Spirit Window of the Eastern Gate (without Sigil)

For sometime now, I have felt indebted, beyond requisite offerings, to the Spirits of Lucky Hoodoo for their continued Presence in my Life and Work. I knew there was a project of some sort which I would set about alongside them, not as “pay back” but as a cooperative labor which would serve the extension of the Hoodoo Empire in Spacetime.

As Sovereign Grand Master of the OTOA-LCN, I have, of course, worked with numerous students of this highly organic system of Spiritism but, as Rev. Michael Bertiaux has, himself, been quick to emphasize, the Path of Lucky Hoodoo is both real and operative outside of any group or magical order which might wish to contain it. OTOA-LCN, therefore, serves as a “Magical Machine” in the field of Hoodoo Research but never holds the “secrets” from those working outside of its Sanctuaries. This simply cannot be done for it is the Spirits Themselves who reveal their Mysteries through Mediumistic Communion.


Spirit Window of the Southern Gate (detail)

What CAN be done, however, is active contribution to the growing body of material being created, conjured and conveyed through ongoing magical practice in this arena. Some of our findings must remain private only because they are wholly personal. Others might be fruitfully shared with the larger community in the same fashion that one might contribute to any journal of research. There are opportunities for exciting exchange in the “marketplace” with an eye toward enhancing our own ontological experience.


LEGBHA-LUAGE (without Sigil)

Initially, I had anticipated some sort of written endeavor, branching off from the Introductory material given by Rev. Bertiaux at the opening of his magnificent Voudon-Gnostic Workbook. This was never envisioned as any sort of “improvement” on the work of the Master but rather an elaboration in which I could give expression to my own individual exploration and extensions of Hoodoo Working in an esoteric vein.

From this desire (and also to address some particular problems expressed to me by students of the LH Grimoire), I began penning the “Becoming Hoodoo” series with the intent of examining the not always apparent connections between the raw and amoral sorcery of elemental Hoodoo magic and the high ideals of Seven Ray Monastery Gnosticism.


Spirit Window of the Northern Gate (without Sigil)

These essays were produced piecemeal and anthologized via a number of small occult publications. As I was asked about these by many who were unable to purchase the books in which they appeared, I have put up most of the written material here on my blog that they might be enjoyed by all.

After arriving in British Columbia this past autumn, it became clear that there was further work to do along these lines and it would be during travel over the waters of Kootenay Bay that the Hoodoo rose up to delineate the next phase of this work.
It began simply enough with a series of drawings intended to be used on my own altarspace. From this bout of sketching, directions came in as to how this simple series of images could unfold into an ongoing work of use to others who were, likewise, connecting with the Spirits in their own homes and lives. From this impress I have designed, painted and assembled the LUCKY HOODOO SPIRIT WINDOWS which are meant to be actively used in conjunction with the LH Altarspace of the VGW.

The four Spirit Windows may certainly be enjoyed on their own merit as art pieces, although the intent behind them is for active use in esoteric work. In writing up a commentary on the use of these images, I found that I had returned to the “Becoming Hoodoo” project with a stand-alone entry in which I could continue sharing from my personal vision of the Hoodooverse. I moved rapidly from a pamphlet to a paper and the result is the small volume entitled SPIRIT WINDOWS.
In writing this first of a new series of booklets in the Voudon-Gnostic tradition, I’ve continued to take the approach which has developed in the Becoming Hoodoo papers, blending information, personal anecdote and vision. These booklets will also contain commentary by Michael Bertiaux selected, respectfully and with blessing, from many private communications over the years.


Resurrection (from the LH Tarot-forthcoming)

We are presently offering these images for purchase as part of a SPIRIT WINDOW package which consists of the following:

1) The four Spirit Window images (each plate sigilized by hand and mounted on heavy stock)
2) The Spirit Windows Book of Commentary & Instruction with tipped on and signed color plate of LEGBHA-LUAGE
3) One LH SPIRIT CONTACT COIN sealed in its own handpainted COINFLIP
4) One bag of handmade LH incense used in the consecration of the above items (also intended to be applied in conjunction with Hoodoo Ritual).

The SPIRIT WINDOWS package is offered at $55 + shipping. This is a LIMITED SERIES of TWENTY FOUR packages only and will not be reproduced after these are gone.

