Bardo Comix-DIE FOR THE DREAM pt. 2

DIE FOR THE DREAM continues…and disintegrates…

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At this point, the tale devolves into light pencils and script, which we will transcribe as the adventure continues…

Count On Feeling Fire Eating Everything!

DIE FOR THE DREAM-An Unfinished Bardo Comic Pt. 1


Die for the Dream exists only in the fragments we will be posting in these next two blogs. Part of the problem was my discovery that I had drawn it with a water soluble pen. Attempting to lay color onto the paper resulted in an ugly bleed…I moved on to other comics which carry the same developing themes.















About 15 years ago, I was inspired by an issue of the comic book TOO MUCH COFFEE MAN to do a “Mini-Comic.” This was essentially a single sheet of standard printing paper, folded and cut into 7 pages + Front Cover. It is an extremely wonderful “limited palette” approach. With only 7 pages, you need to get down to essentials, moving the storyline at a certain pace to successfully work the space.

The first dozen comics began a tale which I will share down the line. Secret agents, Reality Tunnels, Hell, Flying fish, a Quest for a Dismembered Mermaid and Coffee in every issue. My comics were all sent to a dear friend of mine who was busy with his own foray into mini-comix. Soon, our tales began to overlay and our separate storylines became one thing, flowing in and out-and a mythos was being born. We were on a synchronicity trip and were both beginning to extend the field of our realities as Voyagers in Spacetime with these little photocopies.

And then he died.

This was my friend Dennis O’Brien, one of the most loving and creative people I have ever known.

As I sat alone in my apartment grieving this loss, I felt that Kophi Komix had also died.

And then it happened. I sat down with a piece of paper and continued the magic. I had to work through my sorrow and I had to contact Dennis on the inner planes. We still needed each others’ friendship and he was not destined to die and be forgotten.

We had both understood that Language, Image, Timeshifts, all the stuff Scott McCloud spoke of in his book “UNDERSTANDING COMICS” were the tools of SHAMANISM.

I went IN.


31 issues of Kophi Komix became more than a tribute or grieving process. It became a vital means to navigate the Bardos.

And it never stopped.

I made HUNDREDS of these mini-comix.

One of my present goals is to assemble the total work into a massive graphic novel, with commentary, selections from letters, photos, outtakes.

I will also be using this blog to share many of these moments, beginning with the unfinished Graphic Novel DIE FOR THE DREAM. Some of these works are complete, others not.

As I sort through my nightmare of a studio, I feel a bit like Theseus coiling Ariandne’s thread. Writings and art all begin to express an underlying schematic which keeps repeating, the blueprint for a labyrinth in which Karmas are burning.

We’ll Count On Feeling Fire Eating Everything!




Running a Prosperity Path Urthgame Orb is the same thing as Casting A Spell. As with Spellcraft of any sort, there is Theory and Practice. Both of these should bolster each other with the end result being one of effectiveness in bringing about the desired change.

Initially, new Runners are simply given the task of…well, RUNNING. Built into the Game are many potent elements designed to automatically activate. It is not at all uncommon for new Runners to experience very sudden synchronicities in conjunction with the Game. This is because each Orb is designed to burn Karma while boosting the desired HUD Scores-or qualities conducive to the goal (be it finances, self-esteem, health or what have you). The Karma Burn clears the space for the HUD attributes to actualize in this Prime Dimensional Reality.

How does this work?

It’s rooted in the Law of Contagion. This essentially says that when two things come together, they remain in contact despite subsequent spacetime distance. The Orbs are already very connected to their Homeworld (referred to as L315a) through this Law. Our Karmas, however, may be such that they have created a strong Field of Resistance to the Orbital Energy and Patterns. This is why each Orb addresses Karma as a constant condition to contend with. Nor is this “Burn” a one time swipe. As E.J. Gold remarked: Karma builds each and every day, gathering like barnacles on the hull of a ship. Thus, Karma Burn is a spiritual practice, a Sadhana.

Now, there are ways to not only reduce Karma but to break the “Contagious Connections” we have established in this Lifegame. A very powerful means to accomplish this in within the calm and clarity of QED Orb. The gist is to identify and clear away the barriers to receptivity of the Orbital Magic.

This is a very simple outline and describes a type of “physics.” Within this field of activity, we may grow in our skill and ability, in essence becoming Engineers in the Quantum Field.

