’s back-burner. I’m taking a bit of a Bantockian approach (think “The Trickster’s Hat”). Here is a fun, creative adventure. Here are my thoughts on how it might be approached. It will cost very little (and, at the beginning, nothing at all).

Alice didn’t need a ticket of admission to head on down the Rabbit’s Hole.

But now I’m rambling.

Bardo Bear is what Chogyam Trungpa calls Basic Goodness. He’s out at Cherokee Marsh. He’s doing Bodhisattva stuff. But “Bodhisattva stuff” doesn’t need to dress itself up in such an exotic term.

He’s just a Bear on a stroll.

My inspiration for the Numisgnostic Book is the boy who built the chair I’m sitting on.

This is the same boy who decorated a coin flip with Mario Bros. when his Dad began coin collecting.

A Bear.

A Chair.

The Heart Beats



Dethbot & The Cybernetic Legion of Love


Dethbot 1, Fresh from the Factory

“Dethbot 1,” as I’ll call him, was one of the earliest Coin Artflips created by son, Alex.

I had just begun to stumble into the world of Numismatics and was popping pennies into flips if I thought they might have any value beyond one cent.

I’m not sure I ever really found any “collectable copper.” That’s okay. In the end, discovering some rare “error coin” in my pants pocket wouldn’t be the point at all.

When learning how to properly label the flips I was sealing coins in, I began sharing my new interest with Alex. “Here’s where you write the name of the coin, here’s where you put the date etc.” Clearly, this process wasn’t exciting enough for a little boy and he filled the rest of the space on that little piece of cardboard…with Mario Brothers!


The Italians knew the score…in 1964!

This was brilliant!

What followed would be a variety of explorations in how to dress up a flip.

The process continues to this day. I would join Alex in the artistry and try to look at how many ways a penny, in essence a CIRCLE placed dead-center in a SQUARE, could be fashioned into a new image.

As the process continued, I began to relate to the coins as magical objects, carrying their own unique “charge” and history. The adventures of each penny would require years of research in the Akashic Records but getting a full psychometric read wouldn’t be the point, either.


Not all coins are well-met…and this one had the sad fate of finding a Nickel carrying the spirit of John Wilkes Booth

All the “experience” any given coin carried could be brought down into basic “compartments” within its energetic field. These compartments then mix to form a baseline energy. So if a coin is Harmony .50 + Discord .30 + Radiance .20, we find these qualities creating a unified picture which is the “personality” of the coin. The qualities may be directly related to esoteric astrology by reverse engineering the baseline energy through psychic exploration (which would give us, in the above equation, something along the lines of Venus .50 + Uranus .30 + Jupiter .20). Yes, this example is an overly simplified one and we could, theoretically, contruct an entire horoscope for a coin (fashioned from its karmic history and not its moment of mint). We’ll look at this in a future post as there are various tools which can be used to help analyze the content of any coin. There are other tools and methods to adjust, transform and direct the content. These include an astrological  “computer” and use of pendulum and dice.

The bottom line is that any given coin in circulation will arrive into our sphere of experience just like other people, repackaged with its own personality. And (again, just like people) we sometimes find that seeming chance encounters are really “Dates with Destiny.” We magnetize certain personas and our interactions therewith evoke action/reaction dynamics which may be of benefit to both parties’ growth, evolution and initiation.


Some Bodhisattvas incarnated in Copper 

On my own Path (literally and physically), I happened to look down into the mud at a small lakeside town in Canada. What I found was an American Cent that had crossed the border. To be precise, it was Lincoln Wheat.

These were the biggest “score” I would typically find when sorting through rolls of coins looking for double dates and such. A penny worth “more than a penny.” My son would ask if he could “crack a roll” and I’d hand him a paper-wrapped tube of fifty. This kid would disappear upstairs and come back down with 3 Wheats in his hand. I swear he was teleporting them in from Planet Lincoln.


“I’m giving this roll to the kid…because YOU suck!”  

The “Wheat at my Feet” felt like a powerful connection to his Joyful Magic as well as a link to his first flips where he could see more than just a “Circle in a Square.” So, I created “Dethbot 2” for him, a Coin of Protection and Power which has made its epic journey to get to its rightful owner and friend.


