EASTER 4/20/14


All Sanctimonious Sentiments swept aside,

All 4 and 20 Blackbirds baked in a Pie,

All Happy Hitlermasses melting into memories of murder,

All Ishtar debunkings dissolving

(packed back into storage for Next Year),

All Zombie-jest, chuckling subsiding,

All foods fed and prayers said,

Dolled up Eggshell and tolling Churchbell,

I behold the Image of a Man

And Cross of Light

And Pentagram,

Note of Return ever Returning,

A Blazing Body built from a Billion Stars.

Charlie’s Angels


At last! E.J. Gold has released a game for the Android!

It’s called “Charlie” and it’s…well, it’s something very different.

“Charlie” is a ZEN GAME. If you aren’t familiar with the idea of “Spiritual Gaming,” you might just miss the point.

“Charlie” takes you through a series of chambers, each one being a very simple “maze” with clacking teeth coming your way and treasures to grab. The difficulty level isn’t very difficult. You shoot, pop off the “bad guys” and move on to the next level.

And then it’s over.


E.J. Gold has been in the video game biz since video games have been around. He was the guy who saw in QUAKE the potential for Bardo-Training. To this day, he runs Diablo as a similar tool. He has built a Virtual Ashram in Second Life and continues to release “Orbs” via the urthgame website, games designed to revolutionize and change your life on every level.

“Spiritual Gaming” is NOT ordinary gaming. Yes, it can be fun, challenging and compelling. But it operates with a very different view toward Gamespace than that held by most avid gamers.

In today’s gaming world, boredom is big failure. If you want to sell a game, it’s got to be exciting, addictive. You need to outdo the entertainment of everything previously experienced.

Have you ever meditated? I mean, have you gotten down on that ass-numbing cushion for a month or two to mediate as a Way of Life? The first time you sit down with your local Buddhist group you might feel quite “exotic.” The second or third time you might feel quite the back pain. And the fourth or fifth? The entertainment value has gone and you are suddenly sitting with your boredom, pain and wandering mind.

THIS is where it happens. You learn to relate to boredom and distraction as you would anything else, seeing it and letting it go. It returns, like a tenacious mosquito. You keep going. Again and again.

And then somewhere in your life there is a feedback. Your butt is no longer on that cushion. You are in your car, in a fight, in the grime and grit of the daily grind-and you just become aware. You shift from the habitual tendencies and “monkey mind” and something NEW enters the situation.

It is MAGIC. Something burns off of you and you know you can go much deeper.

“Charlie” isn’t about how well you can shoot monsters or how many points you can rack up.

“Charlie,” whimsical as it is, is a Virtual Meditation.

The “Chatterboxes” are the same as those in your head all day long. The Form of “Charlie” is amorphous, beyond your Ego, beyond your present organic body, your “Soft Machine.”

You don’t even need to play the whole game through. 15 minute break at work? Just get through ONE LEVEL of “Charlie.” It will take a minute. Then smoke a cig, eat a Snickers, slug some coffee from a Styrofoam cup.

The “Charlie Effect” continues.

“Charlie” is connected into the Quantum Universe of the “Orbs,” E.J. Gold’s game system designed to slash through Karma and bring the soul into the Essential Self. We see him hanging about in the first level of every “Remedy Orb.” And now, he is here in his own “Game.”

Spiritual Development requires volition. The Bodhisattvas and Agents of Enlightenment are ready to meet you halfway-but you have to cross the field to get to their Gift.

“Charlie” is one such gift. But a download and run-through is not enough.

Our gaming culture has created an exciting world which runs opposite the direction of meditation.

Play “Charlie” every day for one month as a dedicated spiritual effort. See what happens. Play it even when you would rather be doing anything else. It’s easier than sitting down on a cushion for 15 minutes.

Or is it?

You see, this is the essence of Spiritual Gaming.

With this Android Ap, we can access the ability of our Higher Self at any moment with a few simple movements. It’s easy. It’s instantaneous. But it takes a shifting of perspective and practice to develop this “martial art.”

