The Core of Corrosion

The Agents of Corrosion (i.e. the Copper Carrying Coterie of the Corrosion Corp) are linked via this Group to the Motherboard and Mainframe which is known as the Cult of Phred.

What IS the Cult of Phred-and how could anyone take such a name seriously when there are so many high fallutin’ Latin, French and Enochian Words to use)?

The Cultus (as we were wont to call it) began as a joke made decades ago by a high schooler I never met. The joke was caught in a psychic net by the First Agent. This would be developed to a degree and then passed onto myself when, under auspicious circumstances, I met the First Agent in Rockford, Illinois c. 1997.

As the Second Agent, I took the Cabalistic Cues surrounding this occasion and sent the Yellow Tennis Ball with Smiley Face back across the Court of Last Resort.

The Score?

Love Under Will.

We would go on to discover the Haunted Photocopier and the Cryptic Crossword, receive Communications from the Ghost of William Burroughs and begin mapping the Psychosphere of the American Midwest from one Dunkin Donuts to another. Later on we would locate a tentacled monstrosity occupying the skies above Vienna.


“I’d have spoken to others but these guys were the only ones online at the time…”

The result of all these impossible to believe, yet wholly true, adventures was a Manifesto on the Elixir Vitae which begins with the growth of a single sentient coffee bean in Africa.


All four elements evoke the Triple Tongued Flame in this photo taken at Space Buddhaa HQ in Kootenay Bay, B.C 

If this sounds more Doom Patrol than Golden Dawn, it was…and is.

The First Agent died in 2002.

I had received an audio-missive from him where he stated with clarity and sobriety:

“Life is a Game.

“But it’s a very Serious Game…”


Some messages will come through no matter what….

Now, I recall when I first became enamored with William Blake. I was a teenager and devoured his works with an obsessive rapacity. I quickly learned, through biographical accounts, of his Brother, Robert, with whom William claimed to be in Spirit-Contact. It would be Robert who helped William develop his unique method of printmaking from beyond the grave.

As a young and inexperienced teen-primate seeking to “become himself,” I sought to be like Blake. I guess the 80’s rock stars just didn’t cut it as role-models. My classmates sported the look and sputtered out the (non) values. Meanwhile, I carried around a volume of essays by Harold Bloom and felt that I was nearing Escape Velocity.


“My Name is Harold Bloom…and I’m a Role Model for Teenagers. Now put down the Potter and go read some Milton. ” 

Time is folding inward.

The Past is throwing up its Gems as a tidal wave crushes the beach. The Future is showering down Stars which set fire to the Urth.

Corrosion implies two things:

Dissolution and Growth.

As alluded to in our last blog, the Numisgnostic doesn’t “grade coins” as does the Numismatic. The most wretched and worn of discs may very well serve as the Cornerstone for a Church Not Made With Hands.

Copper is the Conductor-not the THING ITSELF.


A Magical Mirror in Action 

In this sense, Numisgnosis connects to Spagyrics.

Hell, your HUMAN BODY connects to Spagyrics. It is an ongoing process where growth and decay rely upon each other. As a Branch of Alchemy, we bear influence on the automatic process of Growth/Decay to give it a new direction in accordance with particular spiritual aims.

Those who align with the Corrosion Corp do so in conjunction with the Cult of Phred (C.o.P.) and, thus, become “Coppers.”
This makes of the Initiate a Magical Mirror, a Conductor (implying both Mediumship and active participation in directing movement-and, thus, consequence/effect-on the train track gridwork of experience).


This Question cost the First Agent his Mortal Life. It wasn’t pretty. In fact, it sucked Donkey Balls. Total Fucking Hell.

I helped pull the necktie from his dead throat.

“A Serious Game,” indeed.

These days I’m in Communion with Agent One. It’s a Time Jump from imagining how Robert Blake communicated with his Brother to being in the same sort of direct communication with Agent One.

In essence, The Corrosion Corp takes advantage of the Growth/Decay process on multiple planes of experience to wake up the Sleeping Soul-Self and then rescue it from the Whirlpool into which it has been born.


The Corrosion Corp wants YOU!


Forthcoming is the Handbook for Numisgnostic Shamanix: SING THIS CORROSION. This will be a volume of suggested sequential adventures into the World of Guerrilla Coin Collecting.

Numisgnosis is just that: Numis meaning “Coin” and Gnosis meaning “Knowing” (as in Direct Knowing of a Spiritual Verity).

Numismatics pertains to the field of Coin Collecting but does not, in and of itself, imply any sort of “Spirituality.” Coins are recognized as valuable based on consensus agreement. An untarnished mint error might command great respect for its monetary worth in the market. The Numisgnostic, however, will find in the most “worthless” bit of battered metal the Stone rejected by the Builders.

The First Mission of the Corrosion Corp is finding one’s Entry Point. This is an relatively simply yet not altogether easy task. One finds a Penny which serves as a Gateway whereby the “Universe Next Door” is accessed. This act cannot be artificially construed. One performs an act of Mindshift ere the Power Object appears. These two movements are intrinsically linked.


Years ago I was in a phase where my work with the Tarot was “hot.” I’d lay out the cards and draw up the information with considerable and consistent incision. That statement isn’t meant to be boastful. It was simply that I was at it and in it around the clock. My skill level was high. I’d lie if I said it is the same today. “Use it or lose it” might be the operative expression.

Regardless…from the center of that cyclone, I decided to ask the cards, to beseech Thoth Himself, for an Oracle…a card for the rest of my human life. I was well aware that I could (in terms of probability) draw a really “shitty” card. The thing about this particular draw was that there were no take-backs, no “best two out of three.” It felt like asking God when and how I’d die.

One shot, one answer and one card drawn.

I went in.


What card did I draw?

It doesn’t matter. At least not to YOU. It was MY Oracle and it shot its energy through my Bodymind in that moment. It has been with me ever since. Sometimes I live in its Presence and other times I forget the event ever happened (only to be reminded months or even years later).

I don’t recommend this sort of draw to anyone. There are no take-backs.

The Penny one locates via Numisgnosis is similar to that Tarot card. Once you step through (and this comes with the Coin Contact), there is no going back. You will touch the coin in one dimension and let go of it in another.

Just like that.


Most people I know have no interest in making such a shift. Yes, they’d like things to be different. They’d prefer a painless life over a meaningful one.

“Sure, get me into the Alt-Dimension where I’m enjoying the privileges of the Rich and Famous.”

The Coin Shift doesn’t exactly do this.

No, the location of this one particular coin actually drives one deeper into the heart of Personal Karma (which is where most people would give anything NOT TO BE).


There must be an extremely powerful impetus to cross this Gate and this impetus fuels the Mindshift.

One reaches a point in this Incarnate Lifeform’s voyage where Present Time Karmic Trajectory is clearly seen as aiming for the Shithouse. This might be described in Academic parlance as Existential Angst. But something else has happened. There is an Awareness that something more bristles against the membrane of one’s life, so close and yet untouched.

It’s as if a tuning fork is striking a chord in one’s deep core.

There is an overpowering drive to return Home.

The cost of the voyage becomes inconsequential (although in terms of currency, it will be exactly ONE CENT).

Thus it is that one throws the dice and, whatever the outcome, leaps upon those cubes, jumping to the Next Universe lest the opportunity vanish.

Those who make the leap will have become Junior Members of the Corrosion Corp and are transported into the Field of Karmic Kombat, their weapons constructed through Alchemical means, making Cents of Life through the Magic Mirror of a Copper Disc.