If interested in obtaining and working with these, please contact us at

Wishing you all Blessings of the Spirits on your Soulquest!


Dry Bones Dance (from the LH Tarot-forthcoming)



The “Tiki Cultus” is very Adamic in Nature. Tiki was the first Man and his adventures, as such, follow closely after the mishaps attending the Clay Creation of the Book of Genesis. However, unlike the well-known Adam, Tiki has become an emblem of Protection, a Guardian Spirit at various important Gateways and Thresholds. His ferocity contains the bite and bitterness of the human “set-up” via creation: a Being thrown into the World of Spacetime with its enticements and suffering. On the flip side, Tiki carries the Wisdom and Power rippling at the Dawn of Consciousness, a direct connection to the Divine Influx back of the Human Game. He is, therefore, well suited to serve as Protector of Sacred Sites and Forbidden Places.


To encounter Tiki is to come face to face with the Essence of own’s Core Self. We are reminded of Indiana Jones, who understood that “The Penitent Man is humble before God.” We do not impose our seemingly sophisticated selfhood onto Tiki. We recognize Tiki within ourselves and, thereby, pass the Gate.


Space Hoodoo HQ offers our latest Greeting Card collection, the TIKI SERIES, for $20 + post. This set includes 5 greeting cards with tipped on color plates, each one hand signed and suitable for framing.


Please contact us at if interested in purchasing a set of these cards. Larger orders will be discounted. We hope you-and those you write to-will enjoy these Guardian Spirits as they appear in the post to deliver Goodwill and a Smile!



Following our last blog, Space Hoodoo is now offering our first series of Greetings Cards.

Each card measures 5″ by 7″, comes in sleeve with envelope and is hand made with tipped on and hand signed color plate, suitable for framing. All cards are ready for an address, stamp and message from YOU to anyone on the Christmas List or whose day you wish to brighten!

Offerings are as follows:













































All cards are in stock and ready to mail in time for the Holidays but numbers are limited. Cards are offered at $4 each, 3 for $10 and 12 for $35. Please contact us via with any inquiries or orders!

And get ready to WRITE!


It’s not HARD to send a CARD!


Selection of Greeting Cards hot off the press at Space Hoodoo HQ

After a recent flurry of painting, we’ve finally got the first set of greeting cards ready to ship from Space Hoodoo HQ!

Before offering the images with my next blog, I really want to say a few words about the importance of the greeting card as a means of communication in our modern era.

Quite simply, to send someone a handwritten letter (or even a few paragraphs inside a greeting card) is-IMO-far superior to any “pm” on Facebook, email, text or other electronic communication. In our present culture, addiction to the “instant” has grown to such a degree that many of us can overlook the MAGIC which is imparted through the written word and passed through the postal service. And there is now an entire generation which has no idea what correspondence via mail is even ABOUT. I knew a teenager who not only had to ask what her zip code was but had to ask where the stamp goes!

I began writing letters as child. It was a very simple thing. I’d receive birthday cards or gifts in the mail from relatives and my Mom always insisted that I write a thank you letter in return.


“What should I say?”

I was given some guidance as to how to write a little letter. How to acknowledge what was sent, to share what was happening at school or home, ask a few questions (even if it was simply “How are you doing?”). I’d draw a little picture at the bottom of the paper and pop it into the mail.

The result of asking my Grandfather what was going on with HIM was ANOTHER letter sent back to me. Soon we were writing back and forth and he became my first “pen-pal.” And getting a LETTER in the mail was as exciting as receiving a gift.

Really, ALL letters are gifts.

They are wrapped up (sealed in an envelope whose mysterious content is hidden and must be opened) and decorated with a ribbon and bow (hand-written address, stamp, cancellation).


The REAL Santa Claus makes his rounds! 

Inside, there is a present: the experience of the words. There is an energy and personality conveyed through our handwriting which can never be matched by the non-descript font of a text. And, furthermore, there is a natural gravitation to much more intentional content. If I send a letter, I am well aware that it could take 2-12 days to reach its recipient. Is what I have to say “still good” after that timeframe? It HAS to be! Otherwise, it may as well be tapped out with two thumbs on a smartphone before it goes bad in the fridge.