Me? I am looking forward to building a bridge between my Orb Runs and Charlie’s Path.

Come on, you Chatterers! The True Will dissolves you and makes its way through Space. The Symbol is the Thing Itself! This is the Essence of the Prayer Wheel and Mandala. Here we have it in the form of a portable video game!

Download “Charlie.” Play it. But know that it is just as much here for YOU-as you are for IT.

I Rose to Fall



I recently asked the question on Facebook: “Who is your favorite Rosicrucian…and WHY?”

A lot of wonderful answers were given.

My question wasn’t some litmus test, after which I intended to make some clever comment on the theme. Well, maybe it was a litmus test…to see who would answer. And maybe I am now typing out my “clever commentary.” Regardless, I could not help but regard two insightful replies:

The first:

“Me. Why? Because the work is all about me… And those that come into my circle.”

The second:

“The one that never claimed to be.”

Taken together, these responses, in my view, open the Gates to the True R.C. Fraternity.

The Rosicrucian Fraternity is a controversial subject-and ironically so. After all, these were people who were willing to go “Invisible.” Not simply to obtain admittance into the Mysteries but to do so with a drive to serve the Human Race. I am reminded of the Grand Master who is revealed at the end of Hermann Hesse’s “Journey to the East.”

Hesse clearly got the picture and expressed so much in that small book.

“The first shall be last and the last shall be first.”

Now, I have worked as an occultist for over two decades of my human life. What a long, strange, stupid and sublime trip it’s been. I set my hand to the plow and foot to the path with that ravenous hunger for Truth, for the Beyond. My stomach still growls to this day. Along the way have been many ill stops. I look back and see how that hunger has led me to various schools, venues and personas. I am convinced that NOTHING will stop my ceaseless yearning save the Beloved Itself.

Having tasted of that Glory through “a dark glass, darkly,” I don’t mind the Quest. Let the Autobiography at least be interesting! After all, She is “divided for Love’s sake…for the chance of Union.”

I was introduced to the Rosicrucians through Max Heindel and his Rosicrucian Fellowship. I would later be stirred to excitement by R.S. Clymer and his School. I actually thought I had found the TRUE R.C. Order! I’d meet Randolph and spin off into the Hermetic Brother of Luxor, C.C. Zain and Co. and keep pushing onwards.

Too many roads traversed to list here. Suffice to say that I spilled out into a “World of Promise” which proved to be an empty scene of self-service, cloaked in allusion, academia and the poetry of aspiration.

There was actually an “occult scene” which rivaled any other with its politics, posturing and pretense to thrones of power. Microcosms of the Macrocosm where those who couldn’t control the bombs could at least command a baker’s dozen.

Meanwhile, Hesse’s Grandmaster is on the streets.

Alice Bailey wrote of a stage in Initiation where one had to sacrifice ALL, which included one’s own “good name in the world.” Most occultists I know speak of casting themselves into the “Abyss” as if it somehow shines a spotlight on their ability to be extreme, more advanced, better than the “sheep.”

Since when did becoming a “Master of the Temple” engender snottiness-or status as someone whose books are more worthwhile buying?

The Rosicrucians hold my fascination to this day. I’ve gone in after their “secrets.” Arthur Waite put it well in his book on the Kabbalah when he said the chief Mystery is one of Sex. Well, who wouldn’t be curious about THAT? After all, the Rosicrucians got into the Freemasons and spilled out into so many different directions. EVERYONE has the Mystery-and, if you can jump through the right hoops, you might get a taste. Dues, Deference and Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap.

The Rose Cross. What IS it? The Mystical Mysteries of Jesus? The conjoining of Lingham and Yoni?

The great sex magician, the Abbe Boullan, was allegedly attacked by “Rosicrucians” for his nefarious practices. Funny how one of his friends and disciples, the author J.K. Huysmans, became a member of the Catholic Church, seeking the Mysteries of Christ after such “wicked influence.” Huysmans wrote of Boullan as the only Priest who could best the Satanic Underground of Paris.