“Dethbot 2, Emissary of the Cybernetic Legion of Love”

“Deathbot 2” doesn’t need a huge esoteric commentary, however. He was built in a Secret Laboratory by a highly intelligent Coin, programmed to march onward as a mobile Beacon of Joy.

Nor is he alone:

 “Robot” has often been used as a word of derision, directed at those who trundle through life without self-reflection or personal volition. I think the term needs to be taken back. A “Bot” is a Body with its own range of potential for action. The real issue lies with the Programmer. Better yet, it rests with the PILOT who directs the Drone. Body and Form are the means whereby we enter this World and do what we came here to do. Don’t blame the Bot when it’s the Driver who’s asleep at the Wheel.

And may All Drivers be one of the “Children” John and John sing about. The “Adults” once more failed the Mission. While they looked through a Loupe and discovered a “Double-Ear,” putting it up on eBay, a little boy got the “bigger picture.”

Instead of searching for Gold, he MADE IT!

Here’s to YOU doing the same thing!




Who IS Bardo Bear?

I first encountered this Entity (and yes, I regard Bardo Bear as an ENTITY as opposed to a “character”) through the medium of the Prosperity Path Virtual Meditation Games, known to frequent players (or, perhaps better put, PRAY-ers) as “Orbs.”

Along the path one runs through a carefully constructed Bardoscape, designed to address a variety of human concerns, there is a chamber in which one encounters a lone Teddy Bear. Touching this game-object, a voice is heard, offering one of the simplest and most effective ways to lift another’s spirit:

Hugs to YOU.

It’s sweet and fun and, experiencing this in-game “pick-up” with regularity, an inner flame of basic goodwill and happiness is stirred and stoked. After all, one doesn’t typically receive a hug without giving it back at that same time.


As an enthusiast of the Prosperity Path method of gaming (which is really a magical practice), I would end up, like many others, moving from the experience of running my first Orb to collecting the “library.” Anyone who does this begins to notice that many of these game-spaces resemble each other. There is a basic map layout which is filled with a lot of the same items, scenery and so forth.

However, as each Orb is designed to address a different dilemma, we find some tweaking of the common design in our sundry runs.

One such variation really stuck out for me.

As I entered the chamber where my plush and cotton-stuffed friend would normally be waiting, I found in his place a rippling pillar of FIRE.

This Flame offered the same hug…and I knew both IT and our Teddy Bear Friend were one and the same.


The name “Bardo Bear” came to me from the get-go. It was how he introduced himself to me. There is “secret” back-story which belongs with E.J. Gold, the gamemaster who spearheaded this series of moving meditations. We will find that Teddy’s name, in the Orbs, is actually “Gladly, the Cross-Eyed Bear” and the origins of his inclusion in the idiosyncratic symbol set encountered in these virtual spaces lies with the designer. Regardless, the image of the cuddly companion who has shared a pillow with thousands of sleeping boys and girls hearkens from the realm of archetypes as much as it makes reference to an object familiar from prevalence in modern culture. B-Bear carries as much weight and meaning as suns and serpents, matrons and mountains.

Teddy is a type of totem, an animal form partaking of anthropomorphic associations. This is very much like the shape-shifting shaman who invokes any number of animal forms to enhance personal power and ability. Our bear also appears in child-guise, embodying uncorrupted innocence and play. It should be no surprise, then, that we find in this form an image of warmth, love, protection and power.

These qualities all connect to their primordial origin which is the Super-Sanity of Spirit.


One of the oldest symbols for the Divine Presence is FIRE. We can find many examples throughout human and religious history-and the symbol persists to this day. From this Ultimate Source of Life & Light radiates the Wisdom wherein we might know our True Nature as temporarily incarnate in flesh and yet abiding in Spirit. This awareness obliterates so many human reactive tendencies based on fear, itself rising rising from ignorance of the unknown coupled with self-preservation instincts hardwired into the temporal body-mind. When Gnosis floods consciousness, fear is dispelled as the True Nature of both Body and Spirit is known, opening the gates to a very childlike approach to the situation of incarnate life. By childlike, we don’t mean naive or inexperienced. Rather, there is the ability to sidestep all the encrustations of a so-called “adult world” in which the majority of human beings operate through systems built from ignorance of Spiritual Reality and default to mechanisms fed from fear.

