“We might approach the Tarot…with a pressing concern. It could a “mundane” worry. And this is quite allright. Michael Bertiaux’s HOARD OF GOLD lessons, for example, remind us that when we are occupied with such mundane worries, our energy and attention flows in that direction. We are thus disadvantaged with regards to our deeper purpose, to become a True Resident of the Spirit World we are now only contacting.

“It would be a crippling approach, however, if we were to postpone Initiation until we had handled our earthly struggles. Vudu has never divorced itself from the flesh and blood world we inhabit. There is no need to divide the so called “Profane” from the Sublime and Spiritual. If we enter each Query with a view toward our unfolding Spiritual Vision, we can “hijack” the situation and feed its energy into our own Soul-Growth.”

-from the Metamorphic Tarot of the Spirits 


This Tarot has been a long time coming. Especially for those who pre-ordered in 2015. It originated as the “Lucky Hoodoo Tarot” in Wisconsin, 2014. The sketches and half done paintings were transported to British Columbia where work on them continued. At one point, the images were soaked in the waters of Kootenay Bay and cut into with blades to add texture. The Hoodoo Pilot Bardo Tarot and Bardo Bear Storytime Tarot were generated but the Metamorphic Tarot remained unfinished. It returned to Wisconsin in a snowstorm, endured a Season of Sweat and is now FINISHED.

The deck and accompanying book with tipped on color plate will be sent out to those who have ordered it by the end of the week. The deepest appreciation is sent to those who have patiently waited for their cards to arrive.

The METAMORPHIC TAROT gave birth to the Space Buddhaa Angelic Contact Tarot which is in process. This deck will have no pre-order and will only be offered after completion.

We hope those who receive the METAMORPHIC TAROT enjoy it and find in its gallery of images a Doorway into the Vuduverse.



2 thoughts on “METAMORPH!”

  1. Dear Kyle,Is it too late to ask for this deck? Is it 64? If I can still order it, please let me know. You may like this Kyle. I had a dream this morning before waking. I was in a carnival setting, like at a fair, and walking along, a little vending booth had a beautiful young blond woman working in it, she was down below the counter, scrubbing some stainless and it was mirror like in reflections. I sat, patiently waiting for her to take notice of a new patron. She sees me and asks, what would you like? Coffee I say, and I am noticing the coffee is grey colors. I asked, why grey? All the customers on the counter say, we all have it, grey coffee is in all the cups, and she assures me, it’s fine, no worry. As soon as they said this, my husband woke me saying, coffees ready, time to wake up.  Anyway Kyle, knowing your great appreciation for coffee, I thought to share this dream. I see you appreciate Lillith, as do I, immensly. Tell a hello and hug to Space Buddha Z… let me know cost and possibility to still order some of these great Tarot keys.Happy to Be,Becky

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