The Rosicrucians asked something that most “modern occultists” seem unable to fathom. “We will give you the Mysteries and nurture you therein…but you can never speak of this. You must only use these to serve others.”

Imagine it. You get the tap on the shoulder. It is that moment of Destiny. You were “seen and called.” They will not fail to deliver the goods-but you can never speak of this. You will only operate as an “Invisible” in this world. You will sacrifice your imagined career as a lauded “occultist,” only publishing under a penname, every labor given gratis. You will be assured a common life and a common death-and none will remember you. You will simply receive the Ultra-Gnosis and its Powers, live secretly within it and pass this on to one who carry the same.

Of course, you could announce an Ancient Order in a New Phase, “publically revealed for the first time ever.” You could even quit your dayjob-and get a blowjob- with that angle.

Hell, you could even get away with calling yourself a “Rosicrucian.”

Me, I see the Brotherhood of the Holy Rosy Cross as existing at the Gateway to the Abyss. They are those who Crucify that the Dead may Live in Christ. They are those who serve the Masters of the City of Pyramids.

How Romantic, yes? Until we realize that each Pyramid is a pile of DUST, the dust of everything we have loved, everyone we have loved, ourselves, our ambitions, our self-conception.

And the dust is blown away.

So many of our occult orders contain some degree, some initiation, which calls itself “Rosicrucian.”

These DO contain Mysteries. The Rosicrucian understands sex, healing, world cycles. But the bottom line is a sacrifice, a crucifixion, a Dying unto Rebirth.

Rosicrucians are not pedigreed.

And it is less important to know one than to BECOME ONE.

How Sweet the Honey…



Holidays. I find myself increasingly detached from them. It’s not that I have any issue with Holidays in theory. As a matter of fact, I think they are quite important. Observance of the same can be a powerful link to a larger frame of reference wherein our lives are fueled, empowered and brought together. I just personally find that they creep up, wisp by and the beat goes on. Often the “mainstream” Holidays come preloaded with expectations and obligations, an opportunity for the bleeders to brandish the blade and fill their blood buckets.

“Christmas” should go without mention as such a Holiday. I can’t remember the last time December 25th filled the hearts of anyone around me with the Spirit of Jesus. Posting some shit on Facebook about the “Reason for the Season” doesn’t count.

Thanksgiving? What a joke. Isn’t that American “gorge yourself, watch football and fight with family” day? Mythic Pilgrims, Indians and dead turkeys, gizzards gutted and glued back in with baked bread.

“Independence Day?” That would pretty much be much “National Fireworks Day.” Drink cheap beer, get a glow stick and hope you’re wowed with the pyrotechnics.

Of course, there are the non-American government Holidays. Most Muslims I know take their Holy Days VERY seriously. Buddhists and Pagans? They don’t make the work calendar but there is an intentionality there which contrasts with Santa’s Season of Sales.

Don’t even get me started on “Easter,” which is weird beyond description.

All of this comes and goes.

And then there is April 8, 9 and 10.

What’s this, you ask?

Glad you did.

It is the 3-Day celebration of the writing of the “Book of the Law.”

“The Book of WHAT?”


It’s a Crowley thing. You know, that English guy who called himself “The Great Beast 666.”

“Wasn’t he that person who filed his teeth into fangs and devoted his life to EVIL?”

If you rely on soundbites to inform your opinion, there is no point in me acting as an apologist for Mr. Crowley. I will simply say that I remember vividly when I first read his book “Magick in Theory and Practice.” I was intrigued by rumor of this nefarious character and decided to read his work. What I found blew me away. This was not the writing of some crazed devotee of the devil. I was presented with an intelligence and finesse far beyond my own, one which compelled me to question and seek, even to this day.

In that single book, I had encountered a True Philosopher, someone who had a gift to give. I was baffled and mystified. Aleister Crowley opened the Gates for me. Years upon years of study and work and experience all followed.

Now, Crowley would have been a genius whichever route he took in life. As it was, his entire international adventures and ceaseless writing all hinged around the reception of a document called “The Book of the Law.” This event was a bit akin to the Old Testament Prophets hearing the Voice of God. The Deity spoke and the Prophet wrote. The “converts,” all of whom were quite interesting folks, became torch-bearers for the “Glad Word” Crowley had announced, a New Message for a New Age.