Yes, Teddy Bears are for Children. But “Unless ye become as little children, ye shall not see the Kingdom of God.”

Of course, they crucified the guy who said that. After all, he was a huge threat to the established way of doing things. Plenty of people would be put out of business if his message ever caught on. And that prospect was certainly reacted against with FEAR.

There is actually a Fear of Fearlessness.

Two thousand years of “Christianity” doesn’t really count as a failed track run for the Way of the Living Christ when that name-swiping religion, with all its socio-political maneuvers and saturation in psychological illness, has essentially hijacked the message, distorting (or flat out ignoring) it through a myriad of convoluted and warring theologies driven by the very tendencies the Man from Nazareth attempted to show a way through.


Thus we have in Bardo Bear a type of revolutionary figure. But there is no organized agenda here. The peaceful power delivered through this fuzzy form is acceptable when kept quaint and quiet, immobile on bedcovers and relegated to an age which will, as a matter of course, be compelled to shove its eternal energies into a photo album of onesie-wearing days gone by.

I began actively working our Buddy through a series of artified coin-flips in which his smiling and playful persona was portrayed around any given US Lincoln cent. But soon, he wanted new ways to manifest, new outfits and roles to play. I drew and painted him as both Guru and Chela, a gun-toting bandito and a fighter from the future wearing Evil Eddie’s get-up from Iron Maiden’s “Caught Somewhere In Time.”


Bardo Bear was becoming more than a theme for me. He was becoming a transmitter, the means through which a particular Bodhisattva was wishing to manifest into Spacetime.

With this Influx from the “Beyond Within,” Space Hoodoo HQ has begun the work of establishing the Teddy Temple, a B-Bear Power Zone operating with its own unique “Phuzzy Physics” to empower a variety of Objects intended to carry and extend the influence of this Bodhisattva into Spacetime. This Work utilizes a type of Living Flowchart upon which its Temple Equipment is arranged and this will be further described in a later post.

The basic gist is that an Intelligent Energy Matrix (resembling a Cosmic Fire) infuses a crystaline structure within the Body of our Central Bear. From this Contact Point, replicating lines of force are directed by means of an Invocatory Process into a series of coin flips which are just as important as the coins they carry. The two go hand in hand to make the machine functional and active BUT the art is more than just a color we’ve chosen to paint the car. The specific design and its elements provide an “anatomy” for the radionic coin to operate in the owner’s sphere of experience. It is very similar to manner in which Voudon Veves work. There is a big difference between printing out “Erzulie’s Symbol” from any number of websites and actually working with-and through-that structure-or map-as a magical mirror into the Vuduverse where authentic communion may occur.

If this sounds like some half-baked psuedo-science, that’s fine. What we are really talking about is a ritual operation wherein raw energies are linked to intelligent form, the result being a type of thumb-drive to get a particular program onto the computer of your consciousness. It’s safe, virus free and will result in the opening of other files and programs you may not have even known were available on your machine.

On the simplest level, we are creating the new series of fun-flips from all previous experiments in coinological art and magic as a series of charms which are intended to be extremely affordable, highly effective and available to ALL. From serious situations to stuffing a stocking, B-Bear is preparing to launch his Legion of Love.

In conjunction with this Temple, we will be creating and releasing the BARDO BEAR ADVENTURE TAROT, Consecrated Coins and the first issue of Bardo Bear Comix as well as fully painted canvases, prints and further written material. This all goes “live” ere the Sun slips out of Scorpio. Come Centaur-Time, B-Bear Items and a variety of other projects will be available via the revamped Spacebuddhaa Website. For now, any inquiries may be directed to




WHO is Walter Mitty?

This question was first asked of me in a high school textbook where we read Thurber’s classic tale.

