TNammy True North Prosperity Amulet created by E.J. Gold

SpaceHoodoo is the unified Persona and Power of Hoodoo Pilot (Kyle Fite) and SpaceBuddhaa Ze (Jedrik S). We are One Thing and operative as a Time-Traveling Temple of Moving Prayer. Our Spacetime Locale and Environment is an extension of the Inner Space which is “Open for Business” 24/7 and fully ready for any Geographic or Dimensional Shift.

There are candles which may be set aglow in physical spaces and candles which burn in virtual realms. And then there are the candles within the Sanctum of Outpost: True North which connect to these lights while remaining ever lit beyond blow-out or wax-wane.

Our Temple is something of a Levitating Landscape, an Atlantean Island which cannot be marked by Terrestrial Latitudes and Longitudes. It’s not an Ashram, a Center or even a rented storefront for Monday Night Meditation.

But it IS a RADIO TOWER fully tuned into a series of Waves both Cosmic and Planetary. Movement of Spirit through Communication is both a necessity and preoccupation. Regardless of Temple Mobility, we will endeavor in every way to “keep the lines open” and maintain Outreach as a Beacon.


Detail from the Ace of Cups, Hoodoo Pilot Bardo Tarot

Formerly a Resident of the Prosperity Ashram North, Spacebuddhaa had been limited by a truly terrible internet connection (if such was available at ALL). Likewise, Hoodoo entered a zone of temporary silence due to a variety of factors, including a compressive environment and international travel.
All of these factors have served to crank down a spring in the Magical Machine of Outpost TN. With Vision, we looked forward to the moment when a button would be pushed and “All Systems GO” would be met with a Thumbs Up from our Command Center.

That time is NOW!

Our first series of projects is, of course, the Tarots. But this is only ONE small aspect of our Work within the Outpost. We are developing a Canadian Coinology, moving from the Numismatic to the Numinous. Space and Hoodoo are co-writing and illustrating a book on their fused and flowing approach to Magic and Poetics. Hoodoo’s book on the Quantum Video Games of E.J. Gold (“ORBIT”) is in production with Gateways Books. Crystal Work is underway and the Spacebuddhaa website will soon be revamped.
Hoodoo is also in the process of researching and writing a series of esoteric volumes based on his experiences and studentship with Rev. Michael Bertiaux. This will be a gift to the members of OTOA-LCN with great gratitude to Michael. Contained in these books will be previously private and unpublished material and we expect them to be of great interest to anyone working in the Voudon-Gnostic Current and related Occult arenas.

Furthermore, Space & Hoodoo are thrilled to at last make a return to the Prosperity Virtual Ashram after our hiatus. We are both working from a new space where we anticipate being present and available for participation and service throughout each day.
Having sold, unloaded or destroyed all remaining artworks in Studio Doom, we are now in a truly new phase of visual output. All remaining images were shipped to an Australian collector and all future images will be generated from the Outpost.

Previously, Kyle’s art would be offered in a fairly “standard” format. Matted, bagged and shipped. We are now looking at the chapbook as a new means of presentation: a limited edition, signed and numbered set of books with hand-printed block prints serving as a tipped in frontispiece.

All of this is a smattering of the energy moving and electrifying Outpost TN. Through it all, SpaceHoodoo is full time in Prayer, Dream and Developing Community Connections. To be a BiT (Bodhisattva in Training) means, as the Great Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche said, seeing EVERY SITUATION AS WORKABLE. We don’t shift from being “in” and “out” of The Work. However our activity therein may be appraised, by ourselves or others, we’re swimming the Current, steering the Starcraft and riding our Human Condition as the Vehicle for the Work we came here to do.  


Kyle and Jedrik on the Osprey Ferry, British Columbia

There is no Hoodoo without Space.




  1. appreciate the correspondence – Myra finds herself meditating in Space’s Crystal (tower) Palace quite often . . . .

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