You might celebrate the neo-pagan Holiday of Christmas with presents, pine tree and lip-service to Baby Jesus. Those who embrace the Book of the Law, penned in Crowley’s hand, regard April 8, 9 and 10 as the days to celebrate and honor.

I could have ended up as either.

Thankfully, my own life course met the writing of Kenneth Grant, Crowley’s student and friend at the end of his life.

Grant was a true original “heir” of Crowley, grabbing that torch and actually running with it.

Between my own subsequent experiences and Grant’s account of the workings of Nu-Isis Lodge, I came into a new view of the “Holy Books.” Not just those of Thelema-but ANY religion. It is a “Blakean” view, one expressed in the “Marriage of Heaven & Hell” when Blake dined with Isaiah and Ezekiel.

Blake wrote:

“The Prophets Isaiah and Ezekiel dined with me, and I asked them how they dared so roundly to assert, that God spoke to them; and whether they did not think at the time, that they would be misunderstood, & so be the cause of imposition.

“Isaiah answer’d, I saw no God, nor heard any, in a finite organical perception; but my senses discover’d the infinite in every thing, and as I was then persuaded, & remain confirm’d; that the voice of honest indignation is the voice of God, I cared not for consequences but wrote.”

So wonderful.

Having spent all those years reading Crowley, I can see him in the Book of the Law. That this document is loaded with power and prophecy beyond the temporal persona of Crowley is undeniable. But I feel that Crowley wrote it WITH the being he understood to be “Aiwass,” a “minister” of the Egyptian God, Horus.

Crowley was a CHANNEL and the channel colors the transmission. Wine takes the form of the wineskin.

It is only by becoming CHANNELS ourselves that we can begin to observe the nuances in such channeling.

In his epic poem, Milton, William Blake quoted the Bible:

“Would that all the Lord’s People were Prophets.”

This isn’t an “appointed role.” It is a calling unto an Art.


Blake also said that the true worship of God consisted of honoring his Gifts in other men. For me, this includes the Authors (plural) of the Book of the Law.

The sundry calendars on our walls ask “honor” of the codified with acquiescence. But the only moment I can ever exist in is the MOMENT-and it is in this that my Deep Core is ever driven to Itself.

During this past April 8, 9 and 10, I kept a journal which I feel culminated as the sun set on the 10th. I was listening to Current 93’s “They Return to their Earth.”

I had a vision.

I saw my life as if it was flashing before my eyes at the moment of death. Every moment that was True and Real lit up. Between these moments was all the shit, slime and worthless waste.

There was no longer the view of a linear continuity where everything had equal play. Only the True and Real mattered. The rest was seen as an encrustation. Stars were suddenly lighting up a black sky, their destiny to connect and come together into a “Super-Sun.”

It was as if someone had filmed and spliced particular moments of my life into a movie which showed the True Plot (what Crowley would call the “True Will”).

I have crashed through so many Holidays. Quite frankly, the Thelemic Celebrations may as well be Christmas for me. I am not a “Crowleyite.” And God Forbid I be a “Facebook Thelemite” and post a pic of some Unicursal Hexagram on April 9th. This is not my game.

“Happy Day Two of the writing of the Book of the Law! Look, we made Cakes of Light!”

Still, I was thankful to have this Vision, to see the True Will, the Genuine Self, light up during these Days and I had to regard Crowley’s writing of the Book as a gift to Humanity. You see, Crowley vacillated in his vision. He wavered between the human race as a whole and those who could “get” the Mysteries. In his diary, “John St. John,” he regarded himself as a “Bodhisattva.” I think this is true. Call him what you want. Crowley lived his life and there is no Crowley “left” to judge. There is his only his writing. He did what he did and left behind words on paper for us to read and work through.

Accept it. Reject it. Me? I am only looking for the words that “light up” and speak to my Deep Self, a Being which may resurge into my Selfhood and through word, image or deed give something of Value to YOUR Selfhood.

