split soul


Artflip with 1997 D Lincoln Cent

This coin was selected from a handful of loose change to function as a magical object whereby one might FLIP from one Self-Identification to Another.

There is a basic aspiration in Magical Systems toward contact-and union-with a “Higher Self.” However, this impulse may become crippled if pursued along lines of linear logic (i.e. “I sense-or imagine-a Higher or Better State of Being than in which I seem to presently exist. I am unsatisfactory but if I change enough, I might encounter-might even BECOME-the ‘Better Self’ “).

The problem with this angle is that we are attempting to open to the Higher Being from within our identification with the Lower (which we might call the “Unsatisfactory Being”).

What is needed is a sudden shift of consciousness whereby we can actually let go of the UB “on the spot.”

If we actually do this, even for just a brief moment, we will see the UB from the viewpoint of the Higher Self, which is simply an individualized extension of Perfected Being as a Whole. This creates a scenario of “Re-Entry” into Timespace. All we previously saw within ourselves (the uncomfortableness, the pain, the imagined imperfection, the “itch” to get out) is now seen as the “Playing Field” in a Spiritual Game wherein Gaming is our PASSION. This shift can be envisioned as a Penny flipped from one side to the other and turned upside down. The means to do this will be detailed further in the forthcoming book “SING THIS CORROSION” but the premise is really quite simple. It turns the Profane into the Sacred, Poison into Amrita and Duldrum into a Lovely Adventure. The goal is not to have a “tripped out experience,” reflected upon with a half-baked “Whoa,” but to wash, rinse and repeat until one Soul Shifts at Will into a life resembling Dorothy’s crash down from a black and white Kansas into a Technicolor Mission of Love.

Bardo Bear & The Rustic Chair



Artflip with 1986 D Lincoln Cent

Bardo Bear emerges into Spacetime as a Manifestation of the Flaming Loving Heart of All Being, a Form expressing the Formless and Boundless Bodhicitta inherent in All. He will also play his part in Space Hoodoo Comix as one of the critical figures in a Gnostic War which cannot be won but transmuted.

This particular token was created for my youngest son after several lovely (if tick-laden) hikes at Madison’s Cherokee Marsh where we collected fallen wood, whittled and fashioned walking sticks.

After this, my little guy had a vision. He wanted to build a chair. We’d return to the marsh and gather up more branches, taking them home to cut away the bark with our Swiss Army and Boy Scout pocket knives.

These branches became the material for a CHAIR.

If it were up to ME, I would have dilly-dallied and procrastinated on this project.

Not my son.

HE was hell-bent on making a chair and pursued his vision against any obstacle. As it goes, I’m typing these words while sitting on the very chair he crafted. It’s a simple rustic piece but to me, it’s MAGIC.

It holds the vision of my son and is marked by the first time he’s used a power drill. It was an IDEA in a young man’s head which was suddenly manifest before my eyes as a tangible object.

Now he’s talking about making a COUCH!

All I can do is accept the vision and let it flow.

In the meantime, I continue working on installments for my book on Numisgnosis which is, as the term I coined (no pun intended) implies, the use of coinage as a vehicle for direct contact and knowing of what we can call the Cosmic Mind in its myriad manifestations.

These manifestations entail Spirit Forms with whom we build relationships (those of a darker bent might say “establish traffick”) and Acts of Magic wherein we function as Co-Creators of Reality.
It’s not a book which hides behind elaborate esoterica. As the author, I personally feel it can provide a framework wherein one may enter deep initiatory zones. But this may all be put on the mind’s back-burner. I’m taking a bit of a Bantockian approach (think “The Trickster’s Hat”). Here is a fun, creative adventure. Here are my thoughts on how it might be approached. It will cost very little (and, at the beginning, nothing at all).

Alice didn’t need a ticket of admission to head on down the Rabbit’s Hole.

But now I’m rambling.

Bardo Bear is what Chogyam Trungpa calls Basic Goodness. He’s out at Cherokee Marsh. He’s doing Bodhisattva stuff. But “Bodhisattva stuff” doesn’t need to dress itself up in such an exotic term.

He’s just a Bear on a stroll.

My inspiration for the Numisgnostic Book is the boy who built the chair I’m sitting on.

This is the same boy who decorated a coin flip with Mario Bros. when his Dad began coin collecting.

A Bear.

A Chair.

The Heart Beats