This is the origin of the Love Letter…received two weeks later from a foreign country and meant to truly touch the heart of the beloved.

Philip Dick put down much of his Spiritual Vision in letters to friends. And at the end, he would sign “Love, Dick.” A treasure trove of wisdom, thought provocation, amusement, emotion and finally that personal connection which says: I am sharing this all with you as my FRIEND.


Phil had a LOT to say! 

William Burroughs LIVED for the mail. In Tangier, he wrote constantly to his friends while alienated (and yet creatively driven). In one such missive, he was BEGGING for reply, declaring the letters he received to be a lifeline. He NEEDED them.

But a letter doesn’t need to be some earth-shaking event. It can be a simple means of touching another with something more personal and lasting than another set of sentences shot into the sea of superinformation for ADD consumers.

bill x-man

Even Bill Burroughs knew the Power of the CARD!   

Nichiren Daishonin, the Buddhist Sage, was well know for writing THANK YOU LETTERS to his sundry disciples. Some of these letters are very short but one gets the distinct impression that whenever he was gifted with ANYTHING, however humble an offering as it may have been, he dipped into the sumi ink and sent a grateful letter, with words of blessing, in return.


“Dear Dave, Thanks for the card with the funny dog cartoon. Love, Nichiren.”  

An example of this Spirit is found here. I had sent a gift to the Magical Genius, Kenneth Grant. He sent this simple postcard in reply:

ken grant

Mr. Grant was an elderly man when he penned these few words and we did not have a “personal” relationship. And yet he took a moment to express gratitude. Myself, I was thrilled and delighted when I checked the mail and found this item in my postbox!

Another simple-yet wonderful-thing which can be done with letters and cards is the enclosure. A newspaper article, a delightful image from a magazine, some little object which makes you think of someone. I have even PRINTED OUT articles from the web to MAIL to people. This stops the flow of overwhelming info and gives pause to deeply consider what is written. A fascinating science article, a human interest story which made you think of someone in the same situation.

A lot of folks have expressed to me that they aren’t good at writing letters. Same folks who communicate non-stop with their devices daily. There are a few little ways to get over the hump of not following through with the desire or good intention of sending a letter:

1) Pre-address the envelope. You may not even know WHAT you wish to say to someone-but you know they’ll really enjoy finding your letter in the mailbox. Once the envelope is addressed and stamped, you only have to stuff something into it and the job is DONE!

2) The Greeting Card: This establishes what is called, in art, a “limited palette.” With a typical card, you have two small sides to write on. There is no burdensome commitment to write page after page. The Greeting Card is small enough to handle a very simple communication and, for the voluminous writer, it presents a unique challenge in condensing thoughts.

3) Body Format: This is the structure of the letter. It begins with the recipient’s name and ends with your own. There is the opening greeting (“How have you been? I was thinking about you the other day and wanted to share a funny thought with you…”) and the closing (“Allright, this is all for now. I hope you and S are doing well and surviving the cold up North. M sends her love and, of course, so do I! Take care and have a great one! Love, D”).

After the opening, you can simply communicate the “main body” of your letter. In our example, this would be the “funny thought”:

“So I ran into this lady at the supermarket and she was wearing the same shirt you used to have in high school. I actually struck up a small conversation with her and she said the SAME THING you used to about it…the design reminded her of an angel! Isn’t that weird? Maybe there’s some message coming through….from the Angels!” (insert a hand-drawn smiley face).

From this, you can squeeze in a little info and also some personal affection: “I’ve been back to the doctor for my condition. He says it’s not getting any better but I feel pretty good most days. I did have some blurriness of vision last week and almost drove the car into the mailbox. That wouldn’t have been too impressive to M. Anyway, I always keep in mind how you handled X and never let it get your spirits down. You really inspired me during that time and I miss having you around, especially these days.”

At this point, your Greeting Card is likely filled! And off it goes.


Rick Lane got cool mail in 1940.

I know lots of people who still send cards to family and friends every Christmas but couldn’t do so at any other time of the year if their life depended on it. When we’re talking about the greeting card here, we’re not discussing the obligatory but the VOLUNTARY. Nothing says I don’t give a shit about you like those annual newsletters you get from some distant Aunt in December. Unless, of course, you really CARE about the fact that your second-cousin is still working at the factory and expecting his 10th child.