There is controversy even around those dates in which Crowley said the book was dictated. This really doesn’t matter, unless we want to get Astrosophical about the whole thing. However, in the “Crowley Cultus,” recognition and engagement with the energetic impress manifest in the Book feeds force and form back into the power source, energies coalescing and becoming radiant. Perhaps it was that Zone of Power I was accessing over those three days. I don’t feel that Crowley’s Horus-trip was the “point” at which the Aquarian Age began. I DO feel that he tapped and received an influx from its birthing. With his literary and occult genius, his personality and placement, he certainly opened his entire creative being to function as what Blake would regard as one the “Lord’s People.”

His proclamation that “Every Man & Every Woman is a Star” is certainly rousing. I would say that Every Man, Woman and Child is a Vast Company of Stars, separated, like the scattered limbs of Osiris, from the Unity of a Super-Sun. Just as the Human who has “long been in darkness” comes into the Light of the True Will, the True Will comes into the Cosmic Will. All Stars conjoin in the Gnosis expressed in Michael Bertiaux’s “Lucky Hoodoo” Grimoire through the words:


I think there is a Holy Day hiding in every moment, Holy Days expressed in glimmers, hammerings, and ecstasies, all attended by a company of Spirits with whom we have an opportunity to cooperate. Unlike my experience of docketed dates assigned, these Holy Days do not sweep by…they SWEEP IN.


The Inscrutable Bodhisattva


What the hell is a “Bodhisattva?”

The term has become rather popularized in the Western world with the counter-cultural advent of Buddhism as a hip alt-religion. The Dalai Lama is now a household name and, although, perhaps, less popular than the Pope, he is recognized as a manifestation of Avalokiteshvara, the Great Buddha of Compassion. Forgoing passage into Nirvana (what is sometimes called “Passing into Extinction”), he returns again and again until all Sentient Beings have attained Liberation.

Of course, the Big D isn’t the only one who is bound to this mission. There are innumerable Bodhisattvas who have sworn the Oath and given themselves to this Path. It creates a sense of awe and respect. After all, many of us are trying to simply sort through the shit of daily life and hardly feel ready to take on the burden of the World. I doubt many would raise their hands for a “Bodhisattva Roll-Call.”

Despite this fact, my view of this term has changed over the years, turning away from the conception of a relative few elevated souls who were “ready” to make the leap into an enlightened service far beyond the capability of the average Samsara saturated sucker on the street.

I recall one particular dark and stormy night, many years past, when a young lady blew out of the rain into a small meditation center where I’d been enduring lower back pain and distra….I mean, “getting one with everything.” She seemed to be, if I may use the term, “tweaking.” Her eyes were wide and her voice shaking with a trembling urgency. She wanted to take the Vow of Refuge, right then and there. The leaders of the group were calm and told her there was a formal ceremony in a couple months where she could do this but she would be welcome to come back, meditate and talk more about it. She had no interest in this and was insistent, as if her life somehow depended upon someone saying “OK, I’ll witness this.” I think she said “I have to become a Buddhist NOW!” She vanished off into the night and I never saw her again.

I sometimes wonder what distress had been rippling through her being. So many ways to “read” the situation and no real way to KNOW. But what I DID see was the pressing need to have another person, a perceived authority of some kind, validate her. She was quite vexed when this could not immediately happen.

Now, we might be inclined to view the Vow of the Bodhisattva through the same lens, a thing to be “conferred” by another with the authority and power to do so.

So, do we wait until some ceremonial event-or at least create a romantic setting whereby we make such a sublime step, something which might support the “validity” of our claim, if not to others, at least to ourselves? And what happens afterwards? Do we get high and stay high, deflecting pain and annoyance like dust batted by the Buddha’s eyelash, as we march off to a new life of seamless serenity and good works?

Or do we wake up some moment afterwards and think “I’m just the same asshole I’ve always been?”

Does the Vow then goad us back to our Path of service? And how many times do we need to alternate between “failure” and “success” before we realize we’re in a microcosm mirroring the Life-Death-Rebirth cycle?