When we’ve gotten the hang of what’s going on during the Orb Runs, we find that we have a tool for being of service to others. This presents challenges as well as opportunity. What we are doing on behalf of another person IS happening in the Quantum Realm of the Orbs but it must be effectively transmitted into that person’s Lifestate. Not only may that person have a strong field of resistance, they may actively override attempts to deliver the Spell. This often happens subconsciously. We find a similar situation with use of the Beta Blocking Amulets. These automatically work to lower Beta Waves but one may be so saturated in this state that a higher level of Beta Block is required. Natural sensitives, psyhics, artists and meditators will instantly experience the function of the Amulet but others may be a tougher nut to crack. E.J. Gold has designed a variety of more highly powered devices to address such blockages. For the moment, however, we wish to remain focused on the Orbs.

By virtue of simply running the Orb, we’ve assembled a functioning machine in the Quantum Universe. Typing in the Player’s Name gives the machine’s broadcast a target. Now we are faced with three concerns:

1) Penetration of the BRANE (or Membrane) between Broadcast and Target

2) Transmission through this Opening or Portal

3) Reception of the Broadcast (or upload into the Einsteinian Universe)

All along the way we are extending our work with the Law of Contagion to set up a series of links.


In certain forms of Black Magic with malign intent, the “victim” is made aware of being a Target. This is to establish a connection between a Curse and the victim. Furthermore, the unsettling nature of such awareness creates a surge of energy which the Curse may feed upon, becoming something of a “Vampire Dart.”

We bring this up because the White Magic of the Prosperity Path utilizes the same physics in line with the Bodhisattva Vow.

How many times have we read of someone’s woes on Facebook and found their words responded to with “Hugs,” “Sending Good Energy Your Way” or “Hang in there, Girl?” These comments make us feel less alone and supported but sometimes we need more than a passing expression of sympathy. To announce to that individual that you will be running an Orb on their behalf indicates concrete work, compassion taking FORM. Through this, one can establish an Opening in the Membrane. Beta blocked Branes are going to want to seal up swiftly so we want to get in there in a timely fashion. Intuition can guide us here.

During the Orb run for said person, I have found it very helpful to take screenshots. At first, I would just take a final shot when the Labyrinth had been run but more recently I am inclined to snapping pics along the way. This does more than say “I prayed for you.” It SHOWS (and conveys) different phases of that Prayer.

By means of the nature of Language, Self-Identity and the Shamanism which uses Names to access the thing thusly Named, the receiver of these screenshots will experience a recognition of THEMSELVES in the Gamespace. I really like to cut and crop images for visual effect but in this case, I prefer to send a full screenshot as this aspect of it (Name and Scores) is very important. The Ego or “I” will magnetize the image and its energies by identifying itself via the Name-Link. We don’t need to smash into a force-field with our Star-Ships. We just let the tractor beam haul us home!


Upload is another matter. We are, if you will, Tim Leary’s Psychoactives. Our Target is his classic “Set” which is stuck in its “Setting.” “Set” is more important than “Setting” here, although it is typically “Setting” which makes the initial need known and allows targeting. We’re faced with the old proverb: “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.” This is quite true. But we are now dealing with much more than one person attempting to change how another person reacts and functions. We are in a total scenario and this involves a host of entities operating through both volition and law. From the Quantum view, time is not linear. Therefore we can bring in cause and effect from other timezones.

To simplify, when we run an Orb for anyone, we are transposed onto their astral body. We want that transposing to activate inside the “Set.” If the individual is suffering anxiety, for example, this is now overlaid onto a state of peace we ourselves maintained during the Orb run. After the screenshots are sent, we may wish to include a personal message. We can do more than say “Hope you feel better soon.” We can comment directly as to how things happened during the Orb run:

“You DID seem to have a little trouble at the beginning but after the 2nd Achievement, it was as if some sweet wind swept through the hall and you began to leap like a gazelle. I could feel a mounting energy as you stopped in the Hall of Books for a good 5 minutes, deeply immersed in those currents of Wisdom. By the end of the Run, you seemed as paced as a calm heartbeat and I noticed the final chamber seemed to illuminate with a warm golden glow. I never saw that before and it felt like a true crossing of the finish line.”

Obviously, more personal details may be added. You can encourage the Target of your Run to use one of those screenshots as a desktop background. Follow up on the Run. This evokes awareness of changes noted by the Target him or herself (further keeping the Membrane Portal open to broadcast). All of this helps the upload process.

These ideas and others will be discussed in greater length in the forthcoming Gateways book “ORBIT.” Along the way, we will continue to address new angles whereby to approach the Orbwork in the hope that you may enjoy and find them useful as Gates open before your own Broadcasting.