There was a very interesting video I recently saw called “What Facebook is doing to your Brain.” The essence of the presentation was that, in this age where we are connected to more people with instantaneous speed of communication, we are experiencing a breakdown of personal contact. Furthermore, the average human being can only maintain so many intimate relationships in his or her life. Can you imagine trying to keep up with 1,000 correspondents via MAIL?

Writing letters naturally weeds out those who are superficial contacts. Try two months of writing by mail and you’ll get some insight into who is really important to you.

And, finally, letters LAST. A decent Greeting Card is not some dumb-ass generic sentiment you found at the grocery store while picking up a bottle of ketchup. You want to buy cards that are unique and express something of your SPIRIT-or acknowledge that of the recipient. I sold one of my Little Dancing Skeleton cards to an older woman this morning who thought her son would enjoy it because she knew he liked the band KORN.


Another customer purchased my B-Bear Sun card because her daughter was going through tough times and she always used to sing her “You are my sunshine…”


The simple paper package now becomes a Blessing Machine, a means to literally SEND LOVE.

This was, perhaps, easier in by-gone days when phones were still plugged into walls, long-distance calls had to be budgeted for and the mail was used for more than paying the few bills still sent by paper. People used to write more. We’re not just talking about the “Men of Letters.” It was an everyday part of how we stayed in touch.

The internet has not improved on this.

No, I’m not suggesting that online communications are “bad.” I’m using the medium to convey these thoughts right now!

What I AM saying is that there is a different and much more powerful way to touch people, to give them a part of YOURSELF.

Example: a friend of mine knew I was collecting pennies and using them in art and metaphysics. She lived in the SAME TOWN as me and yet taped them all into a card, wrote a kind message and sent them in the mail. I am STILL touched by this thoughtfulness and kindness.

YOU can do the same thing! And it doesn’t have to be a one time deal. Brew up a pot of coffee and sit down once a week to knock off 3 or 4 cards to those you love. You can also do this with your kids. God knows the internet isn’t going to provide encouragement in this department!

We’ll be posting a blog soon with our own offerings in the realm of Art Cards, each one made by hand with a tipped on and hand-signed color plate. Each card measures 5″ by 7″ and may be framed as an art piece, also. These will be mailed straight to your home-but hopefully they won’t STAY THERE!

We’ll be posting pics of the first round of cards shortly!

-Hoodoo & Space





This set of cards has been designed to be used in a variety of fashions.

On one hand, the B-Bear deck is a TAROT: 78 cards divided into Major and Minor Arcana. The Major cards all have connection to the basic themes expressed in the 22 Greater Trumps as we’ve come to know and love them-and one may certainly read them along such lines. The Minor cards, however, begin to veer away from the division into four Suits and fall into categories of People, Places and Things. This is where the “Storytime Adventure” aspect comes into play!

You’ll find Ray Guns…


Slumbering Mummies…


…and Samurai Pigs!


When laying out the cards, each one should be considered as a element in a tale that has yet to be told. Instead of utilizing Tarot spreads indicating factors at play with direct consideration of a Querent’s question, the B-Bear Tarot fills spaces in a developing storyline. This storyline may, indeed, be used as an oracle regarding any area of concern by transposition onto the scenario. However, it is recommended that the user of this deck get familiar with the function of these cards through practice with generating simple stories before relating these tales to the question at hand.


“The Star” – Know it…and THROW IT!  

A very simple approach to this practice may be designating three “slots,” one for each developing part of the “adventure.” Card one sets the “scene,” tells us where we are at and, perhaps, introduces a main character. Card two interjects a new factor (person, place or thing) into this setting-and card three indicates how this interaction plays out.


Death is never the end in the B-Bear Tarot! 

Because of the diversity of images, a storyline may not be immediately apparent. This is where the reader will need to consider what, exactly, is being expressed in each card. It would be quite easy, for example, to look at the Space Bear card (allocated to The World or Universe in traditional Tarot decks) and begin the story with: “There was a Teddy Bear who went to the Moon…” The IMPLICATIONS of the card, however, may be a theme of exploration, travel, shifting of circumstance, victory, pride and so forth. Depending on where the card falls, the IDEA one is hit with may be more applicable to a successful story than a surface read.