Yep, turns out we’re the very same people we swore to “save.”

But then I saw that any conscious taking of this Vow was not the actual taking of the Vow, that it had really been taken aeons past, long before we began rippling as gobs of goo beneath our mother’s bellies. In fact, the reason we exist is because this Vow was followed by our boarding a rocket ship aimed from an “alien” domain and toward this terra. The ride would strip us down, stretch our form and the crash-landing would be none too soft. Amnesia is a common side-effect and, bumbling through the first misadventure on planet earth, we get the Bardo Bounce-back, replete with Karmic encrustations.

Of course, this was all explained to us during the Briefing as we each received our Beacon Implant (just in case we’d get fucked up-which we did…royally).

So, we wake up, bit by bit. We wonder what that little beeping sound inside our chest cavity might be. It seems to get louder and clearer under certain conditions. It might even bring us to some Vow which is actually an Act of Remembering the Objective of the Game.

EVERYONE took the “Vow.” Granted, some are more forgetful than others but it remains a present reality. Nobody “becomes a Bodhisattva.” We only divest ourselves of those elements which have locked down awareness of its ubiquitous Presence. YOU can rise and fall but the Bodhicitta (which is the Enlightened Buddha Nature) is unaffected and perfect. It is your True Nature.

If we confuse the Bodhisattva Path with “being nice to others,” we can find ourselves in a pickle. Not that being nice isn’t nice-but this view evokes a tendency to bring a measuring stick against our actions and actually occlude Bodhicitta in the moment.

For example, how many of the starving masses did you feed today? Talk anyone out of suicide this afternoon?

“Oh, yeah…I opened a few minds at the office, helped change a tire and put in some time at the soup kitchen. But I gotta go and rescue a few baby seals yet before I can provide shelter for the homeless and call it a night.”

Well, that’s plenty to feel good about. It would certainly SUCK if you were stuck indoors for a weekend. You could lose some points sitting around the house and blowing off steam with a video game. You’ve got a rep to maintain and Amida Butsu is keeping score.

Unless, he’s not.

Not keeping score and not even a “he.”

It’s not that those things we mentioned are without merit. It is that there IS no merit. This is a point made by the Buddha to his disciple Shariputra in the Diamond Sutra, a very sacred “Bodhisattva” scripture.

If we want to split hairs, we can take a magnifying glass to any action and see how the “meritorious” could come at the expense of someone’s happiness and wellbeing, how the destructive actions of others can push into a domino effect which blesses or saves someone down the line. And then we could look at how every event is causing every other event, how any manifest thing contains the sum total of everything else. When we consider this, we may find it impossible to discern which actions are truly those given to the “Liberation of All Beings Everywhere.” We’re “damned if we do, damned if we don’t.”

Unless, we just ditch that measuring stick, the divisions of which were created by an imposition of our personal ideas of “how to save others.”

You CAN’T save anyone else. You can help people in temporal circumstances (which is great) but the same setting of those circumstances will roll around and bring back suffering. And it all ends with the death of the mortal form.

So what can we possibly DO?

We manifest Compassion and this is done by unveiling its incorruptible nature within our own Minds. This Compassion is one with Bodhicitta and therefore is not the same as feeling warm and fuzzy-or soft and sad-over other people’s circumstances. It is the recognition of Bodhicitta in what is perceived as the other. This isn’t lip-service played out in our own head-space where we tell ourselves we are really one with that other person. The recognition happens at a deep vibratory level. Its upsurge into conscious awareness evokes Gnosis, a direct knowing of the oneness of the Bodhicitta Itself. As much as dualistic consciousness remains, this upsurging rewires and remakes the mind. It cannot be considered a total transformation if dualistic consciousness remains in any way intact. But the “blowing out” into Nirvana is not the aim of the Bodhisattva. Therefore, there is a Gnostic Awakening which portends further Gnostic Awakening.

