Tipped in color plate for the Hoodoo Pilot Bardo Tarot Chapbook

The HOODOO PILOT BARDO TAROTS have been printed along with their accompanying Chapbooks which were written by hand and completed on the journey to the printers. These will be assembled and shipped out shortly. At present, there is only one remaining deck left for purchase. Let us know if you’d like it. We CAN print and cut more cards to order but this may be a little while yet and, as detailed below, we are already onto the next series of images.

We’ve also started up a series of Greeting Cards and these will soon be offered via Spacebuddhaa’s website. The first set is composed of just a few images we conjured up to see how the cards could be put together. In my opinion, they are looking great and we have a huge list of themes to draw from, paint up and produce before an upcoming art show/card busk here in British Columbia. These are a delight to be making and we hope those who purchase and send out our cards will share in the fun and joy of the images.


Greeting Cards with Lil’ Hoodoo, Lil’ Space & Buddha Bear

We are also very excited to be assembling the needed supplies to run an ongoing series of Bardo Comix directly out of SpaceHoodoo HQ. Unlike the greeting cards, this will be stuff for an adult audience with loads of sex, violence, interdimensional travel, esoteric exploration, violence, surprise guest stars from all walks of history (past, present and future), sex, true tales of heart break and the triumph of the human spirit over malignant menaces from outer space, violence, occult secrets, conspiratorial plots unfurled and foiled, more violence and robots, pirates, demons, sex, coffee, quotes from all my favorite bands woven into the storyline, sex and also nudity and laser guns and sex.

There will also be some violent content.

And sex.

But never fear! We’ve also got another comic book series in the works:


This, I hope, will be my own “Songs of Innocence,” a series for every age and every HEART.

Each comic book will be crafted with a tipped in and hand-signed color plate ready for framing, if wished, at dimensions 5″ by 7.”

Meanwhile, the impetus for a Liber AL Tarot has morphed into what I’m now regarding as the LAMAL TAROT. My initial notes for a Book of the Law based deck had various gaps in the structure and when LAM emerged as a necessary component, the vision for a total structure was almost instantaneous! In fact, this project has been wanting to emerge for many years. I had just never conceived of it in terms of a Tarot. Ironic, really, as we are speaking of THE WAY and this is a clear case of Horse & Carriage (or Pilot & Starship).

The time (Outside The Circles of Time) has now come and all Channels are open to the LAMA.


LAM at the Gates of Daath

Finally, we are hoping to offer the Bardo Bear Tarot by next week. We are planning to include with this set of cards a Talismanic Coinflip. To do this, a series of Canadian Coins will be gathered, duly purified and each one infused with an energy matrix connected to their respective “Hoodoo Bears.” In essence, we will have an altar set up with a “Bardo Bear Brigade” and ask them to move out into Spacetime and find their rightful companions.

SpaceHoodoo HQ is very much an Interzone now as we shift from the cute to the cryptic and back again. We’re feasting with Fae-Folk, doing dessert with Demons and sailing the Skywaves of What Dreams May Come.


-Hoodoo & Space


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