“Space Bear” -He’s OUT THERE! 

This approach and others are discussed in the accompanying chapbook for the B-Bear Tarot.

This deck is a multidimensional tool and will work on many levels. It is a sweet and fun set of images and “safe” for any little one who would wish to create their own stories. Parents can share in this with their kids, working together to build an adventure.

Beyond this, the deck is tool for “kids of all ages” to generate an unfolding plot which may be related to deep levels of psychology. This is where the images give rise to personal mythmaking and explorations of a Jungian nature. Examples of this will be provided in the book.


“The Hanged Bear” -seeing the world from a different point of view!

We are already working on Booster Packs for this deck (and this may be the first time in Tarot History that a deck extends into Boosters!). This will allow card switch-outs to introduce focused themes in the B-Bear Universe (such as the Mayan Adventure with “Little Quetzalcoatl”).

The BARDO BEAR STORYTIME ADVENTURE TAROT is offered for $50 + post. Each deck includes accompanying chapbook with tipped on color plate for removal and framing, if wished.

Please contact us at if interested in having one of these decks.

It’s an Adventure….


Mars Attacks…B-Bear and D-Fly fight back! 



Who IS Bardo Bear?

I first encountered this Entity (and yes, I regard Bardo Bear as an ENTITY as opposed to a “character”) through the medium of the Prosperity Path Virtual Meditation Games, known to frequent players (or, perhaps better put, PRAY-ers) as “Orbs.”

Along the path one runs through a carefully constructed Bardoscape, designed to address a variety of human concerns, there is a chamber in which one encounters a lone Teddy Bear. Touching this game-object, a voice is heard, offering one of the simplest and most effective ways to lift another’s spirit:

Hugs to YOU.

It’s sweet and fun and, experiencing this in-game “pick-up” with regularity, an inner flame of basic goodwill and happiness is stirred and stoked. After all, one doesn’t typically receive a hug without giving it back at that same time.


As an enthusiast of the Prosperity Path method of gaming (which is really a magical practice), I would end up, like many others, moving from the experience of running my first Orb to collecting the “library.” Anyone who does this begins to notice that many of these game-spaces resemble each other. There is a basic map layout which is filled with a lot of the same items, scenery and so forth.

However, as each Orb is designed to address a different dilemma, we find some tweaking of the common design in our sundry runs.

One such variation really stuck out for me.

As I entered the chamber where my plush and cotton-stuffed friend would normally be waiting, I found in his place a rippling pillar of FIRE.

This Flame offered the same hug…and I knew both IT and our Teddy Bear Friend were one and the same.


The name “Bardo Bear” came to me from the get-go. It was how he introduced himself to me. There is “secret” back-story which belongs with E.J. Gold, the gamemaster who spearheaded this series of moving meditations. We will find that Teddy’s name, in the Orbs, is actually “Gladly, the Cross-Eyed Bear” and the origins of his inclusion in the idiosyncratic symbol set encountered in these virtual spaces lies with the designer. Regardless, the image of the cuddly companion who has shared a pillow with thousands of sleeping boys and girls hearkens from the realm of archetypes as much as it makes reference to an object familiar from prevalence in modern culture. B-Bear carries as much weight and meaning as suns and serpents, matrons and mountains.

Teddy is a type of totem, an animal form partaking of anthropomorphic associations. This is very much like the shape-shifting shaman who invokes any number of animal forms to enhance personal power and ability. Our bear also appears in child-guise, embodying uncorrupted innocence and play. It should be no surprise, then, that we find in this form an image of warmth, love, protection and power.

These qualities all connect to their primordial origin which is the Super-Sanity of Spirit.


One of the oldest symbols for the Divine Presence is FIRE. We can find many examples throughout human and religious history-and the symbol persists to this day. From this Ultimate Source of Life & Light radiates the Wisdom wherein we might know our True Nature as temporarily incarnate in flesh and yet abiding in Spirit. This awareness obliterates so many human reactive tendencies based on fear, itself rising rising from ignorance of the unknown coupled with self-preservation instincts hardwired into the temporal body-mind. When Gnosis floods consciousness, fear is dispelled as the True Nature of both Body and Spirit is known, opening the gates to a very childlike approach to the situation of incarnate life. By childlike, we don’t mean naive or inexperienced. Rather, there is the ability to sidestep all the encrustations of a so-called “adult world” in which the majority of human beings operate through systems built from ignorance of Spiritual Reality and default to mechanisms fed from fear.