If we envision this on a linear timeline, we might want to pin ourselves onto some system of occult “Grades” or “Degrees.” The nature of the Bodhisattva in Time, however, is rushing in as much from the future as it is the past, from other dimensional realms as much as this “Prime Dimensional Reality.” Therefore, the genius of, let’s say, “Grade 8,” (representing a certain “Level of Attainment”) may be actively utilizing the scope of possibility in “Grade 4.” “YOU” may conceive of yourself as “Grade 4” but within the transpersonal Bodhicitta, you are not divided from the “Grade 8” (or any other) consciousness.

These “Grades” may even seem to be manifest as another Being. The point here is that “Beings” partake of “Being” and “Being Itself” is not limited to a human-centric view of Compassion.

E.J. Gold stated that one of the most important things one could do was to become an active and compassionate work partner with one’s Avatar in the Second Life Prosperity Virtual Ashram. This was from a talk where he was addressing the very real concern of impending death. Now, a knee-jerk reaction to this statement might be: “Are you kidding me? My life is ticking down and you’re saying that I should give time to being ‘compassionate’ to a pixel-person in a computer game? What about the people around me? What about the REAL world?”

But we could easily say the same thing about meditation. Why waste time sitting on a cushion and stilling the tide of incoming thoughts being broken on the shore when there are PEOPLE who I could help?

The Key is first understanding that the virtual space is a TOOL to develop the Bodhisattva Nature within ALL virtual spaces we inhabit or encounter, which includes the “physical realm.” Similarly, most people who meditate are equally concerned with a “Post-meditational” approach to the fluctuations of daily life.

But there is more to it than this. By developing compassion with regards to one’s avatar, one begins to sensitize to several important things. Firstly, the field of action for the Bodhisattva is seen to encompass more than Being as it is manifest in the Human Organic Form. The limitations of the Avatar’s form (relative to the humanoid body we temporarily inhabit) find analog in other fields of limitation (or “difference”). The Bodhisattva is fully capable of treating a stone, a bag of trash, a cup of coffee or even situations themselves with Compassion.

This “reflecting” of Awakening Bodhicitta opens to MAGIC, which in some cultures is expressed through Animism. Going beyond superstitious belief or mere regard, the Animist may access the fields of intelligence and empowerment uniquely connected to each form. Having understood the multidimensional relationships between the sundry Grades beyond linear time, our “Grade 4” may access our “Grade 8” through a vehicle regarded by most as “Grade 1.” The word for this is COMMUNION.

These “occult contacts” are really very easily made. In one of his books (I believe “Shambhala: Sacred Path of the Warrior”), Chogyam Trungpa speaks of Basic Goodness inherent in all Minds. He says that almost everyone is capable of at least SOME level of appreciation. A person may be the wickedest creature we know-but he may still be capable of appreciating a good cigar, a stirring tune, a fine meal. This is a start.

We can also learn to appreciate appreciation itself, which allows us to extend it into areas we might otherwise clumsily crash on through. A single moment of attentiveness and compassion arising in such an area has its origin in the Present Bodhisattva Nature.

Future blog entries will explore how this approach is developed in virtual spaces. These spaces (taken as a whole) are not without danger. They can do anything from wasting time to corrupting the Soul. The same, however, is true of ANY space, however we label it. The Tibetan Book of the Dead stresses that all the forms which rise in the Bardos must be recognized as projections of the mind. If this is not done, the ship will capsize and the Voyager will be drawn, magnetically, into a Womb Door according to the nature of their Karmic Matrix. The Awakening to the Illusory Nature of the Bardos (which transforms the “Fierce Deities” into the “Beatific Buddhas”) may be viewed as a type of “Deconstruction.” This is not the only Art practiced by the Bodhisattva. There is also the Constructive Power, which is utterly needed if one is doing more than “strip down” into “Extinction.”

EVERYONE has the potential for both powers-and EVERYONE is also composed of a dynamic between the growth of these powers and the Transpersonal Bodhisattva Nature. Furthermore, this dynamic will ALWAYS have its own series of potential movements. It is not the intellect which will select the right one but Bodhicitta, which, like water, seeks its level.

When we realize in our deep core that we are already there, we can get to the business of being where we ARE.