Is he a Victor over his humdrum life through the power of Imagination-or a wretched sap whose daydreams are always bound to be brought back to ground by a browbeating wife?

Since this is Thurber we’re talking about, we really DO have to go with the latter option.

Never the less, this short story always stayed with me and after college, I began my own Walter Mitty tale. It picked up where Thurber left off. Mitty died, a loser, and his wife prattled on about this and that at the funeral. It was as dull an event as the outer life he lived as guests mulled about, fumbled for sympathetic words and his widow kept talking about whether or not he’d look better in a different suit.

Meanwhile, Mitty had entered the Bardos and the welcoming committee was a giant Crab-Demon at the Gates of Hell. I may have been thinking of the Crab-Aliens Burroughs had written about in his Cutups-or the Egyptian Demons he described in “The Western Lands” (I’d been reading a bit of Burroughs at the time). Either way, the idea was pretty basic. Mitty is dead and now malevolent monstrosities were about to recycle his sorry ass. And what easier pickings could one ask for? Here comes the spineless one, the man who could never stick up for himself on earth, he who never enlisted let alone flew a plane into enemy territory for a smashing victory.

And at this moment, the REAL Walter Mitty stands up, a Soul who spent his human life secretly honing his battle skills, ready to move when every other person he knew would be destined for a metaphysical meat grinder.

A sword appears in Walter’s hand and he rushes the creature, slashing shimmering shell into shards and lopping off both stalked eyes with a single swing.

Behind the crumpled bits of beast, howlings rise and ripple from a stone stairwell spiraling God (or Satan) knows where.

“Bring it on,” says Mitty, now resembling Clint Eastwood. “Otherwise I will.”


I don’t think I ever finished the story but perhaps I had brought it where I needed it to go. Thurber’s humor aside, we DO live in several worlds at once. And we also DIE. What we carry with us is a form which will continue to erode and dissolve. Eventually, the Mind Itself goes and what can possibly carry the Being through at THAT point?

The Body of Habits-which is deeper than the mind.

We’ve got this life to work on the Body of Habits and then it’s the Shuttlebus. Ready or not, we’re burning up, the Etheric Body sizzling and popping away from the Astral. The Astral being blasted apart like tissue in a Thunderstorm.

Perhaps the Center of Mitty’s Bardo would be the Projection of his Wife, her sharp and overbearing voice demanding that he put away the groceries after he’s chopped every tentacle off of Cthulhu.

Yes, I think a great way to end the tale is with Mitty loading cans of green beans and peas into a cupboard-and then stopping. He turns toward his wife with a jar of pickled beets in his right hand and then HURLS THEM AT HER as a sardonic smile tightens across his face. She explodes into a Field of Light billowing into the Luminous Void and Mitty walks on through.

Final scene is a toddler playing with a plastic military jet. His Father approaches and tousles his hair.

“You know, Walt,” says the Dad (offscreen) “I think you’re going to make a fine Hero someday.”

A note from the A.F. Price and Wong Mou-Lam translation of The Diamond Sutra tells us:

“A Bodhisattva is an advancing devotee of Enlightenment. A vast and complex doctrine surrounds this difficult Sanskrit Buddhist term. It is most commonly considered to be derived from Bodhi-Enlightenment, and Sattva-a being; but we prefer the view that Sattva is related to sakta or satvan, implying a spiritual hero.”

Walter Mitty: The unassuming Rosicrucian, the Bodhisattva in disguise, a Man with a Plan to harm none, serve all and come back ready for more. I think many of us are not unlike him. Our childhood dreams of heroics, stardom, wealth or a fairy tale ending all turned into a dilapidated shack on the outskirts of town. “How did I get HERE?” I’ve heard many bemoan. How, indeed? It couldn’t have been just one wrong turn. One thing leads to another and the world is not our oyster. Not even its shell.

That is, unless we see beyond this brief moving picture show and realize there are other movies to watch, other films in which we might actively play a part and other worlds toward which our adventures on all levels are taking us.

(above illustration “Walter Mitty at the Gates of Hell,” Handpainted Artflip w/ 1947 S American Wheat Cent by Kyle Fite, 2013)