Yes, Teddy Bears are for Children. But “Unless ye become as little children, ye shall not see the Kingdom of God.”

Of course, they crucified the guy who said that. After all, he was a huge threat to the established way of doing things. Plenty of people would be put out of business if his message ever caught on. And that prospect was certainly reacted against with FEAR.

There is actually a Fear of Fearlessness.

Two thousand years of “Christianity” doesn’t really count as a failed track run for the Way of the Living Christ when that name-swiping religion, with all its socio-political maneuvers and saturation in psychological illness, has essentially hijacked the message, distorting (or flat out ignoring) it through a myriad of convoluted and warring theologies driven by the very tendencies the Man from Nazareth attempted to show a way through.


Thus we have in Bardo Bear a type of revolutionary figure. But there is no organized agenda here. The peaceful power delivered through this fuzzy form is acceptable when kept quaint and quiet, immobile on bedcovers and relegated to an age which will, as a matter of course, be compelled to shove its eternal energies into a photo album of onesie-wearing days gone by.

I began actively working our Buddy through a series of artified coin-flips in which his smiling and playful persona was portrayed around any given US Lincoln cent. But soon, he wanted new ways to manifest, new outfits and roles to play. I drew and painted him as both Guru and Chela, a gun-toting bandito and a fighter from the future wearing Evil Eddie’s get-up from Iron Maiden’s “Caught Somewhere In Time.”


Bardo Bear was becoming more than a theme for me. He was becoming a transmitter, the means through which a particular Bodhisattva was wishing to manifest into Spacetime.

With this Influx from the “Beyond Within,” Space Hoodoo HQ has begun the work of establishing the Teddy Temple, a B-Bear Power Zone operating with its own unique “Phuzzy Physics” to empower a variety of Objects intended to carry and extend the influence of this Bodhisattva into Spacetime. This Work utilizes a type of Living Flowchart upon which its Temple Equipment is arranged and this will be further described in a later post.

The basic gist is that an Intelligent Energy Matrix (resembling a Cosmic Fire) infuses a crystaline structure within the Body of our Central Bear. From this Contact Point, replicating lines of force are directed by means of an Invocatory Process into a series of coin flips which are just as important as the coins they carry. The two go hand in hand to make the machine functional and active BUT the art is more than just a color we’ve chosen to paint the car. The specific design and its elements provide an “anatomy” for the radionic coin to operate in the owner’s sphere of experience. It is very similar to manner in which Voudon Veves work. There is a big difference between printing out “Erzulie’s Symbol” from any number of websites and actually working with-and through-that structure-or map-as a magical mirror into the Vuduverse where authentic communion may occur.

If this sounds like some half-baked psuedo-science, that’s fine. What we are really talking about is a ritual operation wherein raw energies are linked to intelligent form, the result being a type of thumb-drive to get a particular program onto the computer of your consciousness. It’s safe, virus free and will result in the opening of other files and programs you may not have even known were available on your machine.

On the simplest level, we are creating the new series of fun-flips from all previous experiments in coinological art and magic as a series of charms which are intended to be extremely affordable, highly effective and available to ALL. From serious situations to stuffing a stocking, B-Bear is preparing to launch his Legion of Love.

In conjunction with this Temple, we will be creating and releasing the BARDO BEAR ADVENTURE TAROT, Consecrated Coins and the first issue of Bardo Bear Comix as well as fully painted canvases, prints and further written material. This all goes “live” ere the Sun slips out of Scorpio. Come Centaur-Time, B-Bear Items and a variety of other projects will be available via the revamped Spacebuddhaa Website. For now, any inquiries may be directed to




The first issue of Space Hoodoo Comix is now available. Starring Little Hoodoo & Little Space, Aleister Crowley, H.P. Lovecraft, Spacebuddhaa Jedrik, Kenneth Grant, LAM, a non-descript Jehovah’s Witness and Kyle Fite (whose guts are duly torn out by Crab-Aliens from the Nameless Nebula).

There’s blood, bones and bodily fluids. And Toast. All packed into 24 pages with full color cover and tipped in color plates.

With the first issue, we’ve “set the scene” and are looking forward to how it will all unfold. Similar to David Lynch’s approach to the creation of his masterwork, Inland Empire, I do not have an extensive “script” that’s been mulled over and now requires arduous crafting into a finalized form. The story and its delivery are one thing. The angle taken has me thinking of what William Burroughs wrote about NAKED LUNCH:

Most books are written as if they’ve HAPPENED. This book is HAPPENING.

And it IS.


I have about as much an idea as to where it’s all going as I do with this “real life.” Sure, I’ve got plans and am on my Path. But the first hour of every day is enough to let us know that the unexpected and unpredictable can and will rear its hydra head without warning. Best to take a stance where we dance with it. Or at least effectively improvise our battle plan.

As an artist, I’ve had the frustrating experience many a time where someone would express repulsion and horror over some “dark image” I had created-and then chuckle at the seeming “whimsy” of another. Yet from my own creative center, the energies may be wholly opposite of what appears at first sight. A gothic image, running with black blood and cryptic sigils, may have been knocked off while I was listening to some upbeat song. On the flip, a cartoony scrawl might connect to levels of hard-earned experience gained with no small amount of suffering and painful rebirth.

I’m contemplating the writing of a commentary to go alongside Space Hoodoo Comix down the line. There is actually a lot of precision behind the seeming nonchalance. For example, the single panel where Rev. Michael Bertiaux gets “a letter from England” is based on a memorable phone call I had made right after Kenneth Grant had died.


There is an off-handed and even parodic treatment of LAM in this first episode. LAM is an easy “target” for jabs, jibes and jokes. It’s my personal opinion that there may well have been some off-color humor in Crowley’s mind when he drew the image that so impressed young Grant. Despite all of this, I experienced a series of events in conjunction with LAM years back which resulted in extensive meditative work, wearing me down into exhaustion and “Breakthrough Breakdown.” To this day, the “Cult of LAM” remains a bristling source of ever-deepening esoteric exploration transmitting both beauty and Gnosis on the edge of human awareness.

So where we see the pissed-off Guru of All Things Daathian sitting on his little zafu-asteroid, it may seem as if I regard the entire theme as a lark. Nothing could be further from the truth.


In comics, we can slash right into the subject. A few lines can effectively form the necessary associative link in a viewer’s mind to communicate data. This data is then put into a context where it takes effect. Even if the reader simply “gets the joke” and laughs, the dynamic evoked has proven remarkably effective.

Magic runs along these lines (no pun intended). It’s ALL communication (which is to say CONTACT). Bring two things together and there is the manifestation of a third thing. Yes, it’s sort of Hegelian. But there is always such chaotic potential when Thesis & Antithesis meet. The resulting Synthesis is not restricted to a single mathematical outcome, prepackaged and predictable. It may, however, be guided in its formation.

And THAT is Shamanic Activity.

I wasn’t thinking of any of these things when I was kid and drawing my own comics in gradeschool. But there is one thing I wish to note as I look back on those days. I created my comics at breakneck speed, writing and drawing as quickly as possible. What I was really doing was calling up the experience of READING the comic even as I was MAKING it!

Fast forward and inclinations remain the same. Whether it’s comics or poetry, essays or fiction, I go toward the place where I can enter into the creative space and work my way out from there. I like the story of Jack Kerouac cranking a ROLL of paper into his typewriter so he didn’t have to be interrupted by the chore of adding new sheets when he’d reach the bottom.

You don’t need any dead weight when chasing the muse. And you want to catch her while she’s ovulating. It’s All in the Egg…so Shake a Leg!

Just cuz Will ain’t cryin’ “Because” doesn’t mean it don’t know what it DOES!


Each issue of Space Hoodoo Comix will end with an “Editorial” with further reflections on these and many other topics.

Issue # 1 (“Wake Up!”) is printed, with all its horror, humiliation and humor, in black and white with hand-signed color cover and two signed tipped in color plates along with Hoodoo Pilot affirmation card. First issue with color prints being offered for $15 + post. Contact us at to get your copy.